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Suit actors (スーツアクター sūtsu akutā) are members of Japanese tokusatsu productions who perform all of their stunts in a full costume (identity obscured), and performs pantomime, while the story-wise character's actor's voice is added through ADR (アフレコ afureko, lit. after-recording).

When the franchise began, Hiroshi Fujioka had not only played Takeshi Hongo, but also performed his own stunts as Kamen Rider. The practice with suit actors began after Fujioka famously shattered his leg in a motorcycle stunt gone wrong, resulting in him being replaced by Takeshi Sasaki as a new rider, with Hiroshi Fujioka returning to the show alongside Sasaki after recovering. To ultimately prevent accidents like this from happening again, no other actor has performed their own suit acting on any Tokusatsu production, minus a few exceptions.

Today, many suit actors employed for the production of Kamen Rider and other tokusatsu are affiliated with Japan Action Enterprise.

Suit actors by series

Helmetless Riders

While it's the suit actors that are mostly in the suit, there have been cases where actors themselves have worn their character's Rider suits.


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