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Certain Kill! Pine Kick! (必殺!パインキック! Hissatsu! Pain Kikku!) is the second episode of Kamen Rider Gaim. It features the debut of both Gaim Pine Arms and Kamen Rider Zangetsu.


Kouta tries to use his new abilities as Kamen Rider Gaim to help out at his part time job, but he only gets in the way. And when Yuuya mysteriously disappears, Kouta wonders if what happened in the forest was real, and now that he is in charge of Team Gaim, he must lead the group in a dance-off against Team Baron.

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"Dance team leader, Yuya, mysteriously disappears. Looking for him, Kouta and Mai stumble upon a forest filled with otherworldly creatures. Using the power of a mysterious belt and locks, Kouta Kazuraba transforms into the Armored Rider, Gaim!"
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After showing his sister that he can transform, though she is annoyed with his repeated changes, Kouta ponders how to use his new abilities. Unfortunately, Kouta ends up messing up while at his jobs and later finds a boy stuck on a tree before the child is saved by Team Baron's leader Kaito Kamon. Sometime later, Mai calls Kouta to inform him that Yuya is still missing. The two meet up and Kouta decides that they should ask Sid, the Lock Dealer, as to what has been happening. Sid informs the two that the belt that Kouta has used is called a Sengoku Driver and it bonds to the first person who wears it, and it is now Kouta's destiny to use it to help Team Gaim.

In light of the events, Sid offers to gives Mai a high class Lockseed, but she cannot afford it. Later, Kouta gets a call that Team Baron is at Team Gaim's garage to issue a challenge for their Player Pass with Team Baron's Pine Lockseed and the Free Performance Center as the prize. Kouta heads to the garage and accepts the challenge, using his Ichigo Lockseed to summon the Shika Inves to defeat Kaito's three Inves. However, Peko decides to cheat, much to Kaito's dismay, knocking Kouta's Lockseed away from the battle area, causing the the Shika Inves to manifest in reality. Kouta realizes that protecting people from the summoned Inves is the best way to use his power, and he transforms to fight the Shika Inves.

However, the Inves ingests the Ichigo Lockseed and evolve into a higher form to overwhelm the orange samurai. When the Shika Inves prepares to attack Kaito, Kouta uses the Orange Sparking ability to protect his rival, but he asks Kaito for the Pine Lockseed. He uses the other Lockseed to Arms Change into Pine Arms, using the pineapple-shaped Pine Iron weapon to destroy the Shika Inves. Kaito is left speechless at what he has just witnessed, and elsewhere, at the Yggdrasill Corporation's headquarters, administrator Takatora Kureshima is informed of the appearance of the Armored Rider Gaim.


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  • During Kouta’s transformation into Gaim Orange Arms for the 3rd time, the Orange Lockseed is closed between Kouta cutting the lock and the transformation complete.


Gaim Secondepisode Lockseed

Armored Rider Gaim's Lockseed Collection: 2

  • Closing Screen Lockseed Collection:
  • This episode marks the only time Gaim uses the Sparking function while in Orange Arms.
  • While Team Baron is dancing, the song they're dancing to is an instrumental version of Never Surrender.
  • Kouta holds a red and blue bottle in one of the scenes; coincidentally, their color is also the two basic Full Bottles (in this case, Rabbit is red and Tank is blue) used by Kamen Rider Build 4 years later.
  • This episode marks the 200th episode of the Phase 2 Heisei era Kamen Rider Series.

DVD releases

Kamen Rider Gaim Volume 1 features episodes 1-4: Transform! The Orange from the Sky!?, Certain Kill! Pine Kick!, Shock! The Rival's Banana Transformation!? and Birth! The Third Rider is Grapes! [1]

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