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Not to be confused with the Phantoms, the villains of Kamen Rider Wizard.
"That's right! I'm an incarnation of a faceless phantom thief Fantômas!"

Chameleon-Phantom (カメレオンファントマ Kamereon Fantoma) is G.O.D. monster who is a member of G.O.D. Villain Army and the incarnation of the phantom thief Fantômas, with the ability of chameleon. Using his mimicry ability, he transforms into Fake X-Rider (にせ X[エックス] ライダー Nise Ekkusu Raidā)[1][2][3][4].

Monster Biography

Chameleon-Phantom was aimed at a piece of the RS Device's blueprint that the ballerina Akiko Kikuchi has. Although he masquerades as Fake X-Rider and opposes the real X-Rider, there is a big difference in their fighting power, and at the end he was killed by X Kick and Vacuum Hell Wheel finisher. Deathmatch!! X-Rider vs. X-Rider!!

Kamen Rider SPIRITS

Chameleon-Phantom capturing Taki Rider.

In the manga Kamen Rider SPIRITS, he appeared as King Dark's escort unit who is sleeping in Akiyoshi-do. With other revival members of Vilain Army, he annihilate the 5th Squad of SPIRITS who came to investigate. Taki Rider who visited the re-investigation was captured and replaced by him (after this, Taki will be turned into a living CPU of King Dark).

He then joined the squad 10 in disguised as Taki Rider. One of the squad members, Gordon, was aware of his suspicious behavior, as he stepped on a scattered body without avoiding it. Gordon then fired him with his harpoon cannon, stabbed on the cave wall, and slowly changed to his original form.


Chameleon-Phantom (blue head).

Chameleon-Phantom (red head).


  • Height: 178 cm
  • Weight: 84 kg

Chameleon-Phantom has the ability to masquerade as another person, protective coloration, and teleportation ability. However, even if he are in disguised, his original appearance is reflected in the mirror, and he cannot attack when using protective colors. When emotions are high, his head turns red[6]. Used an extendable tongue as a weapon[7]. A sneaky man who uses his subordinates as a substitute when he becomes inferior.

Chameleon-Phantom disguised as X-Rider.

A transformed figure of Chameleon-Phantom using mimicry ability. The appearance is completely the same as the real X-Rider, but the ability could not be copied (the original fighting ability is remains)[5][6].

Chameleon-Phantom disguised as Taki Rider.

A transformed figure of Chameleon-Phantom using mimicry ability.

Behind the Scenes


Chameleon-Phantom was voiced by Shun Yashiro (八代 駿 Yashiro Shun). His human form was portrayed by Harikitsu Oohiga (大東 梁佶 Ōhiga Harikitsu). His suit actor is Rikiya Ikeda (池田 力也 Ikeda Rikiya)[7].


Chameleon-Phantom was designed by Shotaro Ishimori (石森 章太郎 Ishimori Shōtarō).



  • His personal bark is Gaaats! (ガーッ Gā~tsu).[6]
  • In some books, the name of his "X-Rider" form is written as G.O.D. Rider (ゴッドライダー Goddo Raidā).[7][8][9]
  • Depending on the book, his "X-Rider" ability is described as similar to the original X-Rider.[10]
  • Unlike Shocker Riders, there is no apparent distinction. If look closely, based on two types of X-Rider suits, the one with the blue colored (X-Rider early suit) is used for this character.


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