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Hyper Battle Videos (ハイパーバトルビデオ Haipā Batoru Bideo) are side videos that provide comic relief by placing the Riders in strange situations. Each video is called so because of the titular Hyper Battle, a special battle that had a unique gimmick.

The video would generally have the format of comedic situations, recapping the series' Riders and special abilities up to that point and finally ending with the titular Hyper Battle, a fight which had the Riders performing a feat unique to the video, such as a new form or attack. Due to the comedic context shown in these videos and the one-off nature of the new forms and weapons introduced, most consider these non-canon to the main show the Hyper Battle is from, aside from the first one (as it foreshadowed the upcoming appearance of Kuuga's Amazing Mighty form), as well as the more recent ones from the Heisei Phase 2 era.

Since Kamen Rider has had close ties with the Shonen Magazine Televi-Kun, the videos would occasionally reference the magazine, either in the form of the magazine's current bonus of the month, portraying the characters as fans of the magazine or even having Televi-kun himself make an appearance.

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