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Chainsaw Lizard (チェーンソーリザード Chēnsō Rizādo): Formerly Kazami's secretary, she was exposed to the nanobots and became a sensual lizard cyborg who can change her right arm into a regenerable buzzsaw weapon that can cut through anything. She serves as Scissor Jaguar's 2nd in command before eventually meet her end by Kamen Rider V3's V3 Return Kick when she attempts to escape with the nanobots. Flames resulted from her explosion eventually engulfed the nanobots.


The Next-Chainsaw Lizard

Chainsaw Lizard

Chainsaw Lizard without Chainsaw

Chainsaw Lizard (without Chainsaw)

  • Height: 172cm
  • Weight: 51kg

Behind the scenes


This Chainsaw Lizard is played by Rie Mashiko (益子 梨恵 Mashiko Rie). Her suit actor was Ayako Hino (日野 綾子 Hino Ayako).


Chainsaw Lizard was a Destron kaijin fought by Shiro Kazami in Kamen Rider V3.

Concept Art

Femalelizar art

Chainsaw Lizard concept art


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