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The Club Logo

KRC flag

The Club flag design

"The Kamen Rider Club. A club that exists to protect this school from monsters."
―Gentaro's description to Kengo about the club.[src]

The Kamen Rider Club (仮面ライダー部 Kamen Raidā Bu) is a school club at Amanogawa High School (AGHS) that was founded by Gentaro Kisaragi, with Yuki Jojima as co-founder, after being inspired by the urban legends of the previous Kamen Riders.

After the fight between Fourze and Sagittarius Nova, the Kamen Rider Club was renamed into the Space Kamen Rider Club (宇宙仮面ライダー部 Uchū Kamen Raidā Bu), due to Gentaro's plan to befriend aliens.


The club's main purpose is to assist Gentaro as Kamen Rider Fourze in his fight against the Zodiarts.

All members of the club are sworn to secrecy about the club, and 'membership' officially begins when the member and Gentaro shake hands. The only exceptions are Ryuusei (who personally asks and wasn't allowed until Gentaro saw his 'true personality'), and Ohsugi, who announced that he would be the club's adviser.

After the series finale, two other new members  (Ran and Haru) joined the club as they continue to help protect AGHS from threats like the Zodiarts of Foundation X.

In Movie War Ultimatum, the founding members were now alumni and have attained their respective dreams. Gentaro returned to AGHS as the club's new faculty adviser.

Meeting Place

The club's headquarters is within the Rabbit Hatch, accessed by a Cosmic Energy powered portal in a locker in an abandoned part of the campus. All members are invited to go onto the moon's surface as part of an initiation to the club.

After the series finale, the club's activities are now held elsewhere as the Rabbit Hatch was destroyed by Sagittarius.

In Movie War Ultimatum, the club gained a new clubroom similar to their old locker's storage room.

Founding Members

KRC Founding Members

The Founding Members of the Kamen Rider Club

Kamen Rider Club 5 years later

Kamen Rider Club founding members after 5 years later.

The following are the founding members of the club. They were the ones who fought to protect their school against the Horoscopes and their Zodiarts.

Secondary Members

The following are the members that joined them shortly after the club's founding. They also shared their own adventures with the original members.

Movie War Ultimatum Members

The following are the known members that were shown in Movie War Ultimatum.



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