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Chapter 23: Raging, Hand of Ruin. (荒れ狂う、破滅の手。 Arekuruu, Hametsu no te.) is the twenty-third episode of Kamen Rider Saber. It features the debut of Saber Primitive Dragon and the full appearance of Master Logos.


Touma and the others ask Tetsuo about the current state of the Southern Base who tells them that none of them were allowed to speak with Master Logos, and that all communication is carried out through Reika. Could Reika be the true traitor of the guild? Mei suddenly remarks, "Such a great Master should be able to talk to people face to face, don't you think?" While Tetsuo is reluctant, Touma and Yuri are enthusiastic, as their operations regarding the Southern Base get set into motion. Meanwhile, Storious plans to invade the Southern Base in order to steal a forbidden tome for himself as he, Touma, and Tetsuo are all found within the walls of the Southern Base, each with their own motivations. Touma follows the trail of a mysterious young man who leads him to Storious clutching the forbidden tome. This tome contains so much power within it, that even Storious himself is unable to control it all.


"Everyone, Bonne lecture! Having managed to saved those who were turned into Megid, Touma Kamiyama is on a roll! But remember, there is still a traitor afoot in the Sword of Logos. But searching just leads to butting heads with the other swordsmen. There must be some other way to uncover the truth..."

Daishinji announces that he will analyze on Touma's Kaenken Rekka further because it has separated the Megid from their victims twice. Touma agrees and lets Daishinji to do so in hopes that the rest of the swordsmen will be able to do the same like Touma. Yuri reminds the group that they still have to find the evil within the Sword of Logos with Daishinji claiming that it won't be easy due to Reika's appearance, the group will never be able to meet the master. Mei immediately tells the group to brag into the base with Touma and Yuri agreeing, much to Daishinji's dismay.

Meanwhile, Storoius announces that his plan is close to perfection and that he needs to infiltrate the South Sword of Logos' base to retrieve the forbidden tome to complete the new hybrid Megid. Legiel underestimate Storius and asks him on how his tactics will work. Storius asks for Zooous to go on a rampage to lure Rintaro and tells Legiel that Touma should be following the battle too when the cause is made after Legiel yells that he wants to join if Touma will enter the fight. The situation makes both Zooous and Legiel agree to corporate for rampage.

Touma's group meets up with Ryo and asks his Book Gate Wonder Ridebook to enter the base of South S.O.L because Daishinji's book can no longer be connected for entering the base. Ryo shouts at them and leaves because he doesn't want to help, disappointing the group for a minute. But Mei finds Ryo's book, and the group immediately notices that Ryo only put up an act for being less suspicious. Unfortunately, the group can't have all the members to infiltrate with Zooous' rampaging. Touma and Daishinji go for infiltrating while Yuri and Mei go for stopping Zooous.

During the rampage, Legiel is disappointed that only Rintaro and Ren are coming to stop Zooous. Unbeknownst to the swordsmen, they are used to open the portal and have Storious to make the entrance before it got closed. In the fight, Zooous is able to go toe to toe with Rintaro as Blade Wonder Lion well even with his Lion Senki form while Ren is outmatched in ease. Yuri and Mei come in the middle of the fight with Ren neglecting the fight towards Zooous and faces Yuri instead. In the meantime, Touma and Daishinji infiltrate the base and are soon in shock that Reika somehow notices that there is an intruder in the base. Thinking that they are caught, they make their move much more carefully.

Storious is able to make his way in ease and beat all the guards until he meets the Master of Logos. Storious tells the master that he comes to take the forbidden tome. Later, Touma and Daishinji are close to meet the master, but Daishinji tells Touma to stop because he has heard too many steps for guarding the place. Touma insists and leaves Daishinji, encountering Master Logos without his hood. Before Touma asks for anything, Master Logos lures him to get out of the base but not safely with intention to meet Storious and he has obtained the forbidden tome. Ryo meets Daishinji and fixates that Touma goes off by himself despite the warning to be careful.

Touma declares Storious about the book he has obtained with Storious answers that the book hides a powerful strength and can causes a great calamity for humanity, making Touma to faces Storious in furious and becoming Saber Dragonic Knight. As the battle goes on, Legiel enters the fight and ties the result. Excited, Storious starts to open the forbidden tome and a powerful vine with three claw emerges, causing explosion to throw all of them with Touma goes down by force. The vine's emergence lures Zooous, Ren, Rintaro, Mei, and Yuri to chase Touma because it gives them a bad vibe. After getting thrown, Touma emerges quickly, taking the book to protect it from the hand of Storious and Legiel. Legiel corners Touma only in a short time as the book reacts with Touma, emerging the claw again to throw Legiel and forces Touma to read the book. The book causes Touma to be possessed by the entity inside of it and it transforms itself into Primitive Dragon Wonder Ridebook. The possessed Touma gives a creepy aura, transforming into Saber Primitive Dragon Brave Dragon.

Legiel and Storious fight the possessed Touma, but both of them are outmatched in ease without being able to land a hit towards him. The possessed Touma attacks them all like a beast, not even holding his sword properly and with unpredictability. Rintaro, Ren, Yuri, and Mei find Touma in horror as Touma is behaving completely different while Zooous is standing a bit further from them. Yuri explains to the confused Rintaro that the person behind Primitive Dragon is not Touma in control because the book is too strong. The possessed Touma even made Storious tell Legiel to retreat because what they fight is not even Saber. Legiel insists on to fight, which became an easy target from Touma's Primitive Dragon finisher. After Touma launches his attack, not only Legiel is caught on the blast, but also the rest of the witness except Mei, because she is further than the range of the rest. The finisher also causes Touma to de-morph by force, leaving him to collapse due to exhaustion.

"Oh my goodness! That new power that Touma obtained... No one has ever been able to control it! If this keeps up, will Touma be alright...?"


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Suit Actors

Forms and Collectibles Used

Wonder Ride Books

  • Book Used:
    • Saber
      • Dragonic Knight, Brave Dragon, Primitive Dragon
    • Blades
      • Lion Senki, Peter Fantasista, Tenkuu no Pegasus, King Lion Daisenki
    • Kenzan
      • Sarutobi Ninjaden
    • Saikou
      • Kin no Buki Gin no Buki, X-Swordman
  • Form Used:
    • Saber
      • Dragonic Knight, Primitive Dragon Brave Dragon
    • Blades
      • Fantastic Lion, King Lion Daisenki
    • Kenzan
      • Sarutobi Ninjaden
    • Saikou
      • X Sword Man


  • When Touma obtains the Primitive Dragon Wonder Ride Book, the Kaenken Rekka is seen docked in the Swordriver once again despite him not being seen doing so.
  • When Saber Brave Dragon appears briefly during Touma's transformation into Primitive Dragon, the Kaenken Rekka appears docked inside the Swordriver despite being held in Touma's hand.
  • When Rintaro transforms to confront Zooous, he is seen inserting only the Lion Senki Wonder Ride Book into his Swordriver. However, when it cuts back to him after Ren inserts his Wonder Ride Book, the Tenkuu no Pegasus and Peter Fantasista Wonder Ride Books suddenly appear in Rintaro's Swordriver as he transforms into Fantastic Lion.


Primitive Dragon Endscreen.png

  • Closing Screen Wonder Ride Books
    • Kamen Riders: Saber
    • Wonder Ride Books: Primitive Dragon
  • Wonder World Text Translation Page
    • Kamen Riders: Saikou, Saber
    • Wonder Ride Books: X-Swordman, Primitive Dragon
  • Count at episode end
    • Wonder Ride Books in Saber's possession: Brave Dragon, Storm Eagle, Saiyuu Journey, Dragonic Knight, Primitive Dragon, Diago Speedy, Book Gate
    • Wonder Ride Books in Blades' possession: Lion Senki, Peter Fantasista, Tenkuu no Pegasus, King Lion Daisenki, Lamp Do Alangina, Needle Hedgehog, Tri-Cerberus, Book Gate
    • Wonder Ride Books in Buster's possession: Genbu Shinwa, Jackun-to-Domamenoki, King of Arthur
    • Wonder Ride Books in Kenzan's possession: Sarutobi Ninjaden, Kobuta 3 Kyoudai
    • Wonder Ride Books in Slash's possession: Hanselnuts to Gretel, Bremen no Rock Band
    • Wonder Ride Books in Saikou’s possession: Kin no Buki Gin no Buki, X-Swordman
    • Wonder Ride Books in Tassel's possession: Wonder World Story of Suiseiken Nagare, Wonder World Story of Raimeiken Ikazuchi, Wonder World Story of Dogouken Gekido, Wonder World Story of Fuusouken Hayate, Wonder World Story of Onjuuken Suzune
    • Wonder Ride Books in Reika Shindai's possession: Jaaku Dragon, Jaou Dragon
  • The opening sequence has been updated to include Yuri. The ending theme added new scenes featuring Saikou X Sword Man.
  • This episode features Rintaro's first transformation since episode 18.
    • This episode also marks the first appearance of Fantastic Lion since episode 13.
  • This is the first episode since Kamen Rider Zero-One episode 45 to feature a new collectible device that was transformed from the existed collectible device. In this case, Wonder World Story of Kougouken Saikou Wonder Ride Book transforms into the X-Swordman Wonder Ride Book.

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