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Sound Attack Warrior (音撃戦士 Ongeki Senshi), also called "Oni" ( lit."Demon") most of the time, which is also including into each Oni's alias as a suffix of sorts. In-universe, they are mostly unknown outside their organization in the present day, but were oftentimes feared in the past for their power and shunned for "sacrificing of their humanity" by becoming Oni. Unlike other riders, they did not wear a mask or any kind of suit, but its true demon form.

Despite the title of "Oni", they are not to be confused with the "Oni Brothers" Mimihiko and Kuchihiko, the antagonists of Cho Kamen Rider Den-O & Decade Neo Generations: The Onigashima Warship.


A warrior who has trained the mind and body by training and has acquired the ability to transform into a battle form called "Oni". It is divided into several groups depending on the system of their Ongeki Weapon used. In the TV series, there are 3 systems: Drum Oni (鼓の鬼 Tsudzumi no Oni), Tube Oni (管の鬼 Kan no Oni), and String Oni (弦の鬼 Gen no Oni), and the pros and cons of the tactics are different.

They have an unusually shaped body that emits a gloss as a feature of appearance, the decoration depending on what kind of Ongeki Weapon were used (on chest, wrist, and ankle). There is no eye nose on the face, and things like eyebrows are bordered. The horns grow on the top of the head, and on the forehead, the same Oni's face emblem appears on the forehead as on the transformation devices called Oni Face (鬼面 Kimen).

If an Oni fights relying on his or her anger, the Oni Face will grow over the face. When an Oni becomes evil, Takeshi headquarters will decide if they should be eliminated. If they decide to eliminate the Oni, they send someone from the head family to carry out the task.

Oni follow a one-master-one-apprentice tradition. Upon the retirement of their master, an apprentice will inherit the responsibilities as well as all equipment from his predecessor. He will often inherit the master's title too, but there are exceptions.

The Oni of today are working under the organization Takeshi who assist their activities. The Kanto branch, which appears in the series, has 11 Oni, who work in shifts. In addition, those who became independent as Oni are all given their Oni name as a codename, and will be known by that name instead of their real names regardless of whether they are inside or outside the society.

Oni Kamen Riders


An Oni makes a Oni Face appear on the forehead by bathing a special sound wave emitted from the transformation tool, and transforms into an Oni who controls the power of the attribute. At that time, the clothes worn were torn apart and lost, and after transformation they would be naked if they were not trained enough. In addition, because transformation consumes a great deal of mental power and energy, it can not transform unless trained to a level that can withstand it. The transformation tools identified in the TV series, they are 3 types: Onsa, Onibue, and Kigen.


After being Oni, a person's physical capabilities are upgraded. They also uses special attack called as Kitoujutsu (鬼闘術 Kitōjutsu, lit. Demon Battle Technique) and Kigenjutsu (鬼幻術 lit. Demon Phantasm Technique), to deal with Makamou:

  • Extraordinary Strength: Oni has twice the strength compared to ordinary humans.
    • While Hibiki defended himself from the Yamabiko attack, also during a fight with Ooari. These two Makamou weights over 5 tons.
    • While Todoroki was gripped by Bakegani's slab, broke it and stripped himself, as well as pulled Amikiri, weighting more than 6 tons, who trying to escape.
  • Extraordinary Speed: Oni is able to moving fast and nimble.
  • High Jump: Oni is able to jump at high altitude.
    • Hibiki jumps and kicks towards Nurikabe (8 meters high).
    • Eiki jumped about 8 meters to save Todoroki from the mouth of Tsuchigumo.
  • High Resistance: Oni has a higher endurance than normal human beings.
    • As opposed to Kappa, Hibiki's hands were hardened with the Makamou's saliva, then attacked him in the nearby river. However, Hibiki can still move and be able to fight well.
    • While Ibuki was against Oonamazu in the water, he was still able to launch his Ongeki Finisher attack.
  • Healing Ability: The ability to recover physical injury is faster than normal.


Ongeki Weapon

A weapon that mimics the shape of an instrument, which is used by Oni to get rid of Makamou. It produces Sound of Purification (清めの音 Kiyome no Oto), and it is collectively referred to as Sound Attack (音撃 Ongeki). There are various types such as Japanese drums Ongekikou with drumsticks Ongekibou, wind instruments such as Ongekikan, and string instruments such as Ongekigen. It is also possible to increase power by combining multiple Ongeki Weapon.


A stone in the shape of the Oni's face used for Ongeki Weapons, a substance that generates and amplifies pure sounds. Has refinement changes color and exerts various effects.

Equipment Belt

Appear after an Oni's transformation, shaped like a belt with a loincloth. The buckle section is equipped with parts of Ongeki Weapon such as Ongekikou or Ongekimei, right side carries transformation devices such as Henshin Onsa or Henshin Onibue, and the left side carries Disk Animals. The drum demon also equips the back with their Ongekibou.

Before transformation, it is in the form of an ordinary belt with magical power, the buckle and the back part are invisible. Ongekikan and Ongekigen are always carried in their original size due to their complicated structure.

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