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The Cast Off Rider (キャストオフライダー Kyasuto Ofu Raidā) series is a toyline for Kamen Rider Kabuto that replicates the Kabuto Riders' Cast Off ability. By pressing the figure's belt, the "Masked Mode" parts are ejected from the figure.

List of figures

Code Image Rider Weapon Other accessories Notes
COR-01 COR01.jpg Kamen Rider Kabuto Kabuto Kunaigun (Axe/Gun Mode and Kunai Mode) Kabuto Zecter (Masked Form; Rider Form); Masked Mode parts (4)
COR-02 COR02.jpg Kamen Rider TheBee TheBee Zecter (Masked Form and Rider Form) TheBee Zecter (flying); Masked Mode parts (4)
COR-03 COR03.jpg Kamen Rider Drake Drake Zecter (normal and finisher) Drake Zecter (flying); Masked Mode parts (4)
COR-04 COR04.jpg Kamen Rider Sasword Sasword Yaiver (Masked Form and Rider Form) Sasword Zecter; Masked Mode parts (4)
COR-05 COR05.jpg Kamen Rider Gatack Gatack Double Calibur (2) Gatack Zecter (Masked Form and Rider Form); Masked Mode parts (4)
COR-06 COR06.jpg ZECTrooper Machine Blade Gun, ZECT gun Power arm unit, Gatling gun unit, flight unit, shield unit, motorcycle helmet The first four accessories can combine into a mechanical ant. Only the Shield Unit can be ejected via Cast Off.
COR-07 COR07.jpg Kamen Rider Kabuto Hyper Form Perfect Zecter (Sword Mode and Gun Mode) Alternate relaxed hands Cast Off activates Hyper Clock Up form.
COR-08 COR08.jpg Kamen Rider KickHopper & Kamen Rider PunchHopper N/A Zectmizer, Hopper Zecter, DX Machine Zectron hood part for each Rider The figures do not have the ability to Cast Off. The gold grasshopper legs on KickHopper's leg and PunchHopper's arm are articulated.
COR-EX01 Kamen Rider Dark Kabuto Kabuto Kunaigun (Axe/Gun Mode and Kunai Mode) Kabuto Zecter (Masked Form and Rider Form); Masked Mode parts (4)
COR-EX02 COREX02.jpg Kamen Rider Ketaros, Kamen Rider Caucasus, & Kamen Rider Hercus Zect Kunaigun (Axe/Gun Mode and Kunai Mode) Kabutick Zecters (3); Masked Mode parts (4); DX Machine Zectron hood part for each Rider

Associated releases

The line is also compatible with three DX sets released under the Cast Off Rider Machine (CORM) series:

  • DX Kabuto Extender (changes from "Masked Mode" to "Ex Mode")
  • DX Gatack Extender (changes from "Masked Mode" to "Ex Mode")
  • DX Machine Zectron (includes interchangeable Kabuto, TheBee and Drake hood parts and 3 missiles resembling the Kabuto, TheBee and Drake Zecters)


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