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Chaiyo Productions is a Thai production company which produced the film Hanuman and the Five Riders in 1974, using footage from the Kamen Rider X film Five Riders vs. King Dark. This production was unauthorized by the producers of the Kamen Rider Series, Toei Company, Ltd.. Chaiyo had initially approached Toei, who turned down their plans for producing their own Kamen Rider movie.

Chaiyo Productions is more infamous however for its relationship with Tsuburaya ProductionsIcon-crosswiki, producers of fellow tokusatsu franchise the Ultra Series. Hanuman and the Five Riders was preceeded by Chaiyo co-productions with Tsuburaya in 1974 (namely The 6 Ultra Brothers Vs. the Monster ArmyIcon-crosswiki and Jumborg Ace & GiantIcon-crosswiki). Decades later a prolonged legal dispute between Tsuburaya Productions and Chaiyo Productions over the international rights of the Ultra Series would emerge. While a settlement was reached in the US Supreme Court in favor of Chaiyao, the legal dispute started up again for online streaming rights and is currently ongoing.

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