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Icon-exaid.png This article is about a set of weapons in Kamen Rider Ex-Aid.

Ex-Aid Action Gamer Level 1 is seen summoning Gashacon Breaker.

The Gashacon Weapons (ガシャコンウェポン, Gashakon Wepon, lit. "Special Weapon") are weapons that the Ex-Aid Riders of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid use, which are granted to them when they use a particular Rider Gashat. They can summon it in any Level form while transformed, though tend only to use them while in certain Levels. Only the Gashacon Bugvisor has so far been seen in use by Bugsters than a transformed Rider.

When Kamen Rider Chronicle commenced, navigator Poppy Pipopapo promoted the Gashacon Weapons as exclusive items to be acquired from the "rare" Kamen Riders. The Breaker, Key Slasher and Sparrow were accessed by the Ride-Players having respectively looted the Gashats of Mighty Action X, Mighty Brothers XX and Giri Giri Chambara from Kamen Rider Ex-Aid. As shown when another Ride-Player recovered and attempted to utilize Mighty Action X, the Gashacon Weapon cannot be summoned a second time. The Gashats and Weapons were returned when the Ride-Player were eliminated by Kamen Rider Para-DX. Start the New Game!

Becoming Kamen Rider Cronus in the fight against Gamedeus Cronus, Taiga Hanaya wields his fellow Riders' Gashacon Weapons: Breaker, Sword, and Sparrow. White Coat License

List of Gashacon Weapons

  • Level Billion
    • Gashacon Key Slasher

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