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Hiden Intelligence (飛電インテリジェンス Hiden Interijensu) is a technological company based in Japan, specializing in the development of HumaGears, advanced A.I artificial humanoids that are near indistinguishable from humans.

One of their main competitors is Zaia Enterprise Japan, which in turn is part of the greater conglomerate Zaia Enterprise.


Hiden Intelligence was founded at some point in the past, with Korenosuke Hiden becoming the CEO.

In 2019, Korenosuke passed away and appointed his grandson Aruto Hiden as the new CEO per his dying will.

The company held several press conferences regarding the recent attacks by

Zaia Enterprise announced their intent to buy Hiden Intelligence.

Known Employees

Hiden Intel HQ

Hiden Intelligence corporate HQ

Main Building Corporate HQ

  • Aruto Hiden/Kamen Rider Zero-One - Current CEO and president
  • Izu - Aruto's HumaGear secretary and assistant
  • Jun Fukuzoe - Vice-President
  • Shester - Jun's HumaGear secretary and assistant
  • Sanzo Yamashita - Jun's associate
  • Korenosuke Hiden - Aruto's late grandfather and the former CEO of the company.
  • Mamoru - One of Hiden Intelligence's former Security-Type HumaGear. After his original body was destroyed, his data was backed up into a replacement.
  • Will/Another Zero-One - Korenosuke's HumaGear assistant and later president in the alternate timeline.

First Factory Employees

These are a list of employees who worked on Hidden Intelligence's First Factory located in Daybreak Town before it was destroyed.

  • Satoshi Sakurai
  • Satoshi Tanaka
  • Daisaku Yamada
  • Mayumi Yoshida
  • Taku Teramoto
  • Hisasi Kumamoto
  • Kazyka Yosikaba

Space Development

Known Products

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