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The Gamma (眼魔 Ganma, lit. "Eye Devils") are (formerly) an evil race of extra-dimensional creatures who are transported to Earth through an eye-like gate, seeking to obtain the Eyecons.

The Katana Gamma killed Takeru Tenkuji in an effort to obtain a Ghost Eyecon given to him by the spirit of his late father. The Gamma do not possess unique abilities of their own, but rather gain their powers through objects around them.It is led by Alain and his mysterious benefactor. The Gammas all have a light blue-colored eye design to them. Appearing as ghosts in the physical world, they are invisible to the normal human eye, but can be seen by other spirits or people holding a Ghost Eyecon.

One of their modus operandi is to influence people to commit evil until they go mad, then use the energy of that influence to sacrifice their target's life to create a ghost which they harvest to create Eyecons. Gamma can also possess humans and control their actions or plant ideas in their heads to motivate them to do their bidding. If a human becomes possessed by a Gamma for 99 days, their soul is destroyed and the Gamma becomes the permanent resident of the host body.

Each Gamma is born through a Gamma Eyecon, that it uses to evolve beyond its Gamma Assault form by bonding with an object in the physical world, converting it into their equivalent of a Parka Ghost which they then combine with their body to access their own unique and more powerful Empowered Gamma  form. Stronger Gamma are served by Gamma Commandos whose Eyecons lack the energy needed to become more powerful. When unsealing a wild Parka Ghost, if the Riders don't catch it quickly and place it into an Eyecon, the Gamma Assault will become a monstrous Giant Gamma . In order for Kamen Rider Ghost to free the Parka Ghost and capture it in an Eyecon, he must first defeat the Giant Gamma to separate both the Gamma Assault and the Parka Ghost that the monster has absorbed.

Particularly strong Gamma are known as Gamma Superiors and have the ability to assume human appearances. Members of the Gamma World's Royal Family are similar to Gamma Superiors but are instead more powerful and known as Gamma Ultimas.

Most of the Gammas were previously humans whose souls were stolen into the Gamma World and converted into Gammas by Igor's technology. Some of the Gammas who were killed while their real human bodies are still in capsules will reemerge, allowing both their soul and Eyecon body forms a number of (but limited to) their revival lifespan. However, there are two possible fate scenarios: both free will and human forms who are killed can now regain their original bodies from the capsule, or if they cannot reach their limit on their revival lifespan may end up in their real bodies, and will dissolve into ashes (resulting in their permanent deaths).


The Gamma were originally a village tribe of humans led by Adonis who lived at Yayoi period, along with co-creators Danton and Edith. The tribe worshiped a huge monolith not unlike the one in the basement of the Daitenku Temple. Answering their calls for a world without poverty, the Great Eye brought them to another planet, one which would ultimately become their home. Gather! Chain of Grief!

After losing, among many others, his wife and eldest son to disease, Adonis fell to despair and began to wish for a world where those tragedies would never occur again. To fulfill the dream of his friend, Edith proposed a system which he manifested using the Great Eye. Via the seperation of consciousness into Eyecons, and the permanent preservation of the body in life-support capsules, Edith achieved a form of immortality for his people which was hoped to lead to the creation of a "perfect world". To prevent unnecessary contact with the Great Eye, Edith created a set of fifteen artificial intelligences known as the Gammaizers to protect it. However, at that point everything started to go wrong as the world would prove to be far from perfect, with flaws in the life support system appearing as people began to perish in their capsules while Edith was unable to do anything to prevent it, having been stopped by the Gammaizers he created. Upheaval! The Magistrate's Decision!

Many years later, Edith would arrive in the human world, where he would meet Ryu Tenkuji and work together with him along with the other Ghost Hunters to find a way to counter the Gammaizers, resulting in the creation of the Ghost Eyecons. However, Chikara Saionji betrayed them by sending the Fukami siblings into the Gamma World as part of a deal with Igor, who wanted to study a human sample. Kamen Rider Ghost: Truth! The Secret Of Heroes' Eyecons!

The Gamma would later begin their invasion of Earth, beginning with the Katana Gamma killing Takeru Tenkuji in an effort to obtain the Ghost Eyecon given to him by his father. Originally led by Alain, he was later framed by his brother, Adel, for killing their father Adonis. Adel takes over as the emperor of the Gamma, and oversees the Demia Project, which was led by Igor in cooperation with Deep Connect.

The Gammaizers would later become active and enter the human world to observe Demia's progress and also to analyze and defeat the Kamen Riders who were fighting the Gamma. Adel would later fuse with the Gammaizers in an effort to obtain the root of power. Adel aimed to create an utopia by becoming the world himself, which allowed him to gain access to the Great Eye. Soon, Demia would be completed, connecting the human world with Adel himself, turning everyone into copies of Adel.

However, Adel would later renounce his evil ways. The Gammaizers, having gained sentience, assimilate Adel into the Perfect Gammaizer form once more. Though eventually destroyed, they would revive again, assimilating with the Great Eye to form the Great Eyezer to destroy all of humanity.

The Great Eyezer was ultimately defeated by Kamen Rider Ghost and, following the Great Eye's departure from Earth, the Eyecon System was terminated, resulting in all the surviving people of the Gamma World returning to their mortal human bodies once again while overseen by Alia. Infinity! Power of Humanity! Alain and the Fukami siblings would later return to the World of Gamma to help rebuild it.

Major Gamma

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  • All of the Gamma are designed by Kazuhiko Shimamoto with his company Big Bang Production.
  • The Gamma's combatmen design is an homage to the Shocker Combatmen.
  • Similar to the Phantoms, bullets do not harm the Gamma.
  • The Gamma spill out a blood-like, black-colored liquid when injured.
  • The Gamma share a characteristic with their immediate predecessors, the Roidmudes, in that they possess an ability which gives them an edge over normal humans but can be negated if they should have their respective enemy Kamen Riders' devices on their person, with the Shift Cars and Signal Bikes being able to neutralize the Roidmude's Heavy Acceleration/Slowdown due to them also possessing Core Driviars while the Ghost Eyecons allow people to see the Gamma which are normally invisible to humans.
  • The two types of lesser Gamma follow the Yummies from Kamen Rider OOO, with one being the pre-stage which evolves into a unique monster (Gamma Assault/White Yummy) while the other is the foot soldier army which bears a physical resemblence to the first but merely exists as fodder (Gamma Commandos/Waste Yummies).
  • Like the Yokai of NinningerIcon-crosswiki.png, the Gamma must possess an object the heroes also have to get stronger. This is a reference to the Tsukumogami of Japanese folklore, as those were spirits that inhabited objects.



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