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The Undead (アンデッド Andeddo) are a race of monsters in the 2004 Kamen Rider Series Kamen Rider Blade. An immortal creature that is the originator of various creatures that inhabit in the Earth. It was named 'undead' because it will not die by any method.


Excluding the artificially generated individuals in modern times, there are 53 Undead, with a 54th Undead appearing in the movie. As a result of the Battle Fight 10,000 years ago, all of them except for the Human Undead were sealed within Rouse Cards, but more than two years before the start of the series, the seal was released and they were revived in modern times.

There is no way to limit their immortal activity, except by sealing them in dedicated Rouse Cards. If an Undead takes excessive damage is taken, their Undead Buckle (ンデッドバックル Andeddo Bakkuru) on their waist will open, displaying their their Suit and Category. The can then be sealed with a Blank Rouse Card. Kamen Riders usually throw the Rouse Card to seal the Undead, but sealing is possible as long as the card touches it.


The story of the Undead is the focus of the series as they were created 10,000 years ago by God in the form of a stone slab called the Stone of Sealing, to "kill" each other in a free-for-all battle royale known as the Battle Fight, with the winner granted a wish to alter the world.

The 52 Undead represented 52 different species and battled so they can wish for the species they represent to rule the Earth, while the Joker represented death. The losers would be sealed by the Stone itself. The winner of that battle was the Human Undead and the world has been populated by humans ever since. In the present, human archaeologists discover the sealed Undead and a maddened Hirose set them free by mistake. However, the new Battle Fight was a front for a sinister plot by BOARD's chairman. Among the Undeads, there are several specialized groups: the Category Aces, the Royal Club, and the Joker.

True to their name, the Undead cannot be killed as they are manifestations of different species and thus must be preserved for the next battle, so God had given them true immortality. Though Undeads are supposedly immortal, for some unexplained reasons, they can be destroyed by other Riders that do not use Rouse Card-based Rider systems, as shown in sequels and movies. A possible reason for this is that their resurrections in later sequels and movies were not willed by the Stone of Sealing itself, rendering their immortality moot. The revivals could also just be non-immortal copies based off the original Undead.

There are 53 types of Undead, which is the number of playing cards in a standard deck with a single Joker.

A.R. Worlds

World of Blade

The Undead also exist in the A.R. World of Blade. Similar to the originals, they are a race of monsters that are accidentally released from their seals and go on a rampage. Welcome to the Blade Restaurant Blade Blade Several Undead also appear in the first episode when Natsumi is trapped within the changing dimensions. They include the Lizard, Pecker, Squid, and Caucasus Undead.

World of Diend

In the World of Diend, humanity is ruled by the Jashin-14 which, rather than being controlled by Undead, appears as a sentient villain in this world while having Darkroachi and brainwashed humans under his control. Another Undead exclusive to this world is Bossroach.

Later history


As one of the races of the Nine Worlds, the Undead are part of the Dai-Shocker alliance, a coalition of all villain organizations fought by the Kamen Riders, who have ambitions to conquer the multiverse.

The Elephant and Giraffa Undead, as well as Darkroachi, were part of the Dai-Shocker army that was fought and wiped out by a gathering of 25 Kamen Riders in the World of Decade after Dai-Shocker started their invasion of the worlds. Kamen Rider Decade: All Riders vs. Dai-Shocker

The Undead Titan was a member of the Dai-Shocker remnant, Super Shocker, that appeared in the World of the Rider War. It was later defeated by Faiz's surprise attack. Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider W & Decade: Movie War 2010

Shocker Greeed

Kerberos, with the Giraffa Undead at his side, representing the Undead at the Shocker alliance conference.

The Undead, represented by Kerberos, were among the various evil organizations and monster races which were allied with Shocker in an alternate timeline where they conquered the world thanks to the Shocker Greeed. The Eagle, Serpent, Tiger, and Giraffa Undead were among Shocker's army of monsters. When all the Kamen Riders came back in 2011, Blade returned and defeated most of the Undead (with the Tiger Undead seemingly defeated by Amazon) allied with Shocker. OOO, Den-O, All Riders: Let's Go Kamen Riders

Shocker-Zangyack Alliance

Undeads Shell and Tortoise under the Joker were part of the revived Dai-Shocker assembled by Decade to wipe out the Super Sentai, ensuring the survival of the Kamen Riders. After Dai-Shocker's alliance with Dai-Zangyack was revealed, both organizations were wiped out by a gathering of Kamen Riders and Super Sentai. Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Super Hero Taisen

Space Shocker

An unsealed Tortoise Undead was a member of Space Shocker, an evil amalgamation organization similar to Dai-Shocker, which aimed to conquer the universe. It was actually a front for the revival of the Space Crime Syndicate Madou. Kamen Rider × Super Sentai × Space Sheriff: Super Hero Taisen Z

World within the Magic Stone

The souls of defeated Undead, among the other monster races fought by the Kamen Riders, surfaced in the world within the Magic Stone which was ruled by the evil wizard Amadum. Amadum's army of monsters were fought and destroyed by the 15 Heisei Riders when they were summoned to this world. The Kamen Rider Rings Neverending Story

Super Hero Taisen GP

In an alternate timeline created by Shocker's History Modifying Machine enacting an assassination of the Double Riders by Kamen Rider 3 in 1973, research on the Undead was conducted by the Shocker executive Leangle, who along with the other BOARD Riders Blade, Garren and Chalice, served as Shocker Riders to the evil organization which ruled the world in this timeline. Super Hero Taisen GP: Kamen Rider 3

Kamen Sentai GoRider

Kazuma reappears in the Game World and, as a result of being the only Undead in said world, is declared the winner and the world begins to fall apart as a result.

Kamen Rider Zi-O

The emergence of Another Blade has caused Kazuma Kenzaki and Hajime Aikawa to come out of hiding and resume in their Undead war as the two only survivors. Another Blade absorbs their Undead biology, reverting the two back into normal human beings.

List of Undeads

Category Ace

The Category Ace are the best fighters out of the Undead, with Chalice as the strongest followed by the Spider Undead. Their cards are an important part in the Rider system, with the Riders donning armor modeled after the animals the Aces represent. All Aces appear in the series except the Stag Beetle Undead.


Categories 2-10

These Undead are of Categories 2 to 10, and thus are either the most easier and most annoying of the Undead to fight against, with most of these unable to speak like humans. Only 22 of the 36 Undead made physical appearances in the series. While considered to be weaker in comparison to most other Undeads, it should be noted that the winner of the previous battle was the Human Undead.


Royal Club Undead

The Royal Club Undead (上級アンデッド Jōkyū Andeddo) are those of Category Jack, Category Queen and Category King, special classes of advanced Undead who have a greater power and higher intelligence than ordinary Undead, also can disguise themselves as humans and speak human languages. They was called as Royal Club Undead by BOARD, who had foreseen their existence. They are feared by the other Undeads and either work in teams or work alone.

Humans and Undeads with lower Category than themselves can be manipulated by mind control, and their special abilities can be used even in the appearance of humans. Shortly after their liberation, they mastered human language and culture, and hide in human society without being suspicious of incarnation. The difference in appearance from the other Undead is their Undead Buckle is golden and the Ouroboros Emblem (ウロボロスのエンブレム Uroborosu no Enburemu) is boned.

If sealed, the Jacks and Kings serve as "upgrade cards" for the Riders to assume Jack and King Forms, with the Queens functioning to evoke the transformation.

All Royal Club Undead appeared in the show except the King of Hearts, the Paradoxa Undead, though he appears in the Kamen Rider Decade series, his identity being that of a man named Kamata who transforms into Kamen Rider Abyss.

Joker Undead

Although called the 53rd existence, there are actually multiple Jokers much like in a card deck. If any of them were to win the Battle Fight, it would mark the end of all life on Earth, and the Battle Fight would be reset to begin anew. Jokers are armed with different weapons each; Hajime and Shijo with a green dagger, Kenzaki with a sword that identical to the Beetle Undead's and Shimura with a sycthe.



The Darkroachi are endlessly summoned from the Stone of Sealing if the Battle Fight is nearing its end and the Joker Undead is still unsealed. Their role is to eliminate all life on Earth once the Joker wins the Battle Fight. Although the Joker cannot stop the Darkroachi from killing, they show some allegiance to him.

The White Joker Undead is able to summon white variants of the Darkroachi called Albiroachi on his own regardless of the state of the Battle Fight, each somehow having a level of sentience and being capable of speech with Undeads.

Trial Series

The Trial Series are artificial monsters created by BOARD by combining human and Undead DNA with cybernetics. They cannot be sealed with Proper Blanks; in fact, Blanks are absorbed, allowing them to recover quickly. However, as the Trials are not immortal, they can be destroyed. The Trials were developed to interfere with the Undead Battle Fight. In early production sketches, they were referred as "Undeadloids."


Video Game appearances

Kamen Rider Blade video game

Behind the scenes

The Undead were designed by Yasushi Nirasawa, who later went on to create the 29 Horrors in GARO, the Worms in Kamen Rider Kabuto, and the Imagins in Kamen Rider Den-O. The Undead designs were later published in a book titled UNDEAD GREEN BLOOD. Several of the Undead have been made into collectable figurines, including the Caucasus and Tarantula Undeads, the Giraffa Undead and most recently the Peacock Undead.


  • Several Undead costumes, namely the Tortoise Undead, Caucasus Undead, Paradoxa Undead, and a modified Trial F, were used in a cameo in the OOO portion of Movie War Mega Max, where they were used to depict the obscured future monsters which attacked humanity in the future where Michal Minato comes from. However, it is unclear whether it is just a case of suit reuse or if they were meant to be the Undead unsealed again in the future.
  • While never outright confirmed, it is heavily implied that the reason the antagonistic Undead killed humans was to spite the Human Undead over his victory, as otherwise it was counterintuitive to their sole goal of winning the Battle Fight.
  • Strangely, many Undeads clearly share the same descendants as one another (e.g., the Lion Undead, Jaguar Undead, and Cheetah Undead), yet this is never touched upon in series.
    • It is likely that this is simply a a matter of character designs, with genealogy being ignored in favor of it.


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