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Two Advanced Roidmudes (Heart and Brain) with an Advanced Roidmude analogue (Mashin Chaser).

An Advanced Roidmude (上級ロイミュード Jōkyū Roimyūdo) is any Roidmude that has evolved beyond their Plain Roidmude forms into a unique Evolution State (進化態 Shinka-tai). Once a Roidmude evolves, they are generally referred to by the motif of their new bodies, rather than their Core's numbers (with 001 being an exception). Most of these motifs are of inanimate objects.

An Advanced Roidmude can evolve into their Giant Form if they consume two Viral Cores that match their Plain forms. Unlike Plain Roidmudes, Advanced Roidmudes can revert from their Giant Form to their original form once defeated, as demonstrated by the Volt Roidmude's Volt Ghost form.

Later on, Roidmude 001/Freeze Roidmude creates new, red-colored Neo Viral Cores, which allow humans with darker hearts to synchronize with a Roidmude and combine with them into a single Fusion Evolution State (融合進化態 Yūgō Shinka-tai), in which the human host gains the power of the Roidmude, while the original Roidmude speaks through their chest where his/her number plate emerges. If a Rider is able to remove the human from the fused form, the Roidmude would revert into its Plain form and, if it survived the separation, would require a replacement Neo Viral Core to re-fuse with the human. The Fusion Evolution State is determined by the human host, meaning that if the Roidmude synchronize is killed, the host can partner with another Roidmude to re-assume it. Roidmudes who have already achieved their normal or Over Evolved can also use Fusion Evolution, with their power increasing the Fusion's ability, as demonstrated by Brain Roidmude when he partnered with Mitsuhide Nira to become the second Thief Roidmude.

Seven Roidmudes have achieved 'Advanced' forms through other, less conventional means. The first was Protozero, who served as Kamen Rider Protodrive, the first Rider to fight the Roidmudes. After Chase was captured and reprogrammed by the Roidmudes, this technology was adapted into the Brake Gunner, transforming him into a unique psuedo-Rider warrior called Mashin Chaser, who possessed the structure of an Advanced Roidmude. After regaining his memories and returning to the side of the Special Investigation Unit, Chase forsook his Mashin Chaser form to become a Rider again, Kamen Rider Chaser.

The phantom thief Zoruku Tojo, after transferring his consciousness into the Cyberoid ZZZ body, copied the Brake Gunner's data to create the Lupin Gunner, which allowed him to become the self-proclaimed Kamen Rider Lupin. Roidmude 100 would later steal the Lupin Gunner to become Lupin. Likewise, Roidmude 027 would later copy Kamen Rider Drive's data to become Imitation Drive.

Uniquely, Roidmude 089 combined a Sealing ShurikenIcon-crosswiki.png given to him by Kyuemon IzayoiIcon-crosswiki.png with his own Core in order to assume the form of the fallen YoukaiIcon-crosswiki.png, BuruburuIcon-crosswiki.png, also becoming an honorary Shocker monster in the process.

Roidmude 077 achieved evolution through another unique method. Through the use of a Gaia Memory, 077 was able to evolve into a Dopant, namely the Beast Dopant, which is of a different monster type from Roidmudes. Technically, this method of evolution would make 077 a Roidmude-Dopant hybrid.

Prior to achieving his Supreme Evolved form, Paradox copied Eiji Tomari's data and stole the Drive Driver from him, allowing him to become Kamen Rider Dark Drive. An alternate timeline version of Paradox was summoned by Swartz to copy the data of his former Time Jacker underling Ora and received an Anotherwatch to become Another Drive.

Through amplifying the chosen emotions they've acquired, Freeze, and later Brain (by performing a Fusion Evolution with Nira), Heart and Medic, are able to access a Over Evolved State (超進化態 Chō Shinka-tai), which are more powerful versions of their standard Advanced Roidmude form, indicated by a golden body with a personal color pattern. Roidmude 108 achieved a similar state by merging with his past self. Such an evolution is termed by himself as a Supreme Evolved (超絶進化 Chōzetsu Shinka). In appearance, it's similar to the other Over Evolved Roidmudes and he bears a golden body as well.

Upon gathering four Over Evolveds, the Roidmudes will achieve their goal, the Promised Number. Other Roidmudes, including Tornado (before his destruction) and 006 (who was suppose to unlock his evolution as an Advanced Roidmude before his Core was extracted and destroyed by Tenjuro Banno in Banno Driver form), were also known to be actively seeking Over Evolved. But after Banno took over 006's body and transformed into Gold Drive, he became the fourth one to "achieve" Over Evolved-like ability and plans to occur the second Global Freeze by gather all four Over Evolved Roidmudes giving their powers to activate the Sigma Circular in exchange for one Roidmude as a sacrifice, which Medic originally became a vessel for the sacrifice until Brain sacrificed himself to save her. After Brain's death, Banno/Gold Drive reveals his true intention as he is planning to reset the Global Freeze but unlike the first one (which affected only the quarter parts of East Asia), this time it will affect most parts of the world.


Powers & Abilities

Heavy Acceleration
The signature ability of the Roidmude is to somehow slow down the movement of surrounding objects', including that of humans, with their unaffected consciousness aware of their impass during this time. One can be protected by the Heavy Acceleration effect by carrying Shift Cars or Signal Bikes on their person.
Advanced Camouflage
Roidmudes can generate disguises through film-layers around their body that function similar to the cerebral cortex.
Data Mimicry
Roidmudes can transform their bodies into data to travel within the electricity/cyberspace while in their Core modes. They can as well temporarily morph their bodies into data to easily phase through solid objects.
Motif Powers
Advanced Roidmudes gain a whole different set of powers and/or abilities tied to what their theme is, meaning no two Advanced Roidmudes are alike.

Motif Comparison

It seems that Advanced Roidmudes still have signs of what they had looked like as a Plained Roidmude incorporated into their designs.

  • Freeze's motif and powers are a reference to the fact that snakes are cold-blooded. Also, he could be a reference of various snake-themed memory improvement games, as Freeze can "improve" memories by himself.
  • Medic's healing abilities can be a reference to anti-venom, a medicinal serum derived from venom to combat venom poisoning. Also, she could be a reference to the Cadaeus of Mercury, a medical icon involving a winged staff with two snakes spiraling around it.
  • Crush's absurdly huge shoulder pads can be linked to a cobra hood, which they splay out to make them look bigger.
  • Iron had a long neck, like that of a snake's. Also, Iron would leave his rejected victims in a coma, which often happens to people when bitten by a venomous snake.
  • Judge's electrical abilities can be a reference to the debilitating pain one suffers from a venomous snake bite. Also, serpents in some circles have been associated as symbols of vengeance and vindication.
  • Open's face seems to have a cobra head design placed into it. Also, his Common Master Key could be a reference of Cobra Key Systems, an American key management service company.
  • Cook can be a reference to the practice of using snake meat for exotic dishes in some parts of the world. Also, his golden sauce, Honfleur's Dusk, can be a reference to the inclusion of an AC Cobra in the 2015 Honfleur Classic Rally Tour.
  • Tenjuro Banno as Gold Drive has its color gold, which is nearly similar to yellow. Commonly, yellow snake symbolises cowardice and betrayal, as it matches that of Banno's traits, whom seeks Krim's help out of cowardice when his research hit a wall and betrays him and his children when he no longer needed them. His background as well is based on the Aesop's Fables, The Farmer and the Viper.

  • Heart is covered with vein-like designs all over his body, possibly to stimulate a spider webbing design. Also, hearts have strings (Chordae tendineae), as well as spiders (webbing).
  • Tornado's motif is a cyclone, which share their spiral-like column patterns with certain spider webs.
  • Paint can use the various art supplies on his body to make something, much like a spider can make webbing from their spinnerets. Also, Kiriko's terror of Paint can be linked to the common fear that is arachnophobia. Also, Paint's methods of trapping his victims can be linked to how spiders typically hunt.
  • Volt's cables can be likened to that of the strings that make up a spider's webbing. Also, it should be noted that Volt's appearance can still be likened to that of a spider.
  • 027 as Imitation Drive is a reference to certain species of spiders, whom disguised themselves as ants to the point of being able to replicate their traits.
  • Voice's ability to impersonate himself as the ideal man of his female victims can be based on the Bolas spiders, as they lure in their prey by exploiting their prey's senses to their advantage.
  • Seeker's ability to induce madness to unsuspecting victims by common touch is a reference to the effects of being infected by a spider bite. Also, on his body are silver spirals, which is a feature commonly seen in the webbings of orb-weaver spiders.
  • Shocker Buruburu's trait of driving his victims into their fears is a reference to the Youkai itself, as well as arachnophobia, the fear of spiders. Also, he may be a reference to the Spider Car, as both have spider and car similarities.
  • Angel's ability with feathers to capture Roidmude's cores is like of a black widow spider, when poisoning its victims.
  • Paradox can be referred to the phenomenon known as a temporal paradox. Timelines can also be referred to as a web of possible events.

  • Brain's ability for neurotoxin can be linked to how some bats can be carriers for disease,coincidentally,this is similar to vampires,bat-themed creatures who known for sucking blood with their infectious bite. Also, bats have one of the most uniquely designed brains in the animal kingdom.This
  • Sword's barbed broadswords were placed on both of his forearms, giving him the appearance of a bat, as well as referencing him to the mutated Komori Inves. Also, 007's pursuing the human to fuse him into his Advanced Form is a reference to demons, given that they were always portrayed with bat-like attributes in Western artistic depictions.
  • Gunman's Wild West theme could be a reference to a similar monster with a proficiency in guns and Wild West theming, the Bat Orphnoch, and gunsman's attire could represent bat wings.
  • Scooper's ability of mind controlling and feeding off of the desire of Kusaka, while can be linked to a Yummy, it can also be linked to a vampire. Also, a bat's echolocation is used to help the bat get a look of their surroundings, as does the captured footage of a camera. His mixed themes of camera and bat is a small reference to the Bat Shot Memory Gadget.
  • Shoot's high speed missiles avoided obstacles through echolocation, much like bats due to the lack of light. Also, him receiving neurotoxins from Brain is a reference to bats being responsible for carrying dangerous diseases.
  • Thief's left shoulder pad resembles that of a bat wing when folded. Also, this could be a reference to Rouge the Bat, a notorious thief from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.


  • While Mashin Chaser is not naturally the Advanced form of Protozero, his suit was revealed to be made from a similar structure to an Advanced Roidmude.
    • The same case may be applied to Cyberoid ZZZ, whose Rider form, Lupin, was replicated from the arsenal of Mashin Chaser.
  • The suits of the 'monster-of-the-fortnight' Roidmudes from the first half of the show would be modified to create those from the second half. Incidentally, the suits of all known Advanced Roidmudes who attain Fusion Evolution States are modified from other Advanced Roidmude suits, and the newly modified suits carries a similar trait that is possessed by the original one.
  • Freeze and Brain being the first two Roidmudes to access Over Evolved States is a reference to the term 'brain freeze', refering to the sharp headache-like pain caused by eating or drinking something cold too quickly. When Heart accessed his Over Evolved State, he becomes a literal idiom taking shape, that being the phrase "a golden heart". When Medic accessed her Over Evolved State, she literally becomes a 'miracle healer'.
    • The Over Evolved State is also similar to several gold-coloured power-up forms assumed by characters from various anime and video game series.

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