This article is about a/an set of forms in Kamen Rider Zi-O.
For the similarily named forms in Kamen Rider Gaim, see Armor Parts.
Zi-O's Rider Armors (Build to Decade)

All of Zi-O's Rider Armors up to Decade.

Rider Armors (ライダーアーマー Raidā Āmā) are forms based on Kamen Riders accessed via the Ridewatches.

When the DecadeArmor is augmented with one of the Rider Armor's Ridewatches, it creates the Final Form Armor, which Kamen Rider Zi-O can use the power of past upgrade or super forms.

Kamen Rider Woz uses a variant of the Rider Armors called Futurering Armors to access forms based on the future Kamen Riders.

List of Rider Armors

Kamen Rider Zi-O

Kamen Rider Geiz

Kamen Rider Woz

  • Standard
    • ShinobiArmor (18-19, 22-23, 28-30, 32, 36-37)
    • QuizArmor (20-21, 25, 31)
    • KikaiArmor (24-25, 29, 32, 37)
  • Super
    • GingaArmor
      • Finally Mode (36-38, 40, 43)
      • Wakusei Mode (37)
      • Taiyo Mode (38)


Heisei Riders Armors

Miride Rider Armors

All items (20)

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