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Cobra is one of three types of the 108 Low-Class Roidmudes.

Low-Class Roidmudes

A total of 32 Cobra-Types existed among the 108 Roidmudes.


A single Cobra-Type Roidmude transformed into a Giant Roidmude through the use of their corresponding Viral Cores. In addition, one Cobra-Type Roidmude was enlargedIcon-crosswiki by the YokaiIcon-crosswiki page, Kyuemon IzayoiIcon-crosswiki.

A total of nine Cobra-Type Roidmudes were modified to join Medic's Reaper Legion.

A total of eight Cobra-Type Roidmudes achieved evolution into an Advanced Roidmude.

A total of six Cobra-Type Roidmudes achieved a standard Evolution State.

A total of two Cobra-Type Roidmudes synchronized their emotions with humans through use of their corresponding Neo Viral Cores to achieve a Fusion Evolution State.

A total of two Cobra-Type Roidmudes amplified their chosen emotions to achieve a Super Evolution State. Of these, the latter survived to join the Promised Number.

One Cobra-Type Roidmude achieved evolution through unnatural means. In addition, the hollowed husk of a Cobra-Type Roidmude was used by a human to achieve an unnatural evolution.

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