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Chalice's True Identity (カリスの正体 Karisu no Shōtai) is the sixth episode of Kamen Rider Blade.


Once Chalice obtained the antibody, he sealed the Centipede Undead. Kazuma then asks Hajime if he is Chalice, but he admits nothing and tells him that no one wants to know the truth. Kazuma and Kotarou return home to find a note left by Shiori. She left and apologized because she thinks her father released the Undead. Sakuya has been staying at his old friend Sayoko's office to find out what is wrong with him. Karasuma finds her and tells her that Sakuya's problem is only psychological. After Kazuma and Kotarou find Shiori, they are attacked and Kazuma is kidnapped.


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Guest cast

Rouse Cards

  • Cards used:
    • Blade:
      • Change
    • Chalice:
      • Chop, Bio, Change
  • Cards obtained:
    • Shuffle


DVD releases

Kamen Rider Blade Volume 2

Kamen Rider Blade Volume 2, DVD cover

Kamen Rider Blade Volume 2 features episodes 5-8: The Challenge to the Past, Chalice's True Identity, The Trapped Two and The Revived People. It was released on DVD on September 21st 2004, with a total run time of 93 minutes.

9167zypVHrL SL1470

Kamen Rider Blade Box 1, Blu-ray cover

Blu-ray Box 1 comes with 16 episodes.


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