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Buzzstinger Wasp (バズスティンガー・ワスプ Bazusutingā Wasupu, 31 & 32): A blue-armored Digger wasp monster that attempted to target a little girl named Mika. This monster wields a sword as his weapon.

Super Hero Taisen Z

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Buzzstingers Wasp, Hornet and Bee were among the monsters in the World within the Magic Stone. They accompanied their master Amadum as he attempted to seize the young Haruto and Koyomi as well as the Rider Rings they carried. However, Haruto Soma used the Bind Ring to restrain Amadum and his monsters as he used Rings provided by Kosuke Nitoh to escape with the children and the Fourze Ring.

Ultimately, Wasp was among the monsters whom were destroyed by a combination of Blade's Lightning Slash, OOO's OOO Bash and Agito's Rider Kick. Neverending Story


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