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Though Kamen Riders have no problems dealing with henchmen and lower-class monsters, against the main kaijin of the series the battles would end with the Riders finishing off their opponent with a powerful attack. Often, these attacks would end with the monster exploding, and are powerful enough that as the series goes on they become strong enough to kill multiple enemies. Each Rider often has different finishers for each form they take and sometimes for different weapons.

In recent years, the Heisei Era series have begun to have specific titles for the finishing moves.

There have been many different finishers over the years, all compiled below.

Martial Arts Finishers

The Rider Kick is a powerful kick a Rider uses. This finishing move is the most common to Kamen Riders, and have been used by a Rider at least once during an appearance, regardless of what form that Rider is in. Introduced from the very beginning of the franchise by Kamen Rider 1 himself, this attack has become a signature of the Kamen Riders, often being referenced even in other media.

The Rider Punch is a powerful punch a Rider uses. This is a somewhat uncommon finisher, but is considered the second most common finisher. Again, introduced by the original Rider 1.

The Rider Chop is a powerful karate chop a Rider uses. This finisher is far more rarer than the Rider Punch.

Weapon Finishers

The Rider Slash is a powerful slash from a sword a Rider uses. This was introduced fully in the Heisei Era in Kamen Rider Kuuga, but the first instance of a Rider Slash was in Kamen Rider V3 through Riderman's Power Arm, followed by Kamen Rider BLACK RX with the Bio Blade.

The Rider Shooting is a powerful shot from a gun a Rider uses. This was introduced fully in the Heisei Era in Kamen Rider Kuuga, but the first instance of a Rider Shoot was in Kamen Rider Super-1 with the Elec Hands. The first one with an actual gun was in Kamen Rider BLACK RX with the Vortech Shooter.

The Rider Thrust is a powerful thrust with a polearm-like weapon a Rider uses. This was introduced in the Showa Era in Kamen Rider X, but is has become quite rare to see in the entirety of the franchise.

Rider Break

Kamen Riders use their own motorcycles to strike at the enemies. This is the rarest of all Rider finishers as it has been overshadowed by weapon and martial arts finishers in terms of use. However, OOO, Den-O, All Riders: Let's Go Kamen Riders ended with the powerful All Rider Break, where all the Kamen Riders up to that point got on their motorcycles (or in the case of Accel, transformed into Bike Form) and rammed the Rock Great Leader to destroy him once and for all.

Series-exclusive Finishers

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