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The Sword of Logos (ソードオブロゴス, Sōdo Obu Rogosu) is an organization formed by a secret sect of swordsmen sworn to find the Great Book and keep peace in the world. Most of its swordsmen are Kamen Riders, each with an affinity for a certain element.


The Sword of Logos operate in three different locations:

Northern Base

Main article: Northern Base

As the name states, the Northern Base is located in the North Pole. The members there typically wear blue uniforms.

Southern Base

Main article: Southern Base

As the name states, the Southern Base is located in the South Pole. The members there typically wear red uniforms.

Agastya Base

Main article: Agastya Base

The Agastya Base is located in space, though no members except the Agastya Base Guards are stationed there.


In the wake of the war in Wonder World, the pages within the Great Book had scattered across space. Sword of Logos was founded in order to recover the missing pages of the sacred tome.

To fight the evil Megid, blacksmiths within the Sword of Logos created the Seiken based on the Ankokuken Kurayami and Kougouken Saikou wielded by Yuri. The first of these Seiken was Kaenken Rekka.

Known members

The Four Sages

Kamen Riders

The original Sword of Logos members from 15 years ago

The present day Sword of Logos members

Note: This list only includes Kamen Riders and their users at the time of their affiliation with the Sword of Logos.



  • Logos likely refers to the titular mode of persuasion in writing (Ethos, Pathos, Logos). Logos uses logical reasoning and evidence to persuade the audience.
  • The Sword of Logos' emblem contains the Seiken letters for S and L inside a book, the title of the organization in Seiken script, and the entire Seiken alphabet around it.
  • The reason why the northern base members wear blue uniform and the southern base members wear red uniform, could probably resemble the usual color of each polar on a magnet. But the usual color that resemble north is red, while blue resemble south.



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