The three Chief Phantoms: Phoenix (Yugo Fujita), Medusa (Misa Inamori), and Sora Takigawa (Gremlin).

The Chief Phantoms are higher Phantoms who send the lesser Phantoms to force Gates into despair, in order to create more Phantoms as is the will of Wiseman. They are among the most powerful of the Phantoms and the most formidable opponents fought by Kamen Riders Wizard and Beast.


As with the majority of the Phantoms, the three Chief Phantoms were born in the Sabbath ritual, they are Medusa, born from Misa Inamori, Phoenix, born from Yugo Fujita, and Sora Takigawa who is unique in that his human identity survived when he became the Phantom Gremlin.

Originally, the two Chief Phantoms were Medusa and Phoenix, but as more Phantoms were destroyed by Wizard, the immortal Phoenix, who himself was destroyed by the Wizard on several occasions before reviving, became increasingly angry, eventually becoming rogue and facing Wizard for the final time, which ended in him being kicked to the sun and left to be repeatedly incinerated and revived in a never-ending loop.

Shortly before Phoenix was finally defeated, Sora made himself known to Wizard and his friends and then Medusa, intriging Wizard as to his agenda and true nature. Intending to get an understanding of Wiseman's plan, he revealed to him his knowledge of the Philosopher's Stone, leading Wiseman to make him his right-hand man above Medusa.

Eventually, the truth that Wiseman and the White Wizard were one and the same and both the Riders and Phantoms were being played was revealed as the time for the second Sabbath neared. Wizard and his friends having known the White Wizard as Fueki for some time beforehand, Wiseman revealed himself as Fueki when he stabbed Medusa in the back, no longer needing her as the four Wizards required to serve as pillars for the second Sabbath were all awakened.

When the second Sabbath was thwarted by Kosuke, Haruto confronted Fueki. Gremlin was able to trick the White Wizard into leaving him with his Hamel Cane weapon before making his move after the battle between Haruto and Fueki which ended in a stalemate which left the two wizards exhausted. Gremlin killed Fueki and used the Hamel Cane to take the Philosopher's Stone which was keeping Koyomi alive out of her.

The power of the Philosopher's Stone evolving his Phantom form, Gremlin wreaked havoc across the city, intent on massing enough mana to make him human again. He was eventually confronted by Wizard, who retrieved the Philosopher's Stone from Gremlin. The Philosopher's Stone then transformed into the Hope Ring, which Wizard used to finish Gremlin off with the Final End attack.

Magic Land

Alternate versions of the Chief Phantoms were present in a altered version of the world called Magic Land. They appeared before the young Gate Shiina, easily overpowering the boy when he transformed into Kamen Rider Mage and forcing him into despair. They were then met by Haruto and Kosuke who proceeded to face them as Wizard and Beast, quickly defeating them. Kamen Rider Wizard in Magic Land

Chief Phantoms

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