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"Take off, toward a dream."
―Humagears' activation announcement.[src]

The Humagears (ヒューマギア Hyūmagia) are synthetic A.I. androids developed by Hiden Intelligence. After the events of the Workplace Competition, the development and restoration effects of these androids were transferred to HIDEN Manufacturing. After Gai Amatsu resigns as the president of Hiden Intelligence and Aruto Hiden is reinstated as CEO, the Humagears were once again transferred back to Hiden Intelligence.


Humagears were initially developed by Hiden Intelligence to act as family figure androids for young children before Hiden began prioritizing the production of occupational Humagears.[1] The idea that artificial intelligence could be used in the medical field was also part of the original vision of Humagears. After it was shown that Humagears were more proficient at giving more accurate diagnoses as well as providing treatment than humans, hospitals began extensively relying upon their assistance of Humagears. As a result, medicine has one of the highest percentages of Humagears when compared to other fields.The Destruction Begins Now

Kamen Rider: Reiwa The First Generation

Due to a time alteration, Humagears took over Hiden Intelligence and led humanity to the border of extinction. Izu, Soreo Hiden (and later Shesta towards the end of the movie) are currently the only Humagears to be on on humanity's side.

Workplace Competition

Main article: Workplace Competition

Following the Workplace Competition, Hiden Intelligence was successfully bought out by ZAIA Japan, effectively making Gai Amatsu the company's new CEO. Shortly after his reinstatement, he abolished the Humagear industry, resulting in the immediate shutdown, recall, and erasure of all Humagears and any related data, with A.I.M.S. now responsible for disposal. 

However, unbeknownst to Gai, this wasn't possible, as the patent rights to the Humagears and any and all related data, as well as the Hiden Zero-One Driver, weren't Hiden Intelligence property. They were actually owned by Korenosuke himself, who made sure to have all the rights go to Aruto directly, as per to his will. As a result, Aruto and Izu start a new company to recover and restore all the Humagears affected by their shutdown and recall.



Humagears in their human appearances

Humagear Module

Humagear Module (Rogue/MetsubouJinrai.net)

Humagears are designed by Hiden Intelligence to mimic the human appearance as closely as possible, to the point where they are nearly indistinguishable from regular humans, save for their large Humagear Module (ヒューマギアモジュール HyūmaGia Mojūru) ear-pieces and a Humagear Body Seal authorization device somewhere on their bodies.

Before being fitted with a human appearance and model, Humagears have their Basic Body (素体 Moto-tai) exposed. While different generations of Humagears have drastically different Basic Bodies, they can only be distinguished from each other in their human appearances by their differing Humagear Modules.

Rogue Humagears are completely identical to regular Humagears with the exception of their eyes and earpieces being red instead of blue. These rogue Humagears are dangerous to society and thus become targets of A.I.M.S.

Williamson Yotagaki from ZAIA Enterprise Japan is able to rebuild Humagears into a unique body type different from the ones made by Hiden Intelligence. These Humagears now sport a small ear-piece like module worn on their left ear in place of the standard Humagear Modules, making them look even more similar to humans.


Humagears in the Daybreak Factory

Equipped with artificial intelligence and object recognition software, Humagears are granted the ability to recognize individuals, such as Korenosuke Hiden and Aruto Hiden, alongside being able to move on their own and generating and expressing their own thoughts. Humagears are capable of cognitive learning and can act according to how they process their experiences, alongside being able to record what they see and replay it via holographic projection. However, they are incapable to understand wordplay, as shown with Izu, who will constantly take apart and explain Aruto's puns, and Shesta, who does not understand wordplay in the slightest bit.

Humagears are connected via Zea, a communication satellite orbiting Earth that allows them to perform several tasks. Specialized Humagears, such as Medical-Type Humagears working in hospitals, are also connected to a personal data center housed within said hospitals, where data gathered from these Humagears can be kept on a local network. New in-training Humagear will sport a Shoshinsha mark (🔰 ) on their Humagear Modules. 

Humagears are also able to search for and access past memories they have gathered in their data, using desired search words akin to typing in specific queries in a search engine. Humagear data can also be backed up and restored, though this is rendered impossible once that data is corrupted, as noted by Izu. Humagears that are aware of the existence of the Zero-One project, such as Izu and Wazu, are unable to have any of their central memories backed up or restored due to the need to keep the aforementioned project protected and held in secret.

In the event when this is necessary, the RisePhone that comes packaged with the Humagears also has a feature that allows the user to reset them. This action will revert the Humagear back to the state they were in when the user signed the contract citing the terms of service. Also per to the contract, only the user is permitted to reset the Humagear.


Main article: Singularity


In ordering online, a customer must read the terms of service. After going through that, they must choose the job that their ordered Humagear will perform, and then can choose from any of three plans:

  • S Class Plan - A special plan that lets the customer customize their Humagear's appearance.
  • A Class Plan - A standard plan that has a limited amount of customization and is balanced to suit the job the customer needs the Humagear to perform.
  • HC-Hiden's Choice - A plan that Hiden Intelligence selects for the customer, using a standard base for the Humagear and automatically adjusting it up to a certain level for the work it is going to be required to do. Physical customization will also be up to Hiden Intelligence's automated selection.


Humagears are normally shipped in tall cardboard boxes, with a RisePhone that has an app pre-installed to activate the Humagear or reset it if needed in the future. 


When a customer's Humagear can no longer perform to a satisfactory degree, they can request a replacement, provided that none of the terms of agreements have been violated. Hiden Intelligence guarantees a replacement within 24 hours of the request, and can be legally held liable if they are unable to deliver within the time frame.

If the Humagear was involved in a Magia attack, Aruto will personally deliver the replacement himself.

Internally, the data of every Humgear is interally stored in Satellite Zea, and can be freely uploaded into a Progrisekey.

Specialized A.I. Laws

Because Humagears now function and became a staple into society, laws were passed that specifically deal with Humagear, and by extension, artificial intelligence, in regards to how they will function in human society. Any found violation of these laws grants A.I.M.S. the full authority to arrest and interrogate the violators, alongside disposing of the violating Humagear. While the full extent of these laws is not currently explained, some of them read as followed:

  • Article 1 - An android, regardless of any reason, is forbidden from causing any harm to a human. This also extends to allowing harm to come towards a human via inaction.
  • Article 6 - Creation of an android that bears another person's likeness without consent is forbidden, regardless of the said likeness is of a family member. Using the likeness of a deceased person is also forbidden.
    • An AI Voice Program that is modeled after a deceased person but without a physical body does not violate this rule.
  • Unknown law - An android cannot run for or hold a government position; however, they are allowed to express activism through other means such as music. My Rap Changes The World!
  • Unknown law #2 - An android cannot become a professional athlete, though there are no rules restricting them from training humans into becoming one. Are Dreams Important to You?

List of Known Models

The categories of Humagears

The following list is categorized based on the hierarchy of occupational field, then type name and finally unit/individual name.

  • Legal (法務系 Hōmu-kei)[2]
  • Business/Government (公務員系 Kōmuin-kei)[2]
    • Police Officer-Type (警察官型 Keisatsukan-gata)[6] - Unnamed model[7]
    • Unnamed type (police administrative staff) - Unnamed models[5]
    • Firefighter-Type (消防士型 Shōbō-shi-gata) - 119 Nosuke, unnamed models[8]
  • Public Security (公務保安関係 Kōmu Hoan Kankei)[2]
  • Interpersonal Service (対人サービス系 Taijin Sābisu-kei)[2]
    • Amusement Park Staff-Type (遊園地係員型 Yuenchi Kakariin-gata)[6] - Yui, unnamed models[7]
    • Marriage Consultation-Type (結婚相談型 Kekkon Sōdan-gata)[15][note 2] - Enmusubi Match, Seiko Matchida
    • Maid type (メイド型 Meido-gata) - unnamed model [17]
    • Unnamed type (actor assistant) - Unnamed models[13][14]
    • Unnamed type (janitor) - Unnamed models,[10][12] unnamed model [18],[17]
    • Unnamed type (receptionist) - Unnamed models[14][15]
    • Unnamed type (waiter) - Unnamed models[11], unnamed model [18]
  • Technical Service (技能サービス系 Ginō Sābisu-kei)[2]
  • Financial (金融系 Kin'yū-kei)[2]
  • Sales (営業・販売系 Eigyō Hanbai-kei)[2]
  • Farmer (農家系 Nōka-kei)
    • Agricultural Management-Type (農業経営型 Nōgyō keiei-gata) - Midori[28]
  • Office Work (事務系 Jimu-kei)[2]
  • Mass Media (マスコミ系 Masukomi)[2]
    • Announcer-Type (アナウンサー型 Anaunsā-gata)[6] - Mageana, unnamed models[10]
    • Unnamed type (reporter) - Unnamed models[10][13]
  • Entertainment/Art (芸能・芸術系 Geinō Geijutsu-kei)[2]
    • Actor-Type (俳優型 Haiyū-gata)[2] - Enji Matsuda
    • Animator-Type (アニメーター型 Animētā-gata)[2]
    • Assistant Director-Type (助監督型 Jokantoku-gata)[2]
    • Cartoon Assistant-Type (漫画アシスタント型 Manga Ashisutanto-gata)[2][note 6] - Morifude G-Pen, unnamed models[2]
    • Composer-Type (作曲家型 Sakkyokka-gata)[2]
    • Instrument Player-Type (楽器奏者型 Gakki Sōsha-gata)[2]
    • Lyric Assistant-Type (作詞アシスタント型 Sakushi Ashisutanto-gata)[2]
    • Makeup Artist-Type (メイクアップアーティスト型 Meikuappuātisuto-gata)[2] unnamed model [18]
    • Model-Type (モデル型 Moderu-gata)[2] -
      • Fashion Model-Type (ファッションモデル型 Fasshon Moderu-gata) - Delmo[30]
    • Photographer-Type (フォトグラファー型 Fotogurafā-gata)[2]
    • Singer-Type (歌手型 Kashu-gata)[2]
    • Talent Agent-Type (芸能マネージャー型 Geinō Manējā-gata)[2]
    • Voice Actor-Type (声優型 Seiyū-gata)[2] - Seine Kanasawa[note 7]
    • Rapper-Type (ラッパー型 Rappā-gata)[32] - MC Che.ck-It-Out
    • Background Dancer-Type (バックグラウンドダンサー型 Bakkuguraundo Dansā-gata) - Unnamed models
    • Idol-type (アイドル型 Aidoru-gata) - Unnamed model[17]
  • Design (デザイン系 Dezain-kei)[2]
  • Education (教育系 Kyōiku-kei)[2]
    • Tennis Coach-Type (テニスコーチ型 Tenisu kōchi-gata) - Lovechan
    • Physical Education Teacher-Type (体育教師型 Taiiku Kyōshi-gata)[33] - Kobe Sakamoto, unnamed models[24]
    • Scientist-Type (科学者型 Kagakusha-gata) - Bot Hakase
    • Teacher-Type (先生型 Sensei-gata) - Humagear Teacher,[34] unnamed models[24]
  • Social Welfare (社会福祉系 Shakai Fukushi-kei)[2]
    • Nanny-Type (保母さん型 Okāsan-gata)[6] - Unnamed model[7]
  • Medical Care (医療・看護系 Iryō Kango-kei)[2]
  • Information Technology (IT系 IT-kei)[2]
    • System Engineer-Type (システムエンジニア型 Shisutemu Enjinia-gata) - Naki
  • Architecture (建築系 Kenchiku-kei)[2]
  • Transportation (運輸系 Un'yu-kei)[2]
    • Bus Driver-Type (バス運転手型 Basu Untenshu-gata)[40] - Burs
    • Bus Guide-Type (バスガイド型 Basu Gaido-gata)[41] - Anna
    • Postman-Type (配達員型 Haitatsuin-gata)[42] - Okureru, unnamed models[43]
    • Taxi Driver-Type (タクシー運転手型 Takushī Untenshu-gata)[44] - Unnamed model
  • Other
  • Not for Sale


Behind the Scenes

Concept Art

Humagear was designed by Takato Yamashita (山下 貴斗 Yamashita Takato).


  • The Humagears' name and concept are similar to Humanoise from the previous season, Kamen Rider Zi-O.
  • The Humagears also resemble NS-5 robots from the 2004 I, Robot film.
  • Being mechanical life forms with the ability to mimic human appearance, while also taking on monstrous forms to fight makes them similar to the Roidmudes from Kamen Rider Drive.
    • On the interesting note, all Humagears' name are based on the main role or trait just like Roidmudes.
  • The laws that Humagears follow, as noted by Izu in Episode 2, are a reference to the Three Laws of Robotics, coined by science fiction author Isaac Asimov, which has become a staple in science fiction as a whole. As per Asimov's writings, the laws are stated as followed:
    • 1) A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
    • 2) A robot must obey the orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
    • 3) A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Laws.
    • Ishinomori's works involving robots seem to either mildly deconstruct or reject Asimov's Three Laws, with most evil robots being either servants to their evil masters or doing evil things that harm humans or their own kind by choice. Hero robots such as Kikaider often begin to develop cognitive dissonance and their own sense of morals either through a new technology that evolves their programming or "living" through experiences that further their growth. The latter is a concept used for the Humagears.
  • New Humagears sport the Shoshinsha Mark on their Humagear Modules, a green-and-yellow V-shaped symbol normally used to indicate beginners' status for drivers in Japan.

Early HumaGear.jpg

  • As seen in Aruto's office, there were at least 3 previous generations of Humagears. The design of the first generation, which was in use during the Daybreak Town Accident, is repurposed from the Guardians. The second generation uses suits repurposed from Delu-KnightIcon-crosswiki.png from Hikonin Sentai AkibarangerIcon-crosswiki.png and third-generations' suits are repurposed from Megahex.
  • While most Humagears have Humagear Modules, Jin & Horobi have theirs removed.
    • Jin however would wind up rebuilt following his initial destruction with a new module resembling an earring, and lacking either preexisting module used by prior Humagear in the series. The same would later be done so for Horobi.


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