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Every primary Rider Machine from 1 to Drive

Rider Machines (ライダーマシン Raidā Mashin) are vehicles that serve as the primary mode of transportation for Kamen Riders. They also assist the Rider in battle, usually during fights on the road or to catch enemies that are too fast to pursue on foot. Most of the series have the vehicles that can be used in either human or rider form while others can be regular motorcycles that assume a stronger form when the Rider transforms.

In Chou Super Hero Taisen, Rider Machine is used by Emu Hojo/Akarider to refer to the Kamen Riders' mecha which he summons.

Companies and Vehicles

During the Showa Era Rider Machines were primarily motorcycles produced by Suzuki. Although there were times when other companies produced vehicles had made appearances, including Honda's remolded Cyclones in Kamen Rider and the Harley-Davidson manufactured V-Machine for Kamen Rider Super-1. In Kamen Rider Kuuga the base forms of the title character's vehicles were made by the Spanish motorcycle company Gas Gas while the Gouram armored forms were made from a Yamaha model. Starting in Kamen Rider Agito, Honda gradually took over as the primary manufacturer. The only exceptions are used by Secondary Riders; a Ducati model used by Kamen Rider Accel of Kamen Rider W, and a Can-Am trike used by Kamen Rider Blades of Kamen Rider Saber.

Kamen Rider Black RX is the first series to use an automobile Rider Machine called Ridoron, which was revisited in Kamen Rider Drive. A few series in the second phase of the Heisei Era utilized more unique vehicles including a personal watercraft, a broomstick, a hover bike, a walking mech, a bi-plane, go-karts, and a bicycle.

Rider Machines by Series


  • Three Kamen Riders are their own Rider Machines: Kamen Riders Accel, Core, and Lazer.
  • Starting with Kamen Rider Fourze, every motorcycle Rider Machine used by the primary rider has been a dual-sport motorcycle.

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