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The Chain Array Module (チェーンアレイモジュール Chēn Arei Mojūru) is the Fourze Module which is equipped on the right arm of Kamen Rider Fourze via the circle-based Chain Array Switch (チェーンアレイスイッチ Chēn Arei Suitchi). A glorified spiked flail, the steel ball on the end of the chain is called the Blowing Star (ブローイングスター Burōingu Sutā), weighing about 120 kg. The Rough Spikers (ラフスパイカー Rafu Supaikā) on the Blowing Star are made from a newly discovered metal known as Astorium, also applied to the Spike Module. It seems old-fashioned and low-tech, but it gets the job done in handling Zodiarts. The Chain Array's links can also stretch. Like any chained weapon, inertia is a factor to make sure Fourze does not end up smacking the Module into himself, and there is also the chance of the Module being reflected back onto Fourze.


On October 2nd, 2018, Another Fourze manifested a Chain Array Module during his fight against Kamen Riders Zi-O and Geiz, causing the former to briefly lose his Build Ridewatch when it was struck from his person. Switch On! 2011

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