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Icon-fourzeThis article is about a set of villains in Kamen Rider Fourze.

The Horoscopes (ホロスコープス, Horosukōpusu), alternatively called the Twelve Apostles (十二使徒, Jūni Shito) are the 12 Commander-level Zodiarts who have surpassed their "Last One" stage and can be uniquely distinguished by the heavy cloaks given to each member after ascending by their leader Mitsuaki Gamou. Their black switch then transforms into a unique red-gold, marked with their respective astrology signs.


Any Horoscopes can create side troops using Cosmic Energy called the Stardust Ninja Dustards, which dissolves into dust after they are defeated.

A Horoscopes' most powerful ability is to undergo a transformation called Supernova (超新星, Chōshinsei) to either assume a more powerful form or gain a new technique. The Supernova can only be used for a limited period of time as overuse in a short period of time will cause the Zodiarts to be destroyed.

Once all twelve Horoscopes are gathered, Sagittarius will cause a mysterious event called the Day of Awakening (覚醒の日, Kakusei no Hi) where he uses all twelve Horoscopes Switches and the atmospheric vortex above the school known as The Hole to reach the Presenters (プレゼンター, Purezentā), a mysterious sentient will of the universe that calls out to humanity, by conjuring the real Dark Nebula. But in the process, the Dark Nebula's gravitational pull would suck in all of Japan.


Originally starting out with four members as the series begins, the Horoscopes work within AGHS to give Zodiarts switches to various students in order to build their membership to twelve as part of Gamo's master plan. Though the Kamen Rider Club members were in the dark about this intent, Kamen Rider Meteor reveals the truth to them during his formal introduction.

The membership had finally been risen to twelve, but there are now no Horoscopes active as they were all either defeated/killed at the hands of the Kamen Riders, or by other members of the Horoscopes.

Thanks to Libra faking defection, Sagittarius had all 12 Horoscopes Switches after getting Pisces' Switch. However, it was thanks to Kengo Utahoshi releasing a burst of Cosmic Energy from the Core Switch in his body that disrupted the Day of Awakening. When Sagittarius tried again after Kengo's death, it eventually ended with the deaths of both Sagittarius and Leo, the last two active Horoscopes.



The Horoscopes and their identities
1st Row: Libra, Sagittarius and Leo, 2nd Row: Virgo, Scorpion, Cancer and Aries, 3rd Row: Capricorn, Aquarius and Taurus, 4th Row: Gemini and Pisces


Main article: Sagittarius Zodiarts

The leader of the Horoscopes, is the first to appear in the show and is the most powerful Zodiarts. Though appearing as a human for most of the series, he unveils his Horoscopes form around Virgo's death. He is currently deceased, having dissolved into Cosmic Energy as a side-effect of his evolution.


Main article: Virgo Zodiarts

The fourth Horoscopes to be seen on the show, and was Sagittarius's right hand. He was killed at the hands of Leo while fighting him and Libra when Sagittarius learns of Virgo's hidden agenda against him.


Main article: Leo Zodiarts

The third Horoscopes member to be seen on the show, having a deep connection to Sagittarius, and is fanatically loyal to him. He is currently deceased, as he dissolved into Cosmic Energy after his defeat by Kamen Rider Meteor.


Main article: Libra Zodiarts

The second Horoscopes member to be seen on the show. He was the one that recruited most of the Horoscopes members into their fold. He once, willingly, allowed Leo to use his Switch, allowing two of his Dustards to evolve into Leo Dustards. He is currently deceased, after taking a hit from Fourze meant for Sagittarius. The hit then sent him flying backwards into an open rift into the Dark Nebula, where he is vaporized by the dimension's lightning.


Main article: Scorpion Zodiarts

The fifth Horoscopes member to be seen on the show. As of the series' run, she is currently banished into the Dark Nebula by her fellow Horoscopes member, Virgo. Her Switch was later used by Leo. It is unknown where her current whereabouts is after Virgo told the Kamen Rider Club about sending them to the M-BUS and confirming the exact state of the "Dark Nebula", but in the continuation story, she was later returned to Earth.


Main article: Cancer Zodiarts

The sixth Horoscopes member to be seen in the entirety of series and the fourth member on the show. This Horoscopes was once the Pegasus Zodiarts but has since evolved into the Cancer Zodiarts.

Cancer was banished into the Dark Nebula when Libra disguised him as a rather nosy detective from an earlier episode. Presenting Virgo with the disguised Cancer, Libra was able to fool Virgo into sentencing him to eternal imprisonment within the Dark Nebula to protect Sagittarius' plans for Amanogawa. After his banishment, the Cancer Switch falls into the possession of Libra, though Libra does not use the switch, but instead, Leo does.

Once Virgo is exposed as being Tachibana, Virgo reveals to the Kamen Rider Club that he did not banish Cancer to the Dark Nebula, but rather he has him held in suspended animation on the M-BUS space station, and had actually seen through Libra's deception, but evidentally didn't see the need to comment on it. It is unknown where his current whereabouts is after Virgo told the Kamen Rider Club about sending them to the M-BUS and confirming the exact state of the "Dark Nebula", but in the continuation story, he was later returned to Earth.


Main article: Aries Zodiarts

The seventh Horoscopes member, which evolved from the Lepus Zodiarts when he transferred from AGHS to Subaruboshi High School. He actually had no interest of joining the Horoscopes despite being one of Libra's prospects, but only wanting to rule over Subaruboshi High School. He's currently in a coma after his fight with Fourze in his newly obtained Cosmicstates. His Switch was later used by Leo.


Main article: Capricorn Zodiarts

The eighth Horoscopes member, which was found by Libra using his Eye of Laplace, showing his potential to evolve past the Lyra sign. He is currently living a normal teenage life, having his memories of being Capricorn erased after his defeat at Fourze's hands. His Switch was later used by Leo.


Main article: Aquarius Zodiarts

The ninth member, as well as the second member that has a female body. She was found by Libra using his Eye of Laplace. She is currently living a normal teenage life, having her memories of being a Horoscopes removed from her after her defeat at Fourze's hands. Her Switch was later used by both Leo and Sagittarius.


Main article: Taurus Zodiarts

The tenth member, who was found by Libra using the Eye of Laplace during the Astronaut Selection Exam. He was banished into the Dark Nebula after he attacked Virgo to protect his new friends. It is unknown where his current whereabouts is after Virgo told the Kamen Rider Club about sending them to the M-BUS and confirming the exact state of the "Dark Nebula", but in the continuation story, he was later returned to Earth.


Main article: Gemini Zodiarts

The eleventh member, who was found by Libra using the Eye of Laplace under the command of Sagittarius. Gemini is actually the embodiment of Yuki's inner darkness that became a separate entity, thanks to the particular nature of evolution concerning people who have the potential to become a Gemini Zodiarts. After being weakened when "Light" Yuki took back dominance, Gemini is exorcised by Fourze in Cosmicstates. Her Switch was later used by Leo.


Main article: Pisces Zodiarts

The twelfth and final member, who was found by Libra using the Eye of Laplace. Pisces had previously appeared during the Musca Zodiarts incident, where she instigated most of the things that went wrong in that arc. Unlike the others, Pisces did not joining Sagittarius' fold, and was in fact rebelling to not allow the Day of Awakening to be realized. However, Libra and Leo used her very nature to protect the former Musca Zodiarts to get herself out in the open and took Pisces' Switch from her after the two Horoscopes bested her.

Musical Themes[]

The Horoscopes have two recurring scores, that being "Horoscopes Switch" and "Power of the Horoscopes".



  • The Horoscopes have three different fates.
    • All primary Horoscopes are deceased.
    • Three Horoscopes are sent to the "Dark Nebula" by Virgo.
      • The first is Scorpion, followed by Cancer; both are sent after their losses against Meteor.
      • After change of heart, Taurus attacks Virgo and is sent into the Dark Nebula.
    • The minor Horoscopes that have roles as Monster of the Week would return to school as normal students like most of former Zodiarts switch users.
      • While not being a Horoscopes anymore, Aries becomes comatose after being defeated by Fourze.
      • After being defeated by Fourze, Capricorn and Aquarius' memories of being Horoscopes are erased.
      • As Pisces is not allied with Sagittarius, she is the only one to never be defeated by any Riders.
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