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Cerebeast is the combination of Strike's three Advent Beasts after stealing Sting and Thrust's Advent Decks.


After JTC stole the Thrust and Sting Advent Decks from Len, he used two new Contract Cards to add Metalgelas and Evildiver to his own Deck, gaining access to their Vents. He used a new Unite Vent card to merge the two Beasts with his own Venosnaker into Cerebeast, releasing a blasting attack on Len and Kit. Swan Song

However, while Strike continued using Sting and Thrust's cards, this would be the only time he formed his three Monsters into Cerebeast, as he was vented in the next episode.


  • Because it was only summoned through Unite Vent, its Attack Vent card is never seen on screen.
  • Genocider was renamed into Cerebeast, probably because the word genocide in the former's name was inappropriate by the standards of an American television series for children, although it was used in the Wii game.

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