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Thrust_Advent.jpg|*'''Attack Vent''' ('''AP''': 4000): Summons Metalgelas.
Thrust_Advent.jpg|*'''Attack Vent''' ('''AP''': 4000): Summons Metalgelas.
Thrust_Strike_Vent.jpg|*'''Strike Vent''' ('''AP''': 2000): Conjures '''Metal Horn'''.
Thrust_Strike_Vent.jpg|*'''Strike Vent''' ('''AP''': 2000): Conjures '''Metal Horn'''.
Thrust_Confine_Vent.jpg|*'''Confine Vent''': Negates another Rider's card.
Thrust_Final_Vent.jpg|*'''Final Vent''' ('''AP''': 5000): Executes '''Heavy Pressure'''.
Thrust_Final_Vent.jpg|*'''Final Vent''' ('''AP''': 5000): Executes '''Heavy Pressure'''.
*It's unclear why a Ventaran Rider would possess a card like Confine Vent when the other Riders are their allies, making it possible that it was made by Xaviax for the Earth Thrust, though this goes unaddressed.
==See also==
==See also==

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Cameron "Cam" is the original Ventaran Kamen Rider Thrust.

He and the other 11 Kamen Riders fought Xaviax's Mirror Monsters to protect Ventara. After Xaviax and Advent Master Eubulon disappeared following their fight, he and the other Riders were put into stasis sleep, each alternating a one-year awake shift to stand guard over Ventara. Adam (Kamen Rider Dragon Knight) betrayed the other Riders while they slept, leading a returned Xaviax into the base and venting most of the Riders, including Thrust.

During the final battle, Eubulon managed to retrieve Cameron and the other Ventaran Riders, who used their new Link Vent cards to destroy Xaviax.




Metalgelas is the armored humanoid rhinoceros monster that serves as Thrust's Advent Beast. Metalgelas later ends up under the control of the Earth Kamen Rider Thrust before being taken by the Earth Kamen Rider Strike. He is eventually returned to the original Thrust.

Thrust's Advent Deck


Kamen Rider Thrust

Thrust slots his cards in a compartment on his left shoulder called the Metal Visor.

  • Attack Vent: Summons Metalgelas to attack his enemies directly.
  • Strike Vent: Conjures a horn-like weapon.
  • Confine Vent: Negates the last Advent Card slotted.
  • Final Vent: Summons Metalgelas for Thrust's Final Vent. Metalgelas carries Thrust on his shoulders, his Strike Vent weapon equipped, as it pierces his enemies in a high-speed charging attack.

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