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The Amazons (アマゾンズ, Amazons)[1][2] are humanoid organisms created by Nozama Pharmacy from an artificial cell called the Amazon Cell (アマゾン細胞, Amazon Saibō). They require a large amount of protein to sustain themselves and have a strong instinctual hunger, leading to them hunting humans or even cannibalizing other Amazons.



Two years ago, there was an accident in Nozama Pharmacy's laboratory and about 4,000 human-eating Amazons were unleashed in the city. To cover this accident, the Nozama Pharmacy formed a team of Amazon hunters, under the front of Nozama Peston Service, to hunt down the escaped Amazons.

Later, Operation Tlaloc was designed and carried out in a bid to wipe out all of escaped Amazons in one go. After the operation, the surviving Amazons were led by Haruka Mizusawa along with Mamoru off to an unknown place to begin life anew. M (episode)

About five years later, Mamoru spread the lysogenic Amazon cells in Aroma Ozone water dispensers, which infects humans by drinking the water, causing them to mutate into new Amazons.

Chou Super Hero Taisen

A Bat Amazon was among the Shocker army of the Game World led by Shocker Leader III, the boss of the Chou Shocker Taisen bonus stage. The army was ultimately wiped out by a combined force of Kamen Riders and Sentai RangersIcon-crosswiki.png. Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Chou Super Hero Taisen


There are a variety of types of the Amazons. At least 5 types are confirmed.

Experiment Amazons

These are the first created Amazons, and there are 4000 of them in total.

These homunculi are entirely capable of blending into human society and feeding on a normal diet if their human-eating instincts are suppressed by specialized drugs. However, once the cells fully awakens, their instinct to consume humans take over and they become human-eating monsters. To make things worse, the process is entirely irreversible, resulting in killing them being the only way to avoid further casualties.

They are equipped with Amazons Registers, which act as the supplier for specialized drugs and double as a marker, each of the registers have a unique "secret code" for the Nozama Peston Service to eliminate them. While it was initially suggested that their human-eating urge can only be suppressed by specialized drugs, it is later proven that this urge can be permanently suppressed through severe traumatic experiences, as most of the surviving Amazons five years later after Operation Tlaloc still have their Amazon Registers in blue, and most are incapable of directly hurting humans unprovoked. They are even incapable of bringing themselves to eat humans, despite desiring human flesh.

Through Operation Tlaloc at the end of season 1, their numbers were vastly reduced from more than 3000 to several hundred, which were further reduced with Haruka killing off the ones who have awakened shortly after. Most of these surviving Amazons were hunted down over the course of the five years following Operation Tlaloc, mostly either by Jin Takayama or 4C agents. By the start of season 2, their numbers have been reduced from several hundreds to a handful. By episode 10 of season 2, only five of these initial 4000 remain, and with their deaths, it is confirmed that the Mole Amazon became the last of the Experiment Amazons to be exterminated.

Amazon Riders

These Amazons are not part of the 4000 experiment Amazons released during the accident. They are of a unique type and created through unique procedures.

All of them possess an Amazons Driver to control their transformation. This Amazon type can have their physique strengthened with an Amazons Driver, changing their Amazon appearance from a wild beast-like appearance to a more streamlined humanoid-like appearance. With this, they can efficiently utilize their Amazon physique as a weapon. Furthermore, their Rider forms afford them enhanced durability, and they are capable of enduring and regenerating from damage that would have killed other Amazons. Therefore, they prefer to transform with Drivers to assume their Amazon forms.

  • Jin Takayama/Amazon Alpha - Originally a human, Jin became an Amazon by injecting himself with Amazon Cells. He does not require an Amazons Register to control the Amazon Cells as he has no urge to feed on humans.
  • Haruka Mizusawa/Amazon Omega - The "third type" of Amazon, created by Reika Mizusawa through genetically engineering Amazon Cells to include her own human DNA. He requires drugs within Amazons Registers to control the Amazon Cells.

Sigma Type Amazons

These type of Amazons are created from human corpses, by transplanting a modified version of Amazon Cells into the body, reanimating and turning them into an Amazon devoid of emotion and sensation, unable to feel physical pain. They can be controlled through unknown means, but they do retain memories from their previous lives. This Amazon type costs cheaper and can be developed faster, as there is no need to grow them from scratch. Instead feeding on natural proteins, they are required continuous medical maintenance and examination, as they are incapable of feeding on their own and have no regenerative abilities of their own. They will expire quickly without a team of experts to back them up.

The procedure to create them was developed before the accident 2 years ago, but was subsequently discarded due to ethical problems, and almost entirely banned later due to Takaaki Tenjo's distaste for them.

  • Jun Maehara - Amazon Sigma, a supposedly improved product of a project that was once scrapped due to ethical issues. Does not require an Amazons Register to control the Amazon Cells. Yugo Tachibana from the Nozama Pharmacy restarted the research and has planned to collect more data to improve the project, thus able to mass-produce this type of Amazons, producing a batch of Amazon soldiers. However the plan has been cancelled following Amazon Sigma's defeat, due to Takaaki Tenjo considering all living beings with no need to feed being less than garbage.
  • Iyu - Crow Amazon, the first Sigma Type created post-project. Due to being confirmed deceased after operation, she is resurrected as an Sigma Type Amazon. She requires a Neo Amazons Register to control the Amazon Cells and transformation.

New Type Amazons

This type of Amazons appears in Season 2 of the series, which is a type of Amazon developed from humans infected by lysogenic Amazon cells (溶原性アマゾン細胞, Yōgen-sei Amazon Saibō). They sport thick black veins along the neck and shoulder area when the infection turns active, and get overwhelmed by urge to consume humans soon after, taking on their Amazon forms, killing and eating any humans they can find nearby. Unlike the case of Jin Takayama, who has no urge to feed on humans and very much in control of his Amazon nature and powers, the new type Amazons have no control over of their Amazon nature and are human-feeding monsters, just like the 4000 that escaped the laboratory. As with how the human-feeding urge gets irreversible in the usual Amazons once their Amazon nature awakens, there is no cure for new type Amazons once their infection become active, with killing them being the only way to stop further casualties. It is suggested that these New Types have a penchant for preferring to consume those they hold dearest first, before they turn completely into near-mindless human-eating monsters.

As the lysogenic cells responsible for the infection die immediately in an environment devoid of water, infections are incapable to take place through touch or airborne routes. These Amazons are also confirmed to be incapable of infecting other humans, thereby confirming all infections share a single source. The said source was confirmed to be a small water dispenser company called Aroma Ozone, as background checks of all infected individuals indicated that they have all drank from water dispensers from this company. Half of the samples seized from a raid on one of the company's sales department have also been confirmed to be contaminated with these lysogenic cells. Fortunately, however, not all humans infected with these cells mutate, as reported by 4C researchers that New Type Amazons emerged were far fewer than what was initially estimated.

The lysogenic cells were later revealed to have come from the remains of an Amazon dubbed the "origin" (オリジナル, Orijinaru, lit. "original") by 4C, which Mamoru, along with the other remaining Amazons, used to contaminate the water sources. It would appear that the "origin" was none other than Amazon Neo himself, with his Amazon cells mutating into the lysogenic cells due to the presence of human DNA as a catalyst. This mutation has also been discovered to be present in Amazon Alpha and Omega, as both posses human DNA as well, although to a far smaller extent.

As they were not designed like the Experiment ones, New Type Amazon forms were entirely different from the initial 4000 and their forms sport greater variety. Unlike their Experiment type cousins, their transformations into their Amazon forms are incapable of absorbing items and clothes they are carrying or wearing, thus they are monsters always seen to be wearing some form of clothing.

Lysogenic Type Amazons

They are dubbed as "Origin" as being the original source of the lysogenic cells mutating humans into New Type Amazons. These are by far the deadliest type of the Amazon, as they sport far greater fighting capacity even compared to the Amazon Riders, and capable of even regenerating lost limbs within a short span of time.

Like the riders, the procedure of their creation is vary with each Amazon and all of them possess human DNA. However, unlike the riders, they are "natural" Amazons, as they did not come into being via any artificial means, and as such, their concentration of lysogenic cells are also far greater. These cells can be contained in their remains and used to contaminate the water sources, eventually spreading the infection to humans, and mutating them into New type Amazons.

Another trait of the "Originals" is they possess a large quantity of tendrils. These tendrils can easily cut through most materials, even durable materials like concrete walls and steel beams. They are extendable, flexible and powerful, capable of wrapping up and snapping a human being in half with ease.

  • Chihiro - Amazon Neo, the first and only natural born half-Amazon possessing human DNA, thus becoming the first Lysogeneic Type Amazons in existence. Requires a Neo Amazons Register to contain his ever-present urge to feed on humans. However, his urge becomes so great after his transformation into his Origin form in a 4C facility, that the Neo Amazons Register is rendered completely useless.
  • Nanaha Izumi - Jellyfish Amazon, mother of Chihiro. While devoured by her son, Nanaha's corpse was infected by his Lysogenic Amazons cells, re-animating her as an Lysogenic Type Amazon in the process.

Livestock Amazons

In order to solve Japan's food shortage, Yugo Tachibana directed part of his Sigma Project towards using Amazons as a new source of meat. As a proof of concept in order to gain the support of the government, he set up the first Amazon farm in an isolated village and disguised it as an orphanage. Here, Amazons would be created using Jin Takayama's cells and raised until they were old enough to be sold to customers. Unlike other Amazons seen in the series, they do not have an urge to eat human flesh and are fed a herbivorous diet. Instead of Amazons Registers, they wear armlets with serial numbers representing the order in which they were created.

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