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"Life is frail. Life is limited. So, why don't you think about true life? Be smart! True life is your start!"
―Smart Brain's commercial slogan[src]

Smart Brain, Inc. (スマートブレイン社, Sumāto Burein-sha) was a company that is a front for a group of Orphnoch that sees themselves as the master race and are dedicated to the genocide of the human race and increase of the Orphnoch population. They experiment in making their race even more powerful and developing weapons that only Orphnoch can use. Smart Brain is ironically where the Rider Gears were developed from. This is the largest coordinated group of Orphnoch ever seen, and in the movie Paradise Lost they seem to have formed a de-facto world government after the Orphnoch revolution, only having the resistance faction known as Human Liberation Army as their sole opposition.


  • Wirepullers of Smart Brain
  • Kyouji Murakami: Third CEO. He defected after Hanagata returned and was deceased for sacrificing himself towards the Orphnoch King.
  • Hanagata: First CEO. He self-defected and was deceased due to an Orphnoch's life limit.
  • Smart Lady: The secretary/mascot.
  • Leo: Ace soldier. The user of Emperor Gear, Psyga in Paradise Lost only. Deceased in the hands of Takumi Inui as Faiz.
  • Riotroopers: Troopers created by Hanagata on purpose to stop the birth of Orphnoch King and entrusted to Yuji Kiba. Unfortunately, Hanagata was unaware that Yuji had self defected himself from humanity and the troops were used as Smart Brain's intended.
  • Eiichi Toda: Second CEO. Deceased after fatally injured by Faiz's Crimson Smash.
  • Yuji Kiba: Initially a renegade. Later become the fourth CEO to be chosen by Hanagata in purpose to change the goal of Smart Brain to purely help humanity. Unfortunately, Hanagata didn't notice that Yuji had discarded his humanity until Takumi snapped Yuji's humanity back and was deceased in the climatic fight against the Orphnoch King. Yuji becomes an ace soldier to use the strongest Emperor Gear, Orga after being deceived by Kyoji and Smart Lady that humanity had deceived him in Paradise Lost.


  • Smart Brain Finance
  • Smart Brain Entertainment
  • Smart Brain Beverage
  • Smart Brain Distribution
  • Smart Brain Motors
  • Smart Brain Material

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