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The Beat Riders (ビートライダーズ Bīto Raidāzu) are young members of the street-dancing teams in Zawame City who compete against each other in both dancing and the Inves Games. The term was named by DJ Sagara.

A select few of them across several teams were given Sengoku Drivers by Lock Dealer Sid to make the game more interesting. Using these Sengoku Drivers with the Lockseeds they use in the Inves Game, the chosen Beat Riders can become Armored Riders (アーマードライダー Āmādo Raidā). Little did they know, however, this was merely to test the Sengoku Driver's performance as part of the Yggdrasill Corporation's plan. When rampaging Inves stronger than those the Beat Riders utilize come through cracks leading to the mysterious Helheim Forest and start attacking people, leading to the outbreak of a mysterious disease, the Beat Riders become pariahs due to their association with them, with Kouta Kazuraba and Mitsuzane Kureshima of Team Gaim realizing that this was to use them as scapegoats to take the blame for Yggdrasill.

All Beat Riders gathering

Tired of being insulted by the society for the Outbreak, Mai of Team Gaim decides to gather all Beat Riders to perform a joined dance event. The intent of this dance event is to show everyone the Inves Games are over and the dance teams will now coexist in peace. However, after the event some teams started to disband, as they actually enjoyed the now cancelled Inves Games. Most of the Beat Riders started to hang out in Team Gaim's garage.

Beat Riders by team

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All Rider Cup

In the alternate world created by Lapis, the Inves Game is replaced by the All Rider Cup and the Beat Riders' counterparts along with other major players in Zawame are instead soccer teams that play-off for their chance to take the Golden Fruit. Baron's Soccer Showdown Summer Camp! Kamen Rider Gaim: The Great Soccer Match! The Golden Fruit Cup!

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