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The universes in HGF

Multiverse as seen in Kamen Rider Heisei Generations Forever

In the entire meta-series, Kamen Riders exist amongst various worlds within several iterations of realities known as A.R. Worlds (Another Rider's / Alternate Reality World). According to Sento Kiryu, the numbers of A.R. Worlds is countless.


The concept of the Multiverse refers to the existence of an infinite number of universes that comprise of all that exists. Each universe as compared with each other are known as parallel/alternate universes, or in this case, A.R. Worlds.

A.R. Worlds

Tsukusa had initially believed that in order to complete his "journey", he had to travel through the Nine Worlds. However as the story progressed, he realized that his story did not end there, but must travel to the New Worlds and connect them through him. The A.R. worlds are alternate realities of the prime World of Kamen Rider through Decade's own point of view.

The Nine Worlds (9つの世界 Kokonotsu no Sekai) are A.R. Worlds that are based on the previous entries of the Kamen Rider Series that have aired during the Heisei period of Japanese history. Each differs in some way from the series on which it was based.

The New Worlds (新たな世界 Aratana Sekai) are the A.R. Worlds that are not based on a previous entry of the Kamen Rider Series from the Heisei period.

Original Worlds

Decade has not only traveled to A.R. Worlds but also worlds that mimic that of their real counterpart.


These are worlds that are not directly related to the A.R. Worlds seen in Decade's perspective.


These are worlds with no relation to the A.R. Worlds seen in Decade's perspective.


  • The multiverse theory is a famous concept explored in both real science and sci-fi stories, which explains that as an individual makes a decision, there exists another (parallel) universe in which they did not make that decision. While the concepts have been debated several times, several scientists are divided as to whenever the parallel universe theory exists, thus has removed its legitimacy as an actual scientific inquiry.

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