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The Kivats (キバット Kibatto) are a race of bat-like creatures in Kamen Rider Kiva and one of the thirteen Demon Races. The Kivats possess Demon Imperial Powers (魔皇力 Maōryoku) which they can instill into other lifeforms usually through their Active Fangs (アクティブファング Akutibu Fangu) or other means. Some of them possess additional powers that is different amongst them. They also possess personas on their faces that are tradition in their families.

Through research and studying, artificial Kivats have been produced such as the Rey Kivat and Arc Kivat. Unlike real Kivats, these mechanical replicas do not transmit demon power through their fangs, only needing to be placed onto the belts to start transformations.



  • The Kivats may be the most friendly out of the Demon Races as some of them didn't harm any humans intentionally.
  • Since most of them are required to transform the Kiva Riders, potentially they can rival even the Fangires whom they often work with.
  • It is unknown if the Kivats can instill Demon Imperial Powers into any other creatures besides Fangires and humans.
  • It is also unknown if the bites that Kivats use to transform their partners leave any damage as Wataru (as well as other beings partnered with Kivats) didn’t seem to feel any pain when transforming as well as the fact that there is seemingly no traces of damage left to his hand after undoing his transformation.

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