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"Connecting to MetsubouJinrai.net"
―Humagears after being hacked successfully[src]

"Humanity must be annihilated!"
―Magia's catchphrase[src]

Magia (マギア Magia), also spelled Magear, are Humagears that have been hacked by MetsubouJinrai.net or the Ark and transformed into monsters that seek to destroy humanity.


Metsuboujinrai.net's protocol appears after it forcefully rewrites the Humagear's intended A.I. protocols.

A Humagear during its transformation into a Magia

To transform a normal Humagear into a Magia, a Humagear must wear (either willingly or forcefully) a Zetsumeriser on its waist. This act will rewrite a Humagear's protocols into MetsubouJinrai.net's protocol to slaughter all of humanity. At this point, the hacked Humagear's eyes and Humagear Modules will shine red.

The hacked Humagear is then given a Zetsumerisekey, which it uses in the Zetsumeriser. During transformation, the hacked Humagear's outer skin is destroyed, reverting them to their basic body. Their face armoring folds away, exposing the mechanical skull underneath. Several tendrils are then produced from their mouth and the data of the Zetsumerisekey fuses with them, completing the transformation into a Magia.

Magia using a Zetsumeriser can transform other Humagears into Trilobite Magias by stabbing them with tendrils and forcefully rewriting their programming. Anna and Ikazuchi have demonstrated that it is possible for a Humagear to resist this method of hacking.

After the death of Jin and the capture of Horobi, Magia without Zetsumerisers begin to appear called Ark Magia (アークマギア Ākumagia) are created by the Ark from Humagears who've reached negative Singularity. With the use of the Progrise Hopper Blade, Magia can be restored to their original programming.


Magia are corrupted Humagears that came into being during the Daybreak Incident twelve years prior to the series from the pieces of their prototypical counterparts. MetsubouJinrai.net later developed the means to create Magias near instantaneously by hacking into Humagears that achieved technological singularity with a Zetsumeriser buckle. A fully reprogrammed Magia can use the Zetsumeriser with a Zetsumerisekey, a Progrisekey-like item that contains extinct animal data, to assume their battle-oriented form. Upon a Magia's destruction, Jin salvaged their Zetsumerisekey in order to use its data to restore the Ark and/or create new Magias.

Ark Magia

Despite MetsubouJinrai.net seemingly being disbanded following Horobi's capture and Jin's destruction, the cyber-terrorists succeeded in awakening the Ark, which was then able to directly influence Humagears experiencing malice without need for a Zetsumeriser and transform them into a new type of Magia called Ark Magia.


Behind the scenes

Suit Actor

Suit actors for all Magia was Danki Sakae (榮男樹 Sakae Danki).


  • The name "Magia" is presumably a portmanteau of "Ma" ( meaning demon or evil) and "Gia" (ギア the Japanese pronunciation of the English word "Gear"), or, can be derived from the word Humagear (ヒューマギア HyūMagia) by removing the first three characters "Hyu" (ヒュー Hyū) that associates them with Human (ヒューマン Hyūman).
    • "Magia" is also the Italian, Portuguese and Spanish for "magic".
      • "Ark Magia" (アークマギア Āku Magia) resembles "Akumagia" (アクマギア Akumagia) with the "Akuma" (悪魔 Akuma) meaning devil (lit. evil demon) in Japanese.
  • The transformation sequence of a Humagear into a Magia is similar to Nariaki Utsumi’s transformation sequence into Kamen Rider MadRogue from Kamen Rider Build.
  • The tendrils used by Magia pays homage to fellow robots, Brain and Medic's tendrils from Kamen Rider Drive.
  • The red eyes with skull design bears some resemblance to the T-1000 of The Terminator franchise. It also shares the same theme that deals with AI going against humans like in Zero-One.
    • The Trilobite Magia bear a resemblance to the rogue NS-5 robots from the film I, Robot.
  • The relationship between the Zetsumeriser-derived Magia and the Trilobite Magia draw parallels with previous monsters:
    • The major antagonists responsible for forcibly transforming them brings to mind how the Time Jackers create their Another Riders. This comparison is reinforced by how Magia tend to create their own foot soldiers, similar to how some Another Riders summon the foot soldiers of their bases' enemy.
    • The creation of the Trilobite Magia host involves a viral infection like the Bugsters.
    • The Zetsumeriser-derived Magia being distinct in appearance while the Trilobite Magia are similar to their base form is similar to the Gamma. Additionally, like the Gamma, all Magia have the same body design (except in different colors), with different head armor and armor details.
    • The source of the transformation is involved in both the creation of the monster and producing the foot soldiers like the Zodiarts and the Stardust Ninja Dustards.
    • The Magia changing into a monster form by using their own transformation belt makes them similar to the lead members of the Museum from Kamen Rider W.
  • Vicarya Magia is the only magia who didn't have their respective Ark variant.

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