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The Over Lord Inves (オーバーロードインベス Ōbārōdo Inbesu), as dubbed by Ryoma Sengoku, are the rulers of Helheim and the other Inves. According to DJ Sagara, a few of the former humans that resided in Helheim gained transcendent power, thus becoming the Over Lords of Helheim. So far, only seven examples are known. Lapis, who was revealed to be both from Helheim and an Over Lord, seemed to have escaped from his homeworld before the Forbidden Fruit's plants took over the city, and thus stayed on Earth in a shadow, as well as creating his own alternate world with a special bracelet on his left hand prior to escaping Helheim. Prior to escaping Helheim and creating a Soccer World, Lapis unknowingly caused a shape-shifting evil entity to be created by an Over Lord in times past, which later becomes the golden Kamen Rider Mars (also known as Kohgane in human guise), who appeared along with him on Earth.

Over Lord Inves are able to control all of Helheim to their whim, meaning that they can control Helheim's flora and fauna to do what the Over Lord Inves wants.

It should be noted that the Over Lord Inves are notoriously lazy when compared to other rulers, letting Helheim slowly consume worlds while they sit around in the shadows. However, when provoked, they will not hesitate to attack and show tremendous power.

They also refer to themselves as Humans, while calling humans "monkeys", and the Over Lord group that the Riders of Zawame have encountered call themselves the Femushinmu (フェムシンム Femushinmu). At one point, Mitsuzane Kureshima can be heard describing them using this term while speaking with Redyue, one of the Over Lords.

A human can also gain Over Lord powers if he uses the power of the Forbidden Fruit, such as in the case of Kouta Kazuraba due to him using the Kiwami Lockseed created from a seed of the Forbidden Fruit. Alternatively, the power can be obtained from eating a Helheim fruit after building resistance to an Over Lord's poisonous attack, such as the case of Kaito Kumon using the Genesis Driver to slow the infection inflicted by Redyue. 

Mai Takatsukasa held humanity's Forbidden Fruit as the Woman of the Beginning when Rosyuo infused it into her before his passing, who then gave it to Kouta to consume after he was the last man standing in the race to become the Man of the Beginning.

Overlords are able to further evolve by consuming the fruit of Helheim, shown when Demushu ate two to further enhance his evolution after escaping from Yggdrasil's forces. It is unknown whether this further evolution can continue with further fruit consumption, or if it eventually stops after reaching a certain level.



The Over Lords are founded by Yggdrasil Corp's search teams, and Professor Sengoku Ryoma theorized that they're the ruler of Helheim forest. The first Over Lord Inves to appear on Earth was Tyrant. Having used a Genesis Driver with a prototype Dragon Fruits Energy Lockseed, provided by Professor Ryoma Sengoku, to assume the form of a New Generation Rider, Alfred soon became Tyrant when he succumbed to the power of Helheim housed in the Lockseed. Having made an enemy of Armored Rider Baron through his attempted murder of Shapool, it was in this form that Alfred was slain by Kaito Kumon using the Ringo Lockseed, which itself threatened to contaminate him with the essence of Helheim. Following the duel, however, Kaito, destroyed the Ringo Lockseed before it could continue to affect him. Gaim Gaiden: Kamen Rider Baron

Later history

Super Hero Taisen GP

In an alternate timeline created by Shocker's History Modifying Machine enacting an assassination of the Double Riders by Kamen Rider 3 in 1973, at least one Over Lord, Demushu, was among the many monsters that served the evil organization which ruled the world in this timeline. During the final battle against the Kamen Riders, Demushu was destroyed by the unbrainwashed former Shocker Rider, Gaim. Super Hero Taisen GP: Kamen Rider 3

Chou Super Hero Taisen

An iteration of Redyue was among the Shocker army of the Game World led by Shocker Leader III, the boss of the Chou Shocker Taisen bonus stage. This army was ultimately wiped out by a combined force of Kamen Riders and Sentai RangersIcon-crosswiki.png. Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Chou Super Hero Taisen

Over Lords

These Over Lord Inves were civilians of Helheim. They were never seen in monster form, regardless of whether they had one or not.

While not officially classified under Over Lords on the official TV-Asahi website, these three managed to gain an increase in strength, the ability to control the flora of Helheim, and managed to retain their sentience, much like the Femushinmu Over Lord Inves.

These "Over Lord Inves" had the honor of being the container of the Golden Fruit in their bodies.

These "Over Lord Inves" had eaten the Golden Fruit.


Main article: Femushinmu Language

Originating in another world, the Over Lord Inves speak their own language before learning Japanese. This is similar to the Gurongi Language from Kamen Rider Kuuga, the Undead from Blade and Fangire from Kiva, in which an enemy faction has its own language that the Japanese do not understand. As with the Gurongi, Japanese subtitles aren't provided for the Over Lord's speech, it is unknown if they will be provided in a later release such as a TV rerun or DVD release.


The name of the Over Lord Inves, as well as the Inves' true race, フェムシンム ( Femushinmu) might be coming from にんげん ( Ningen) means "Human" in Japanese. This might be due to their race is equivalent to that of the human.


  • Four out of eight of the Over Lord Inves are equivalent to the four main Armored Riders.
    • Rosyuo & Takatora Kureshima: They are white-colored leaders to their groups who are betrayed by their subordinates. Rosyuo saved Takatora when he was lost in the forest. 
    • Demushu & Kaito Kumon: They are red-colored power seekers. Demushu is the first Over Lord Inves encountered by Kaito and he considers Kaito as his archenemy. Both are think that the weak should be destroyed and only the strong can survive. To further tie the two together, Kaito gained an alternatively colored version of Demushu's sword when he became an Over Lord, as well as red skin as a Over Lord.
    • Redyue & Mitsuzane Kureshima: They are green-colored conspirators trying to overthrow their superiors. Mitsuzane busted Redyue's trap when she led them to the forbidden fruit. Both have a Narcissistic personality or god complex.
    • Lapis & Kouta Kazuraba: They are blue-colored guardians of justice who are the protectors of their own worlds. Lapis also brought Kaito into his world, temporarily resulting in Kaito being cured from the Helheim infection caused by Redyue due to the world Lapis created has no Inves invasions. Lapis (as Kamuro)' Rider helmet is identical to other Gaim cloned suits (original (4 versions: normal, Jimber, Kachidoki, and Kiwami Arms), Bujin, and Yami. Followed by Kohgane's other form, Jam), while the suit is a recolored Zangetsu Shin's. Both Gaim and Kamuro were also modeled after feudal lords of Japan back in Sengoku Period, with Gaim based on Date Masamune and Oda Nobunaga (Kiwami Arms only) while Kamuro based on Toyotomi Hideyoshi.
  • The Over Lords also display specific elements of Kamen Rider 1's design.
    • Demushu has a jagged mouth.
    • Redyue has a gem embedded in her forehead, as well as red-tinted eyes.
    • Rosyuo has what appears to be a belt around his waist.
    • Grinsha has giant, bulbous eyes.
  • Phonetically, the Japanese kana for Over Lord (オーバーロード Ōbārōdo) can also be interpreted as "overload" and ties in with the Over Lords such as Demushu and Redyue, both possess overwhelmingly great power and both view humanity as toys for their own entertainment. Along this, the Over Lord Rosyuo views that his civilization was destroyed not due to the forest, but his civilization's own incompetence for viewing that only the strong should be allowed to live.
  • Lapis and the Over Lord Queens are the only Femushinmu Over Lords to have a human form. It is unknown if they could have assumed a monster form, not if the rest of the Femushinmu Over Lords could have assumed human form if they desired.


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