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This article is a stub, meaning it needs more info. You can improve this Kamen Rider Wiki article by expanding it. (滅亡迅雷.net Metsubō Jinrai Netto) is a cyber-terrorist group led by Horobi. Their goal is to destroy humanity by hacking HumaGears and using them as weapons.



The remains of Daybreak Town.

Following the death of Korenosuke Hiden, Horobi began building MetsubouJinrai.NET (unnamed at the time) and started operating from Daybreak Town, a derelict town that was the site of a Humagear incident some years ago.

MetsubouJinrai.NET intends to insight fear and havok and is responsible for the string of incidents involving assaults by HumaGears corrupted using with Zetsumerise Keys; incidents currently executed by MetsubouJinrai.NET member Jin. Following their first public act of terrorism using the Berotha Magia, Horobi would formally name the group "MetsubouJinrai.NET" and declare their intent to eradicate humanity.

MetsubouJinrai.NET is also responsible for the Zetsumerising of two security HumaGear which produced the Ekal and Kuehne Magias. Following this incident, Aruto Hiden (as president of Hiden Intelligence) revealed the existence of MetsubouJinrai.NET to the public.



  • The meaning of the four kanji characters on the logo each represents a description of their evil organization:
    • 滅 (Horobi) means Destruction
    • 亡 (Bo) means Death
    • 迅 (Jin) means Quick
    • 雷 (Kaminari) means Thunder
    • 滅亡迅雷 (Metsubou Jinrai) means Thunderclap of Death and Destruction
    • Two of these kanji are also the names of Horobi and Jin, the villains who run the organization.



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