This is a category associated with the final villain of every Kamen Rider series. Most often they are monsters, but occasionally they are Kamen Riders. They are usually also leaders of the series' villains that play a major role in the plot, but others are introduced in the final episodes of the show. Sometimes an unrelated or minor villain is fought in an epilogue after the main threat was defeated in the finale.


Starting in Kamen Rider Wizard, it has become a common trend to have a major antagonist defeated in the penultimate episode, or series finale, and another, less significant monster fought in the last episode, which serves as an epilogue.

Drive not only follows the finale-epilogue trend, but it also has two final villains in its official finale, as Heart fought Shinnosuke after the two teamed up to defeat the Sigma Circular.

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  • Amazon Alpha is the only Kamen Rider to be the final monster without outright having a monster form or, as in Odin and Cronus' case, having a pact with a monster.
  • A trend that began with Fourze is having the final villains either be outright Kamen Riders or Rider-like.

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