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Storm Dagger

Cannon Wheels

Cannon Wheels is Cyclopter's Personal Motorcycle. It's armed with 4 cannons and a headlight on its front. Cyclopter rode it in four fights against Masked Rider. He also used it to chase Dex out of the Spiderbase when he was abducted and had to fight his way out. The Green-Eyed Monster


Neo-Storm Dagger

Gold Cannon Wheels

Cannon Wheels was damaged by the Electro Saber. Cyclopter Rebuilt it, making it stronger, the only difference was that it was now gold with red flames on the upper and lower front sides instead of all black. It was able to badly damage Combat Chopper with help from Cyborsect, Forcing Dex to retreat.


When Dex returned for round three at the Quarry, Cannon Wheels caused some damage to his suit. After becoming Super Gold and Destroying Cyborsect with the Ecto Ray, Cyclopter charged at Dex, but as he got closer, Dex Jumped and blasted Cannon wheels' navigation gyro, causing the bike to run out of control. As he neared a cliff, Cyclopter retreaded, while Cannon Wheels exploded upon falling and was completely destroyed on impact with the ground. Ferbus Maximus

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