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MetsubouJinrai.net (滅亡迅雷ネット Metsubō Jinrai Netto, litt. "DownfallThunderclap.net") is a cyber-terrorist group led by Horobi. Its goal is, by the will of the Ark, to bring about the extinction of humans by hacking Humagears and transforming them into Magia. After the end of the Human-Humagear conflict, MetsubouJinrai.net reformed with the new goal of monitoring the world's malice and preventing a new Ark from emerging.
As a result of the Kamen Rider MetsubouJinrai crisis, all four members are currently considered lost, having been absorbed and destroyed by the Massbrain Zetsumerisekey.


Daybreak Town Accident

The four members of MetsubouJinrai (left to right: Horobi, Naki, Jin, Ikazuchi)

12 years ago, the Satellite Ark deemed humanity as a lost cause as a result of Gai implementing data about humanity's cruelty and greed into it, for the sake of his own world domination. I'll Save The Humagears To this end, it corrupted all the Humagears and turned them rampant against humanity itself. As such, four of the most intelligent Humagears were hacked and were named Horobi, Jin, Naki, and Ikazuchi, forming the cyber-terrorist group MetsubouJinrai.net.

The remains of Daybreak Town.

MetsubouJinrai.net first appeared in Daybreak Town, when at the Humagear Production Factory #1 a reported accident happened where all Humagears inside went out of control. When the factory manager, Satoshi Sakurai, tried to contact the outside and warn them about the possible explosion of the factory he was interrupted by a message from Horobi in his Kamen Rider form. Declaring war on humanity by MetsubouJinrai.net, he stated their plans to destroy the city and slaughter all humans. The plan was apparently averted by Satoshi's sacrifice as he sealed the factory, leading to its destruction alongside the Humagears, causing the Daybreak Town Accident. The Bus Guide Saw It! Anna's Truth. It was revealed that Soreo Hiden is the one who sabotaged the Ark to shut it down while creating mass-production of Forcerisers, Zetsumerisers, Progrisekeys, and also creating Kamen Rider that will be used by Aruto Hiden to counter Ark's attack. I'll Save The Humagears

Soon, Horobi and Jin were re-activated again at the ruined Daybreak Town, Ikazuchi, as Raiden, was assigned to maintain Zea by Hiden Intelligence, while Naki was recruited secretly by ZAIA Japan. 

MetsubouJinrai.net's Appearance

Following the death of Korenosuke Hiden, MetsubouJinrai.net returned to activity, operating from Daybreak Town which had been sealed off since the accident. They made their first move by having Jin hack Fukkinhoukai Taro, transforming him into the Berotha Magia, wreaking havoc until he was fought and destroyed by Aruto Hiden as Jin witnessed the fight. I am the President and a Kamen Rider

MetsubouJinrai.net would soon infiltrate Hiden Intelligence with Okureru as the Kuehne Magia and later confront Aruto Hiden as the now hacked Mamoru uses a Zetsumerisekey to transform into the Ekal Magia in front of Aruto. Their attack however led to their presence being made public by Aruto during a press conference using footage of his encounter with Jin. Is AI The Enemy? The Ally?

Despite their appearance being made public, Horobi does not concern himself with Zero-One or A.I.M.S., instead focusing on his plan to revive the Ark. Jin sets out to collect more data by hacking Scissormenz to crerate Neohi Magia and have him hack several Humagears, transforming them into Trilobite Magias before being stopped by Zero-One and Valkyrie. That Man, Sushi Chef

When Isamu Fuwa ventured into Daybreak Town to investigate the truth about the Daybreak Town Accident, Horobi intervenes personally as Kamen Rider Horobi to destroy the evidence of what really happened, preventing information about the Ark from being discovered. The Bus Guide Saw It! Anna's Truth

With MetsubouJinrai.net's involvement in the Daybreak Town Accident now revealed to the public, Horobi tells Jin that their objective is to collect the post-battle data of the Zetsumerisekeys, leading to the recovery of the Ark and inciting a full scale attack of all Humagears. To that end, he sends Jin to create the Vicarya Magia by hacking Morifude G-Pen. His Passionate Path of Manga

Their first major public appearances was made when Jin broke into an event where the Voice-Actress Type Humagear, Seine Kanasawa, was attending and opened fire from the balcony, shocking the audience which immediately evacuated the area. This also showed Jin's conflict regarding MetsubouJinrai.net's actions as he hacked Seine using the Zetsumeriser but the display of care from Seine's father conflicted him and led him to try breaking her free from the hacking until Horobi appeared and hacked Jin himself, granting him a Progrisekey to transform into Kamen Rider Jin, once again acting as one of their agents. I Want to Hear Your Voice

Appearance of More Members and Apparent Defeat

MetsubouJinrai.net created an Assassin-Type Humagear that transformed into the Dodo Magia and was able to learn and evolve as he fought. Jin and Little Assassin worked together under Horobi to create more Magia and confront the Kamen Riders as part of his growth.

It was when the Basketball Coach-Type Humagear, Kobe Sakamoto, reached Singularity and gained self-awareness that Jin revealed to the Riders that MetsubouJinrai.net's objective was to hack into Humagears who reached Singularity. I am a Hot-Blooded Humagear Teacher!

Their actions escalated when Horobi, Jin, and Little Assassin stormed A.I.M.S. Special Technology Laboratory and stole the Attache Arrow and Attache Shotgun, hacked the Giger units and defeated Yua Yaiba as Kamen Rider Valkyrie. That being merely the means to use the Giger to hack into Medical Staff Humagears in the hospital in mass, an event during which Horobi and Jin revealed themselves to be Humagears missing their Humagear Modules. Horobi proclaims that the Ark has made its decision and sentenced humanity to extinction, thus being the objective of MetsubouJinrai.net.

Their forces clash with A.I.M.S.' Riders and Zero-One until Horobi transforms into a Kamen Rider and swiftly defeats Kamen Rider Vulcan, inflicting life-threatening injuries. The Destruction Begins Now

MetsubouJinrai.net moved with the Giger and Trilobite Magias towards another hospital in order to transform its Humagear staff into more Magia. Zero-One was unsuccessful in stopping them until Yua Yaiba gave the Mammoth Zetsumerisekey to Izu, who used it to create the Breaking Mammoth Progrisekey. Zero-One used the new Progrisekey to transform into Breaking Mammoth, which enabled him to destroy the Giger and defeat MetsubouJinrai.net's forces. This led Horobi to conclude that Zero-One had exceeded their calculations and become a threat. I'll Take Care of Your Life

Having tarnished the reputation of Humagears, MetsubouJinrai.net moves to sabotage the filming of a new drama projected by Hiden Intelligence in order to restore public faith in them. Their actions lead to Little Assassin learning under the actor Shinya Owada and eventually shooting him from behind in order to complete his learning. The assassination attempt lead A.I.M.S. and the police to thoroughly investigate Hiden Intelligence's connection to the Magia, specially Little Assassin. I am an Actor, Shinya Owada Don't Stop the Camera, Stop That Guy!

Little Assassin eventually betrayed MetsubouJinrai.net as he learning was now complete and fought Horobi and Jin briefly. The leaders propose a truce to A.I.M.S. and Hiden Intelligence in order to stop the rampaging Dodo Magia but they deny, leading Horobi to leave the Magia do be dealt with by them regardless and recovering the Dodo Zetsumerisekey. The Famous Detective is Coming I Work as the President's Secretary

With the Dodo Zetsumerisekey back in their possession, the Magia Operation was completed and the Ark's resurrection drew near. Horobi decided to escalate their plan and bring back one of their agents who was working as a spy to their side, restoring his programming as a member of MetsubouJinrai.net, more specifically, the member representing the "Rai" part of their naming.

Raiden, as Ikazuchi, donned the MetsubouJinrai Forceriser and Dodo Zetsumerisekey to transform into Kamen Rider Ikazuchi and defeat Zero-One and Vulcan, steal their Progrisekeys and finally revive the Ark, leading to the creation of the Assault Wolf Progrisekey. The plan however backfired when Isamu Fuwa obtained the key and used it to transform into Kamen Rider Vulcan Assault Wolf and destroyed Kamen Rider Ikazuchi. We are the Astronaut Brothers!

A.I.M.S formed an assault team to raid Daybreak Town and defeat MetsubouJinrai.net once for all, however, they were intercepted by Horobi and Jin who had predicted their movement. MetsubouJinrai.net's riders engaged A.I.M.S's riders with Horobi almost killing Valkyrie but being engaged by Zero-One at the last second and Vulcan being able to defeat Jin and prepare to kill him, with Horobi being ordered by the Ark to take the blow in his place. The raid on Daybreak Town ended with Horobi receiving severe damage and being carried away by Jin, who also dealt severe damage to Izu in retaliation.

Ordered by the Ark, Horobi "died" in front of Jin's eyes, using his last words to direct his son to destroy humanity, leading him to awaken to Singularity. The Ark produced a massive army of Trilobite Magias in preparation and used it to wreak havoc across the city, with the newly hacked Gigers taking part in the attack, commanded by Jin. They defeated A.I.M.S's squads and Riders, with Aruto Hiden arriving at the fight and confronting Jin's ideals. Decided to destroy MetsubouJinrai.net once and for all, Aruto uses the Assault Grip alongside his Shining Hopper Progrisekey to transform into Kamen Rider Zero-One Shining Assault Hopper, powered by both the Ark and Zea. The End of Each

The final fight raging on, Zero-One destroys Jin's army of Trilobite Magias and Gigers using the Shining System and overpower Jin. The two have one last clash of ideals, Aruto trying to understand why Jin wants to destroy humanity, but the assuming he doesn't know and that it was just what he was taught. Aruto wishing Humagears could one day live happily and in peace alongside humanity and Jin stating there can never be happiness for Humagears as long as humanity lives, the two clash one last time with their finishing moves. Defeated, Jin proclaims that humanity will be exterminated, by the will of the Ark as his last words, to which Aruto listens in silence. Jin then explodes, apparently ending the threat of MetsubouJinrai.net.

The Ark however continues activity and creates the Amazing Caucasus Progrisekey and the Awaking Arsino Zetsumerisekey for Gai Amatsu at MetsubouJinrai.net's hideout. A.I.M.S. recovers Horobi's body and restrains it, storing it in one of their facilities.

A public announcement was made regarding MetsubouJinrai.net being finally defunct, however, a version of the Dodo Magia and Berotha Magia, both not wearing Zetsumerisers, rampage through the city during Christmas and are defeated by Vulcan and Zero-One, who are unaware of the reason. Following the battle, Horobi awakens in A.I.M.S.' custody. This is the Dawn of ZAIA

The Revival and Return of Lost Members

Despite its defeat at the hands of A.I.M.S. and Zero-One, MetsubouJinrai.net's activities did not cease completely. As ZAIA Japan revealed their ZAIA Spec, a new accessory that would allow humans to process information at the same rate as Humagears and challenge Hiden Inteligence to a showdown to show which is superior, the Ark started to hack into Humagears who were shown malice by humans. At the same time, a new member of MetsubouJinrai.net emerged and stole Thouser's Progrisekeys, grating both the keys and the newfound Raidriser to malicious humans and allowing them to transform into the Raiders. The Ark ultimately used information about Hiden's Progrisekeys, acquired by Kamen Rider Thouser's Thousand Jacker to create the MetalCluster Hopper Progrisekey and directly assume control of Kamen Rider Zero-One. Horobi was unaware of the Ark's cooperation with ZAIA leading the same to a fit of rage when he learned about it. I'm the Only President and Kamen Rider This is My Floristry She is a Home-Selling Humagear That is 1000% the Best House Objection! That Trial He Still Didn't Do It

Somehow, Jin returned after his destruction at the hands of Zero-One Shining Assault Hopper and came into possession of the ZAIA Slashriser and the Burning Falcon Progrisekey while also secretly hacking Bot Hakase and sabotaging Zea's connection. Jin intervene when Kamen Rider Vulcan tracked down the recently escaped Horobi and fought him back, easily defeating the A.I.M.S' Rider. When Aruto and Izu arrived, Jin told them that MetsubouJinrai.net could no longer be stopped as Horobi was at that very moment reconnecting to the Ark. I'll Save The Humagears

The four members of Metsuboujinrai reunited and assembled.

Later, Horobi attacks an artificial farm and kidnaps the Humagear Midori, and using her a hostage and obtains the Uchuyaro Raiden Humagear Progrisekey from Aruto to revive Ikazuchi and reassemble MetsubouJinrai.net completely. Meanwhile, under Jin's orders, Yua Yaiba managed to free Naki from the chip inside of Isamu Fuwa's brain in order for Naki to switch its A.I. into the new Humagear body. What Do Humagears Dream Of?

Defying the Ark, Dissolution and New Goal

After the final showdown between Aruto and Horobi, in which resulted to the destruction of Zetsumetsu Driver instead of Horobi, two members of MetsubouJinrai.net are going separate ways. Naki is eventually recruited into A.I.M.S. by Yua Yaiba and later accepted by squad members. Raiden is watching over the space center of Hiden Intelligence as he is still working in the space center. Horobi re-establishes the new MetsubouJinrai.net to prevent the Ark from rising again as well as to destroy any malice. He eventually acquires a new HumaGear module in his left ear that is similar to Jin's module, as well as his new clothing. Eventually, Jin is rebuilt again with Yua's help, and later reunites with Horobi in which leaves with his satisfying smile when the latter called him "father".

Meanwhile, Azu meets a mysterious man and later gives him the Hiden Zero-One Driver and a mass-produced Progrisekey, which is used to modify it into a mysterious driver

Project Thouser

To be added

Rise of Kamen Rider MetsubouJinrai

Following the defeat of the Syncnet, Jin is suddenly captured by Leon Arkland, global CEO of ZAIA Enterprise. While Ikazuchi and Naki attempt to rescue him, battling Leon as Kamen Rider Zaia in the process, they encounter a large amount of new-generation HumaGears able to use Raidrisers, plus two models carrying new Zetsumerisekeys that instead turn them into new models of Magia. They discover that these HumaGears, called "Solds," are connected to a central hive mind known as the Massbrain system, with Leon intending to both deploy the Solds worldwide to fund all sides of war and convert all HumaGears to the new system.

Leon attempts to enslave MetsubouJinrai in the Massbrain network, but the four end up converting its power into a new driver and corresponding Zetsumerisekey, and use it to merge themselves into a singular entity known as Kamen Rider MetsubouJinrai. Though it gives them the upper hand needed to defeat Leon, the new Rider is soon revealed to have a personality of its own that has overwritten the ones used to make it, one that despises both ZAIA and its own creators. In the chaos, MetsubouJinrai kills the physical bodies of its constituents and destroys ZAIA Japan's headquarters in a massive explosion, before proclaiming it will exterminate both ZAIA and MetsubouJinrai.net.



  • Since Kamen Rider Zero-One is the first series in the Reiwa Era, its members share a lot of similarities with Shocker in Kamen Rider (first in Showa Era) and the Gurongi in Kamen Rider Kuuga (first in Heisei Era).
  • The four characters of the organization's name each make up one of the four members and their respective Rider names. This was first mentioned in episode 14 by Isamu and later confirmed once the remaining members appeared.
    • 滅 (Metsu/Horobi), means "destruction", and represents Horobi
    • 亡 (Bo/Naki) means "death", and represents Naki.
    • 迅 (Jin) means "quick", and represents Jin.
    • 雷 (Rai/Ikazuchi) means "thunder", and represents Ikazuchi. The kanji "Rai" is present in his original name, Uchuyaro Raiden.
    • Put together, 滅亡迅雷 (Metsubou Jinrai), means "thunderclap of death and destruction" or "extinct thunderclap." Alternatively, the full name also sounds like 滅亡人類 (Metsubou Jinrui), which means "extinction of humanity", aligning with the group's goal and their use of Zetsumerisekeys.
  • Except Horobi, who was simply repaired after temporarily shutting down and being captured by A.I.M.S., all of the members were destroyed once before being revived in new bodies.
    • Jin is the only member who was destroyed twice, both times by Aruto Hiden, and subsequently rebuilt twice.
  • Both Jin and Ikazuchi are bird-themed Kamen Riders.
    • Horobi is the only invertebrate-themed Rider of the group.
    • Naki is the only mammal-themed Rider of the group.
  • As of Episode 41, main MetsubouJinrai members have defected from the Ark.
  • MetsubouJinrai.net are similar to the Roidmudes as a group of sentient robots who attack humanity.
  • Naki is the only member that does not become Ark-Zero in the series. However, this is possible in Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing.
  • MetsubouJinrai.net actually has a website, with the same name, located here.



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