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Chapter 24: On My Father's Back, the Future He Carried. (父の背中、背負った未来。 Chichi no Senaka, Shotta Mirai.) is the twenty-fourth episode of Kamen Rider Saber. It features Ryo Ogami's defection from the Sword of Logos, Kamen Rider Saber Primitive Dragon Lion Senki's debut, and the return of Kamen Rider Calibur under a new user. Eneiken Noroshi makes a brief appearance.


The tome that Storious stole from the Southern Base's Forbidden library has fallen into Touma's hands. Its power was so strong that it made him go berserk. Reika informs the swordsmen of this development and seeks to retrieve the book at whatever cost, even if it means striking down Touma in the process, which Ryo strongly opposes. Reika informs Ryo that these orders come directly from Master Logos himself, and although Ryo struggles with the nature of the request, he nonetheless accepts the verdict. It isn't long before Touma approaches him once again. "Come at me with everything you've got!", exclaims Ryo who stands against Touma in a fierce fight as Mei and Sora stare at the ongoing battle. Who shall emerge victorious? Meanwhile, Legeiel, who had been completely devastated by Primitive Dragon's vicious attack, decides to focus his attention on another vengeful fight against Saber..


"Everyone, Bonne lecture! Can you believe they just tried infiltrated the Southern Base to meet Master Logos? It was there where they encounter a young man and obtained a new power. A most fearsome power that was. It will obliterate everything and is searching for a certain something..."

After the previous battle against Legiel and Storious, Reika apologizes to Master Logos for failing to take down the Megid and Saber, also for having Touma obtaining the forbidden tome. Master Logos tells Reika that it's fine and lets Touma have the book. In the meantime, Touma and his group are discussing about the Primitive Dragon Wonder Ridebook's existence. Yuri and Tetsuo don't have any knowledge of the book with Touma telling them that he got the book from Storious, but he doesn't intend to do rampage like he has done before. Touma also tells to Tetsuo that he failed to find Master Logos and was instead being sent outside by a mysterious man. While being confused on how the book is out from the library of the South base, the discussion is ended up with two conclusions, the agreement to not use the book and having the book to be analyzed in the Northern base. Unfortunately, the book can't be analyzed with the facility from the North base.

Zooous is frustrated with the immense power and Storious became a sign of mocking to make Saber become stronger. Storious tells Zooous that the book is the best only for them and he has intended to use it on Charybdis Megid from the start. Zooous starts to calm down after listening on how Storious will use the power because Zooous initially mocks him to be rejected by the book. Not long, Legiel appears mortally wounded because of the previous fight and Zooous is made fun of him. Legiel initiates his revenge and takes some normal Alter Wonder Ridebooks with him.

In the South base, Reika tells Rintaro, Ren, and Ryo to retrieve the book from Touma instead of following Master Logos' demand. Ryo gets angry when Reika tells that Touma must be slain if necessary and claims that her words are Master's words. Ryo doubts her but avoids the discussion by telling her that he has to pick up his son from the school. Reika warns Ryo that the safety of his family is because of Sword of Logos, making him angrier and leaving the base. When picking up Sora, Ryo feels lost and Sora notices it. Sora asks for why Ryo is feeling lost. Ryo is surprised on how Sora able to read him and tells Ryo that he should be with Touma. Ryo asks Sora for why Sora keeps on trusting Touma and realizes that Touma never lies to anyone.

Touma and the groups are trying to solve the hidden mystery riddle of the Primitive Dragon before it was transformed about a sorrow. Unfortunately, they can't look with more time because Ryo interfere and demands a duel with him. Touma notices that Ryo will not accept refusal and begging for a clean duel, accepting the duel outside and both transform into their base rider forms. Ryo underestimates Touma and is surprised that Touma is able to be on par with him despite only using Brave Dragon. Ryo starts to go further to using the Jackun-to-Domamenoki Wonder Ridebook and Touma changes to Crimson Dragon, finishing the fight with their final wave. The battle ends with Ryo barely winning despite their attacks, Ryo was able to stand up faster than Touma. But because of the fight, Ryo was able to trust Touma and announces that he will join his side. However, their fight is seen by Reika and she steals Jackun-to-Domamenoki, Saiyuu, and Eagle Wonder Ridebooks when they dropped because of the collision.

Before Ryo goes to Touma, he goes to tell Ren and Rintaro first. Rintaro is devastated that even Ryo joins Touma and believes the traitor stuff while Ren is confused and wonders on what Kento will do. But Ryo doesn't force both of them to join and lets them leave in peace. While being happy to have Ryo to join forces with Touma, Touma and his group's short joy cut short because Mei receives the notification of her book that a Megid is in action. Touma and Yuri finds out that Legiel is the one doing the rampage, going to stop him by becoming Saber Dragonic Knight and Saikou X-Swordman. The fight with Legiel became tense because of his anger. But, Legiel notices that he is cornered and his powers were being absorbed by his taken Alter book, and is able to push both swordsmen in the corner. Before Legiel was able to land a finishing blow to Touma, Primitive Dragon book moves on by itself and surprising Tetsuo. The book teleports and saves Touma, possessing him to use it and makes Touma unwillingly transforms into Saber Primitive Brave Dragon again.

Legiel is once again getting a one-sided battle. Yuri goes to stop him from becoming berserk but with no avail. Legiel also interrupts the attempt and Rintaro joins the battle and was about to transform. But before Rintaro was able to transform, Saber Primitive notices it and blows away Rintaro with his claw, taking all of his blue Wonder Ridebook. Saber Primitive removes his Brave Dragon and uses Lion Senki to imbue his power with Lion Senki's power. Legiel is defeated with the finisher of Saber Primitive Dragon Lion Senki in ease again and continues to rampage.

In the meantime, Reika asks about the forbidden tome to Master Logos. Master Logos tells Reika that the book is needed to bring victory for them. But to achieve that, there must be someone that the book will choose and must be able to understand the sorrow that it wields or it will keep on destroying everything. At the same time, Yuri is struggling to stop Touma and seemingly lost hope to stop him. But Yuri was surprisingly helped by Calibur in a second, snapping Touma back to normal. But before they can interact, Calibur leaves and Touma passes out.

Back in Tassel's house.....wait, where is Tassel...?


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  • Book Used:
    • Saber
      • Brave Dragon, Storm Eagle, Saiyuu Journey, Dragonic Knight, Primitive Dragon, Lion Senki
    • Buster
      • Genbu Shinwa, Jackun-to-Domamenoki
    • Calibur
      • Jaaku Dragon
    • Saikou
      • Kin no Buki Gin no Buki, X-Swordman
  • Form Used:
    • Saber
      • Brave Dragon, Crimson Dragon, Dragonic Knight, Primitive Dragon Brave Dragon, Primitive Dragon Lion Senki
    • Buster
      • Genbu Shinwa, Genbu Jackun
    • Calibur
      • Jaaku Dragon
    • Saikou
      • X Sword Man


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  • Closing Screen Wonder Ride Books
    • Kamen Riders: Saber
    • Wonder Ride Books: Primitive Dragon
  • Wonder World Text Translation Page
    • Kamen Riders: Buster, Saber
    • Wonder Ride Books: Genbu Shinwa, Primitive Dragon
  • Count at episode end
    • Wonder Ride Books in Saber's possession: Brave Dragon, Lion Senki, Peter Fantasista, Tenkuu no Pegasus, Dragonic Knight, Primitive Dragon, Diago Speedy, Book Gate
    • Wonder Ride Books in Blades' possession: King Lion Daisenki, Lamp do Alangina, Needle Hedgehog, Tri-Cerberus, Book Gate
    • Wonder Ride Books in Buster's possession: Genbu Shinwa, King of Arthur
    • Wonder Ride Books in Kenzan's possession: Sarutobi Ninjaden, Kobuta 3 Kyoudai
    • Wonder Ride Books in Slash's possession: Hanselnuts to Gretel, Bremen no Rock Band
    • Wonder Ride Books in Saikou's possession: Kin no Buki Gin no Buki, X-Swordman
    • Wonder Ride Books in Calibur's possession: Jaaku Dragon, Jaou Dragon
    • Wonder Ride Books in Tassel's possession: Wonder World Story of Suiseiken Nagare, Wonder World Story of Raimeiken Ikazuchi, Wonder World Story of Dogouken Gekido, Wonder World Story of Fuusouken Hayate, Wonder World Story of Onjuuken Suzune
    • Wonder Ride Books in Reika Shindai's possession: Konchuu Daihyakka, Storm Eagle, Saiyuu Journey, Jackun-to-Domamenoki
  • Strangely, Tassel does not appear in his house at the end of the episode to conclude his narration. Instead, there is his empty living room with an opened front door.
  • While this episode focuses on the Ogami family, with the revelation of the new Calibur's identity in later episodes, the title can also be interpreted as Kento inheriting his father's sword and carrying the futures it showed him.

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