This category houses the first monster seen and fought by the Rider in each show in the Kamen Rider Series. Frequently, they are the weakest monster of the series.

List of First Monsters



  • Perhaps as to homage the first Kamen Rider, the most common motif for the first villain is a spider, while the second most common is a bat.
  • Both Doras and Goushima share the honor of being both the First and the Last Monster to be fought by a Kamen Rider due to their respective riders being movie-exclusives.
  • Outside of Decade, Drive, Ghost, and Build are the only Kamen Rider shows to include multiple monsters as the First Monster within the Heisei era.
    • Amazons is another case entirely. While three Amazons debuted and were fought, a fourth one appeared but was confronted in the next episode while the third one also died in the second episode.

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