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Icon-amazons.pngThis article is about a monster in Kamen Rider Amazons.

The Butterfly Amazon 2 (蝶アマゾン2, Chō Amazon Ni) is an Amazon who lived in a tunnel and was fed by the Butterfly Amazon 1


  • Identification code: Bu-412
  • Rank: B
  • Destroyed by: Amazon Omega's Violent Punish



Powers & Abilities

It has been fed secretly in the tunnel. Although it moves slowly, it has a power to push off a taxi aside with one hand, and is good at a throwing technique and a press attack with its heavy body. It also can seal its prey's motion with the threads spit from its mouth. On predation, it expands its tubular mouthpart to pierce the prey, and sucks the internal organs dissolved by the solution.

Its body surface is covered with rigid outer shell, and it's extremely difficult to break it by a physical impact from the outside. Incidentally, since its joints are cured, it cannot move itself. All process of transformation and reconfiguration of the body undergoes inside pupa using the hoarded nutrients. When attacked by Amazon Rider Omega in the tunnel, the Butterfly Amazon 2 Larva is metamorphosed into pupae as an emergency defensive form against deadly threats.

In fighting, it moves fast and stretches out its retractable antennae like a whip to trifle with the enemy. Its soft coat-shaped wings vibrate fast and change the air flow around it to control its movements in the air. Shifting the duration of flight and the timing of landing, it is possible to make an attack hard to be predicted or avoided.


08. Butterfly-Amazon 02 Lava-form.jpg
Butterfly Amazon 2's first, caterpillar-based form. It was in this state while hiding on the ceiling of the tunnel, where it was brought people to feed on by the other Butterfly Amazon.

Pupa Butterfly Amazon 2.jpg
Butterfly Amazon 2's second form. It took this state after being stabbed by one of the long spikes that extended from Amazon Omega's back, turning into a hardened black shell of its first form. It was brought back to Nozama Pharmacy headquarters to be studied, not having been realized to be in stasis.

09. Butterfly-Amazon 02 Adult-form.jpg
Butterfly Amazon 2's final form. It took this form upon breaking out of its Pupa state, attacking the scientists examining it and quickly being engaged by the Extermination Team. Amazon Omega fought and eventually defeated it.

Behind the Scenes


The Butterfly Amazon is voiced by Koji Takeda (武田 幸史, Takeda Kōji) and portrayed by suit actor Makoto Arakawa (荒川 真, Arakawa Makoto).


  • While it does not have the same motif, it having a larva/pupa/adult stage to it brings to mind the Dobsonfly Beastman.
  • The black and colored glass-like design of its Adult Stage's hat and cape resemble a Fangire.



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