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All villain articles go here. As described by Tsukasa, the villains of Kamen Rider are immortal, explaining why so many of them have appeared even after their death. However that was proven false, as shown when villains are defeated they go to an afterlife realm known as the World of Monsters, until they are resurrected by an outside force.

As of Kamen Rider Agito, there is a special kind of villains known as Evil Kamen Riders (悪の仮面ライダー Āku No Kamen Raidā), noted in the toylines as Dark Riders (ダークライダー Dāku Raidā), with the Shocker Riders being the first Dark Riders in franchise history, and become popularized following Kamen Rider Ryuki. Any Dark Rider in the Showa Era besides the Shocker Riders are typically doppelgangers of the genuine article, with one or so differences between them, with the culprit being a monster they are facing.

Dark Riders typically serve as foils to the good Kamen Riders, some going so far as to copy that Kamen Rider's appearance, if twisted for evil.

Riders who had facades are considered villains because they are foreshadowing their true goals

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