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Another Riders (アナザーライダー Anazā Raidā) are a group of monstrous Kamen Riders whose powers are derived from their original counterparts.



Another Riders are created when an individual comes into contact with an Anotherwatch, that has absorbed the power of a Kamen Rider, and has it inserted into their bodies. These Anotherwatches can only be created by a Time Jacker, who can then insert the Ridewatch into either themselves or a host of their choosing. The resulting transformation is a monstrous aberration that match the Rider slightly in appearance, with only varying in dissimilarity. The more recent users seem to have some form of control over their Another Riders' powers and can transform into their monstrous forms at will.

Once the Anotherwatch is created, the respective Kamen Rider loses all of his powers, his memories of becoming a Kamen Rider, as well as his enemies being erased from existence, drastically changing the history during their respective timelines. Due to a fracture in the space-time continuum, this rule was nullified. 2006: Next Level Kabuto

Another Riders have their creation year on their bodies along with their names. However that number can be interfered if the host is a former Kamen Rider from an entirely different era than the Rider the Another Rider is based off of. For example Kuroto Dan is from 2016's Ex-Aid, but turned into Another OOO who originated in 2010. This caused the 2010 that was written on him to look similar to 2016, which had initially influenced Geiz Myokoin to use Kamen Rider Genm's Ridewatch. This rule does not apply on the Future Riders.


Another Riders can be fully defeated by using these methods:

  • The original Rider themselves, provided they are serious about doing so.
  • The appropriate RiderArmor or Futurering Form of which whom the Another Rider was based off of.
  • DecadeArmor, provided it is augmented with the appropriate corresponding Ridewatch.
  • Zi-O II, which can transcend space-time and bypass the Ridewatch restrictions.
  • GeizRevive has the power to defeat any Another Rider according to White WozAnother Zi-O 2019
  • Zi-OTrinity, created from Zi-O II & GeizRevive Watches, can deal with Another Riders equipped with several Rider powers, if needed.
  • WozGingaFinaly 2019: First Love, Finaly!
  • GrandZi-O, which is equipped with all the Rider powers, allowing Sougo to defeat any Another Rider.
  • Kamen Rider Decade via. KamenRide.
  • Oma Zi-O, which contains the power of all Kamen Riders.

Defeating them through other means will only incapacitate the Another Rider momentarily, which during this period of time before the Anotherwatch is reset and re-inserted into their bodies, the original Riders' powers and memories will return temporarily, allowing them to interact with Sougo and Geiz properly and give them their respective Ridewatches, allowing Zi-O (or Geiz) to travel back in time to when the Another Rider was created and defeat them permanently using the newly acquired Ridewatch. The side-effect of this, however, is that once the Another Rider is destroyed, the changes made during the altered timeline also become permanent. For the Future Riders, this period of time allows Woz to create the appropriate Miridewatch needed to defeat the Another Rider, due to the Future Riders not existing during the present day.


In order for a Kamen Rider to be eligible for Another Rider conversion, the Time Jackers must be aware of their origin of being and have a method to go corrupt their powers. However due to a space-time distortion, it leaves the validity of this statement unknown. There are some Riders that fall under this category:

  • Tsukasa Kadoya / Kamen Rider Decade: The Time Jackers originally couldn't create an Another Rider counterpart of Decade due to his origin of being hailing from another dimension. Moreover, the Time Jackers have no known method for traveling to other dimensions, much less Tsukasa's own. However Swartz used a blank Ridewatch to steal the powers directly from Tsukasa himself to actually create Another Decade, making this immunity nullified, presumably because of the time-space anomalies in the space-time continuum. 2019: Tsukuyomi Confidential However despite this, Tsukasa does have access to some of his abilities like traveling through Dimensional Walls. 2019: Eternal Party In Episode 47, Tsukasa reveals that Swartz only stole half of his powers, as he used the other half to create the Decade Ridewatch in the first place, allowing him to use the watch and regain his powers.
  • Dark Shinji / Kamen Rider Ryuga: The Time Jackers were originally unaware of Mirror World until Tsukasa told them of its existence and how to access it, thus sparked the creation of Another Ryuga.
  • Kamen Rider Ginga: Ginga's origins are completely unknown, thus an Another Ginga is currently not makable at this time. Tsukasa theorizes that Ginga is an anomaly created by a fracture in the space-time continuum, which could potentially create an Another Ginga.


Despite the rules mentioned, there have been special cases where Kamen Riders have been allowed to exist simultaneously with their Another Rider counterparts due to certain circumstances.

  • Kamen Rider Build and Kamen Rider Cross-Z temporarily had their powers and fought Another Build. This is due to the incubation period where the existence of the Another Riders will slowly drain their powers (and later memories) until they're gone completely. In most cases, this period is skipped on-screen, and veteran Riders appear with their powers and memories already 100% wiped, while in possession of their Ridewatches.
  • Ryotaro Nogami is a Singularity Point, meaning the creation of Another Den-O and other temporal changes in the past cannot and will not affect him.
  • In Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FOREVER, Kamen Rider Kuuga and Double were able to exist while Another Kuuga and Double were still around. This is due to all of the Riders there being manifestations from fiction and not the actual Riders themselves.
  • Due to Kouta Kazuraba's status as a god, the creation of Another Gaim preserves his divine being, but only temporarily. The timeline alteration and God Kouta's erasure from existence become imminent once Another Gaim is defeated.
  • Mondo Douan and Another Quiz were able to co-exist for two explainable reasons:
    • The Mondo that appeared in 2019 alongside Another Quiz was taken from a moment before his powers were corrupted. By this logic, most Kamen Riders may very well be spared if a version of them before their powers were taken was brought to a point where an Another Rider of them exists, though this creates a temporal paradox that erases the fact that their powers were stolen in the first place.
    • It is never revealed when exactly Mondo received his powers, though his adept usage of Quiz's powers in 2019 indicate that he had been active as Quiz for several months before Another Quiz's creation. With the new status quo that was established by Another Zi-O, it can be assumed that because Another Quiz was not created during Quiz's "debut year", Mondo retained his powers.
  • Rento Makina is able to exist as a Kamen Rider in 2121 despite there being an Another Kikai in 2019. This is due to Rento being nothing but a figment of Sougo's imaginations being brought to life.
  • Shinji Kido and the rest of the Ryuki Riders were still able to transform in 2019 despite the existence of Another Ryuki, dated 2002. This is due to their powers in 2019 being recreations by a mysterious figure.
  • If an Another Rider was not created within a year of their original counterpart's debut, it will not erase the original's existence. Starting from the creation of Another Zi-O, the following Another Riders that come after are born in and dated 2019 rather than their respective years of their corresponding rider's debut. This is mostly due to a currently unexplained space-time distortion. Later, all Another Riders that appear before Another Zi-O (except Another Shinobi, Another Quiz, Another Ryuga and Another Kikai) are now dated 2019 as well.


The first known Another Rider, Another Build, was created in 2017, transforming from a basketball player, originally destined to die, after he was saved by Heure, who provided him with the Another Build Ridewatch. Kingdom 2068

The second Another Rider, Another Ex-Aid was created in 2016. He was a father who's son was hospitalized for an unknown reason. Offering to save his son, Ora provided him with the Another Ex-Aid RidewatchDoctor Gamer 2018

The third Another Rider, Another Faiz was created in 2003. Ryuichi Sakuma, a student who felt guilty about his girlfriend's death, was offered the Another Faiz Ridewatch by Ora, and used in order to save her. This power, however, eventually waned as it started to weaken in 2011. Made desperate by the fact his power was fading away, he was approached by another Time Jacker, Swartz, and was given the Another Fourze Ridewatch, becoming the fourth Another Rider, Another Fourze. Switch On! 2011 555・913・2003

The fifth Another Rider, Another Wizard was created in 2012 when Hayase, a stage hand on a rundown magic theatre is found by Heure. To save the theatre, Hayase formed a contract with the Time Jacker and achieved magical power. At first, Hayase only uses his newfound magical power to perform magic shows that returns the theatre to its former glory, but after knowing that the theatre is going to be closed down anyways, he went berserk and attacks his show companions. Magic Showtime 2018

The sixth Another Rider, Another OOO was created in 2010, when Kuroto trying to prove that his dad is wrong as he thinks that he is immortal with his godlike talent. Heure made a contract with Kuroto Dan to become Another OOO. Using his authority, Kuroto established the Foundation in 2016 after the death of his father, and the Foundation soon grew into a mega corporation within two years. As an Another Rider, he uses cell medals to summon Waste Yummies to subjugate the people. Kuroto holds a press conference and declares that Dan Foundation will rule as a sovereign nation independent from Japan, with all of their properties becoming their own national territory where Japan's own laws become null and void. Genm Master 2016

The seventh Another Rider, Another Gaim was created in 2013, when Asura was a member of Team Baron who was expelled by Kaito and his peers. While lashing out at his former leader, Swartz freezes the time and transforms Asura into Another Gaim. Using his newfound ability, Asura expels Kaito and those who dare to oppose him into Helheim while taking over Team Baron's leadership. Zi-O On Parade 2018

In Heisei Generation FOREVER, the Time Jacker Tid create Another Double (2009 ver.) to capture Ataru's big brother, Shingo Hisanaga before Another Double forcibly turns Ataru into Another Den-O (2007 ver.). Tid then raids the mummified tomb of Riku, the original Kamen Rider Kuuga. Announcing his plans to end the legacy of the Heisei Riders, he seals Kuuga's powers into an Another Ridewatch and transform himself to Another Kuuga (2000 ver.). After his first defeat at the hands of Build and Zi-O (assuming Kuuga Armor), he use it again and combine himself with Shingo to create Another Ultimate Kuuga but was later killed at the hands of all the Heisei Riders.

The eighth Another Rider, Another Ghost was created in 2015, when Makimura was on duty when his sister, Maki gave him a Bento box. Just after Maki left, several steel beams suddenly fell from above, and about to kill Mika if Uhr didn't appear and stopping time. Heure proposes to form a contract with him, in order to save Mika and crown Makimura as the new King for Time Jackers. Out of sheer will alone, Makimura directly rejects Heure’s proposal. Makimura declares that he will not work with an evil person like Heure and that he’ll save Mika with his own power, much to Heure's disappointment and annoyance. Heure decides to let Makimura do as he pleased as he resumes the time. Makimura then pushes Mika away and gets hit by the steel beams instead, fatally wounding him. However, seconds before his death, Heure stops time once more, and forcefully inserts the Another Ghost Ridewatch into Makimura, now a lifeless corpse. Ghost Hunter 2018

The ninth Another Rider, Another Shinobi was created in 2019, when Rentaro, after being beaten by thugs when standing up for a friend, desire strength and Heure imbued him with the Shinobi Anotherwatch, transforming him into his corrupted future self. Happy New Woz 2019

The tenth Another Rider, Another Quiz was also created in 2019, when Tamotsu Douan hit a dead end with his projects, causing him to abandon his wife and son. When Mondo arrives to 2019 under White Woz's ability, Ora used this opportunity to transform Tamotsu into a twisted version of his son's future alter-ego, Another Quiz. This caused him to attack researchers and absorb their knowledge, creating a string of disappearance cases. The Quiz Shock 2040

The eleventh Another Rider, Another Ryuga was created in 2019. Heure met Dark Shinji thanks to Tsukasa Kadoya's information about the mirror world. Heure learned that Dark Shinji had once been defeated in a Rider War, but as long as the real Shinji Kido exists, Dark Shinji will continue to manifest. Mirror World 2019

The twelveth Another Rider, Another Kikai was created in 2019. A unique Another Rider which was created from Sougo Tokiwa's dreams, it manifested in the form of a stick insect-like creature which used organic matter to create a body of its own. Whenever it was defeated, it would hunt another tree to be used for its form. After many defeats from the riders, Another Kikai was taken by Swartz. Its power was forcibly used on Heure for the purpose to take the power of Kikai. It's Kikai! 2121 

The thirteenth Another Rider, Another Zi-O was created in 2019, when Hiryu Kakogawa want to kill Sougo Tokiwa in a accident in 2009. Before all that happen, Hiryu went on a hunting spree against former Another Rider hosts to harvest their Anotherwatches. Another Zi-O 2019

In Rider Time Ryuki, Another Ryuki (2002 ver.) is created in 2019 when Tatsuya Kano was given an Anotherwatch by a mysterious individual, revealed to be the new user of Odin deck, and kill innocent victims in order to revive Sara. Advent Again

The fourteenth Another Rider, Another Blade was created in 2019, when White Woz manipulates Amane Kurihara's emotions, making her attack multiple photo studios and asking the staff about Hajime's whereabouts.Blade Joker!? 2019

The fifteenth Another Rider, Another Agito was created in 2019, though it didn't reveal the identity of the host, he bites anyone and they will turn into mutate copy of Another Agito. After Heure put Agito Ridewatch in Another Agito, he transform into his Kamen Rider couterpart and start infecting people that transform them into mutated copies of Another Agito. 2001: Awaken, that Agito!

The sixteenth Another Rider, Another Hibiki was created in 2019, when Tsutomu Tsuzumiya was a kid, he dreamed of becoming a great Oni like Kamen Rider Hibiki. However on his current year, the dream seemed to be an illusion and Heure forced him to have the power of Oni and went on a rampage. 2005: Rejoice! Echo! Roar!

The seventeenth Another Rider, Another Kiva was created in 2019, when Yuko Kitajima was arrested and incarcerated for a murder she insists she didn't commit. Ora broke her out by turning her into Another Rider. 2008: First Love, Wake Up!

The eighteenth Another Rider, Another Kabuto was created in 2019. Yaguruma receives an Anotherwatch from Heure and is turned into Another Kabuto, with a Worm who has previously mimicked his late partner Kageyama seemingly supporting him. 2006: Next Level Kabuto

The nineteenth Another Rider, Another Den-O was created in 2019, when Ora came and told Takuya that she can make his grudges against Yukihiro go away as he tell Yukihiro that it's his fault that his sister is dead, and eventually told Yukihiro to never come back. 2007: DenLiner Crash!

The twentieth Another Rider, Another Zi-O II was created in 2019. After a long absence, Hiryu came back again with a new power and he declared to Sougo that he had a new goal, to take what Sougo should have obtained instead and had changed the timeline. He has the ability to create Another Riders at will as twenty first Another Rider, Another Double, twenty second Another Rider, Another Ryuki and twenty third Another Rider, Another Kuuga come to existence.

The twenty fourth Another Rider, Another Decade was created in 2019. Following Another Zi-O II's defeat, Swartz would utilize a blank Ridewatch to steal Tsukasa Kadoya's powers as Decade with Kaito's help. He then uses his abilities to send himself, Zi-O and Geiz into an Alternate World to battle A.R. Versions of Four Dark Riders.

The twenty fifth and final Another Rider, Another Drive would also be created by Swartz in 2019. Following Swartz's acquisition of the Another Decade Watch, he disbands the Time Jackers. He uses Another Drive to eliminate his former subordinates. It also assumes Ora's appearance.

Powers and Abilities

  • Invulnerability: Another Riders are essentially invincible to anything other than the listed weaknesses below and will re-spawn indefinitely if defeated outside those conditions. Best Match 2017
  • Ridewatch Ejection: In rare occurrences, it's possible for Another Riders to eject regular Ridewatches based on their corresponding power, or, potentially, of one based on their original Rider form.[1] Instances include Another OOO dropping the Genm Ridewatch after being intercepted by the Taka Watchroid Genm Master 2016 and both Blade and Chalice Ridewatches dropped after the defeat of Another Blade, the latter who absorbed their powers. 2019: Trinity Has Begun!


  • Corresponding Rider power: An Another Rider can be harmed and killed by the Kamen Rider they are derived from. Though their presence would soon cause that Kamen Rider to be erased from history (also if this doesn't seem to apply to future Riders The Quiz Shock 2040 ), their power can be preserved and replicated through the Ridewatch wielded by either Zi-O or Geiz in the form of a Rider Armor. Once an Another Rider is defeated by the corresponding Rider Armor, they are permanently neutralized as their Anotherwatch is destroyed. Best Match 2017 The same rule is applied to other methods of replicating a Legend Rider's power, like with Decade's Rider Cards.[2]
    • This weakness can be fixed by having multiple Another Rider' powers in oneself. As long as the first power is not neutralized, that Another Rider would continue to resurrect even when destroyed by the corresponding Rider Armor.Switch On! 2011 Furthermore, the original Kamen Rider may fail to completely defeat the Another Rider if he isn't serious enough. Final Answer? 2040‎
  • Power Decline: Another Riders' lifespan are limited and would eventually fade away. Overusing their power would accelerate this process,[3] as seen when Another Faiz's power began to fade after 7 years. Their lifespan can be prolonged by taking a new Another Riderwatch, gaining a new Another Rider form from it if said Ridewatch is different. 555・913・2003
  • Kamen Rider Zi-O II: Due to Zi-O II having the power to transcend both space and time, his powers are capable of taking out Another Riders without the required Ridewatch needed to defeat them, regardless of when or where the Another Rider had originated. This method only works against an Another Rider with only one set of Rider powers.
  • Kamen Rider GeizRevive: GeizRevive's power comes from the GeizRevive Ridewatch's ability to compress and speed up time. According to White Woz, the Ridewatch is told to possess the ability to defeat any Another Rider.
  • Kamen Rider Zi-OTrinity: Like Zi-O II, Zi-OTrinity can also take out Another Riders without the required Ridewatch needed to defeat them. However, Trinity has the added ability to take out Another Riders who have absorbed several Rider powers, such as Another Blade, who also had Chalice's powers within her. Upon defeating the Another Rider, the Ridewatches of the powers that the Another Rider had absorbed will spawn from the destruction of the Anotherwatch. Although unconfirmed, Zi-OTrinity could have taken out Ryuichi Sakuma, who had absorbed both the powers of Fourze and Faiz.
  • Kamen Rider WozGingaFinaly: Like Zi-O II & Trinity, WozGingaFinally was seen to be capable of taking out Another Kiva completely, which can be assumed that the form can take out other Another Riders as well.

List of Another Riders


  • The Another Riders are designed by designer Yutaka Izubuchi and Tamotsu Shinohara.
  • Theme wise the Another Riders are slightly similar to the Negative SyndicatesIcon-crosswiki of the 30th Super Sentai GoGo Sentai BoukengerIcon-crosswiki as both are themed after something from their predecessor seasons.
    • Another Riders are mostly themed on past Kamen Riders (with the exception of Another Shinobi, Quiz and Kikai, who are based on future Riders). They're also connected to them directly, becoming monsters by receiving the power to become a Kamen Rider.
    • The villains and monsters in the Negative Syndicates are themed after past Sentai MechaIcon-crosswiki and Robo'sIcon-crosswiki. (EX. ZukangamiIcon-crosswiki of the Dark ShadowIcon-crosswiki is based on Denji Gattai Galaxy MegaIcon-crosswiki from the 21st Super Sentai Denji Sentai MegarangerIcon-crosswiki.) However, their connections to the past Mecha are purely visual and sometimes thematic homages, without actual acknowledgement that they're mimicking them in the story itself.
  • The Another Riders use concepts from past Rider season Monsters.
    • The Another Riders being humans using twisted versions of a Rider Collectible to transform is similar to the Dopants from Kamen Rider W and the Zodiarts from Kamen Rider Fourze.
      • The concept leans more towards Dopants as the device is used in both monster creation and Form changes.
      • Both monster types are normally defeated by a finisher using the power source of the same system, Maximum Drive and Limit Break, respectively.
    • The concept of being created from making a contract with a Time Jacker is similar to the Imagin from Kamen Rider Den-O.
    • The concept of humans turning into out of control monsters is similar to the Category H Inves from Kamen Rider Gaim.
      • Concept-wise, they are less belligerent and more single-minded in intent. As each Another Rider is given free rein over their actions, but under the intent to cause destruction, their actions are similar to the Fusion Roidmudes from Kamen Rider Drive.
    • The idea that the system the devices stem from can create both Riders and monsters is similar to the Gamma from Kamen Rider Ghost and the Bugsters from Kamen Rider Ex-Aid.
      • The more grotesque appearance of the Ridewatches is similar to how Gamma Eyecons were more eyeball-like in design.
  • Early Another Riders has the name of the Rider they are based on & the air year of the Rider on different parts of their bodies (with the exception of the more recent Another Riders, whom have the current year written on them). Also, all Another Riders have eyes, nose and mouth on their face.
  • The characteristics of the people who become Another Riders appear to be the opposite of their original Rider counterparts.
  • Some of the Another Riders hosts were Kamen Riders at least some point in their lives.
    • Kuroto Dan (Kamen Rider Genm) is the first to do so as he became Another OOO. Kuroto so far is the only one who turned into an Another Rider foreign from his own series.
    • Rentaro Kagura (Kamen Rider Shinobi) followed up and turned into his own Another Shinobi. This is an odd exception as the Rentaro that was turned at the time wasn't yet a Kamen Rider.
    • Dark Shinji (Kamen Rider Ryuga) followed up and turned into his own Another Ryuga. Dark Shinji is the first "veteran" Rider to turn into the corrupted version of his own Rider form.
    • Sou Yaguruma (Kamen Rider KickHopper) turned into Another Kabuto. He is the first to simultaneously utilize both of his Another Rider and Kamen Rider powers in battle.
    • Paradox Roidmude (Kamen Rider Dark Drive) turned into Another Drive. He is the first monster to become not only a Kamen Rider, but also an Another Rider.
    • Daiki Kaito (Kamen Rider Diend) inadvertently transformed into Another Zi-O II against his will when he used the Anotherwatch to undo Tsukasa Kadoya's death.
  • Another Riders' forms seem to draw aspects from their bases' more powerful forms:
    • Another Zi-O/Another Zi-O II: Foresight, armor design, and dual wielding like Kamen Rider Zi-O II/Summoning Riders to fight on his behalf like GrandZi-O.
    • Another Build: A mix of RabbitTank Hazard's and RabbitTank Sparkling's design aesthetics.
    • Another Ex-Aid: Hyper Muteki's "hair".
    • Another Ghost: Toucon Damashii's Persona design
    • Another Drive: Super DeadHeat's helmet and Type Tridoron's shoulder tire.
    • Another Gaim: Kachidoki Arms' armor design and weapon type.
    • Another Wizard: The coat design of Flame Dragon.
    • Another Fourze: Cosmic States' Module Access.
    • Another OOO: Super Tatoba Combo's coloring, and a scarf based off eagle wings, like Putotyra Combo's External Fins.
    • Another Double: The bird-like design of the belt from CycloneJokerXtreme's Xtreme Memory, and the Joker half's spikes from FangJoker.
    • Another Decade: Decade Complete Form's head and leg design and Violent Emotion's color and face. His head design resembles Decade's Rider logo.
    • Another Kiva: Design elements from Kiva's Emperor Form and the ability to use all 3 Arm Monsters weapons like DoGaBaKi(Emperor) form.
    • Another Den-O: The train track designs from Den-O Climax Form, as well as that of New Den-O Strike Form, and the armor frame of Liner Form.
    • Another Kabuto: Kabuto Hyper's horn and thigh armor.
    • Another Hibiki: An armored body like Armed Hibiki.
    • Another Blade: Heavy armor like King Form, and a sword appearing like a mix between the King Rouzer and the (Jack) Blay Rouzer.
    • Another Faiz: The Rider Kick-like attack of Blaster Form's variant of the Crimson Smash.
    • Another Ryuki and Ryuga: Their Survive Forms' head and armor.
    • Another Agito: The chest armor design and forearm blades of Agito's Burning Form.
    • Another Kuuga: A potential force of destruction and an ability to grow more powerful like Kuuga's Ultimate Form.
  • Perhaps as a nod to the Cross of Fire, Another Riders appear similar to or display abilities/quirks from their monster contemporaries:
    • Another Shinobi - A rather intended case; as his similarity to Yami Shinobi is enforced with the latter having his suit recycled from the former.
    • Another Zi-O/Another Zi-O II - A monster based on a Rider.
    • Another Build - Consumption of Smash Bottles and going berserk are based on early victims of the Smash experiments.
    • Another Ex-Aid - A living plague of Bugster Viruses.
    • Another Ghost - Performs soul extraction as his modus operandi, which alluded to Knife Gamma and Katchu Gamma. Additionally, the extracted souls were used to empower himself, in a similar vein to how the Gamma World's inhabitants were suffering malfunctions of their preservation capsules and require compensation by absorbing human lives.
    • Another Drive - His host is a Roidmude with the ability to use Heavy Acceleration, along with a grey skeletal face, and a similar armor design to Mashin Chaser.
    • Another Gaim - Demonstrating the Overlords' abilities to command Inves and creating Crack portals. Some of the leading Overlords are also known for having minor traits of a Kamen Rider, whereas Another Gaim is an inversion of the former trope.
    • Another Wizard - His host, Hayase becomes rampant after learning of his crush's engagement; The Phantoms, Kamen Rider Wizard's adversaries, are born from Gates falling into despair.
    • Another Fourze - Retains the Photon Blood-like trails from Another Faiz, which also alludes to the trails on a Zodiart's body. He molts into Another Faiz in a similar way to Zodiarts evolving into Horoscopes.
    • Another OOO - Has a hybridization of three animals and wears leather clothes, based on the Greeeds and bleed Cell Medals upon receiving damage, his claw gaunlets also have a similar design to Kazari's.
    • Another Double - His Cyclone half's coloration closely resembles Nazca Dopant.
    • Another Decade - An anomaly from another universe, similar to how some of the monsters the original Decade fought were brought from different A.R. worlds by enemy factions or said worlds converging. His host, Swartz leading an army of past villains brings in mind Tsukasa who was once the Great Leader of Dai-Shocker.
    • Another Kiva -  Both the actual Rider and Bat Fangire are legitimate rulers to the Fangire race, hence the hybridization of their design. Her preying on human life force is also due to the users of Kamen Rider Kiva are supposedly of the Fangire heritage.
    • Another Den-O - A hybridization of Den-O Sword Form and its Imagin user, Momotaros.
    • Another Kabuto: Armor design similar to Salis Worms. When transitioning from KickHopper, Another Kabuto molted in the same way as the monsters' shed their base form to fight.
    • Another Hibiki: Similar design cues from Makamou Parents, as well as design elements from S.I.C. Kabuki.
    • Another Blade - A similar design to the Beetle Undead. Paralleling with the original Blade mutating into Joker, she becomes one by robbing the Joker DNA from the two existing Joker Undead.
    • Another Faiz - Orphnoch-like rib cage and grey skin texture inherited from Another Fourze.
    • Another Ryuki and Ryuga - A rather obvious case; as Riders of Kamen Rider Ryuki are known for following their respective Mirror Monster resemblances.
    • Another Agito - Armor design and weapon aesthetics similar in respect to the Lords and their weapons.
    • Another Kuuga - Gurongi's golden accessories and brownish skin texture.
  • Another Kikai is the only Another Rider based on a future Rider whose hosts are in no way related to the Rider' civilian identity.


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