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The monsters used by the Crisis Empire are referred to as Strange Demon Soldiers (怪魔戦士 Kaima Senshi). There are four branches each lead by an Officer.

Strange Supernatural Demons

The Strange Supernatural Demon (怪魔妖族 Kaima Yōzoku) unit is used by Intelligence Staff Officer Maribaron. Mostly consists of Crisis monsters that have supernatural abilities.

Strange Demon Robots

The Strange Demon Robot (怪魔ロボット Kaima Robotto) unit is led by Armored Officer Gatezone, composed of various androids built by the aforementioned commander.

Strange Demon Beast-Men

The Strange Demon Beast-Man (怪魔獣人 Kaima Jūjin) unit led by Naval Commander Bosgun, mostly consisting of mutant-like creatures.

Strange Alien Lifeforms

The Strange Alien Lifeform (怪魔異生獣 Kaima Ishōjū) unit is led by Fanged Captain Gedorian, mostly consisting of alien lifeforms being combined with Earth organisms.


  • Strongest Monster Gran Zairus (44 & 45): A bird-like monster who was Emperor Crisis' best soldier and worked with Bosgan when summoned by Lord Crisis. While the 10 veteran Kamen Rider team fought the Chaps, Black RX went one-on-one with Bosgan and killed him. Turning his attention to Gran Zairus, Black RX became Biorider and destroyed the monster from the inside out. For a time, the 10 veteran Kamen Riders thought that Black RX had been killed, but Biorider resurfaced and explained that he bailed out in time before destroying the Spirit World demons. Was used for "Bruticon" in Saban's Masked Rider.
  • Spirit World Inhumanoid Army (45): When Kamen Rider Black RX was believed to be dead after the battle against Gran Zairus, Maribaron revived the spirits of Skullma, Metaheavy, Zunojin, Gynaninpo, Gynakamakil, The Lead Culculten, Elgitron and Antront to kill the other 10 Kamen Riders. Because they are dead spirits, they are all a grayish-white in color. Gynaninpo's spirit impersonated Kamen Rider 1. All of them were destroyed by Biorider.

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