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The Beat Rider Teams (ビートライダーチーム Bīto Raidā Chīmu) are street dance groups from Zawame City who compete against each other in the Inves Games. There are currently ten known Beat Rider teams in the Inves Game league.

Beat Rider Teams

Team gaim logo

The members of Team Gaim normally wear white shirts and blue jackets. They had two Armored Riders: Gaim and Ryugen.  

Team baron logo

Team Baron dons red polo t-shirts with large black blazers with red strips. They had two Armored Riders: Baron and Knuckle. Their incarnation of the Soccer World was joined by a New Generation Rider; Kurokage Shin. In the Kamen Rider Zi-O, one of their member are become Another Rider Gaim. 

Team raidwild logo

The Team Raid Wild wear Black-colored outfits resembling gangsters. They had one Rider: Kurokage.

Team invitto logo

Team Invitto is a group mostly with girls, with their leader the only male. All of them don cosmetic glasses and some pink accessories. The group had one Rider: Gridon.


Team Red Hot are known for their red outfits and hats. They were supposed to have one Rider: Bravo, until Oren Pierre Alfonzo took the gear away from them.

Team Souten logo
  • Team Souten wears in purple, they also have outfits resembling Japanese Samurai.

Team POP UP logo
  • All members of Team Pop Up are female, and they consistently dressed in white-colored suits, pencil skirt and boots.

Team Boost logo
  • All members of Team Boost are male, and they consistently dressed in green-colored hat, jacket and jeans.

These teams are only have their name seen on the raking list made by DJ Sagara.

All Rider Cup

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In the alternate world created by Lapis, the Inves Game is replaced by the All Rider Cup and the Beat Riders' counterparts along with other major players in Zawame are instead soccer teams that play-off for their chance to take the Golden Fruit. Baron's Soccer Showdown Summer Camp! Kamen Rider Gaim: The Great Soccer Match! The Golden Fruit Cup!

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