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"Budou Ryuhou!"
―Summoning announcement via Kiwami Lockseed[src]

"Hai! Budou Squash/Sparking!"
―Finisher announcement for Ryugen's Budou Arms via Sengoku Driver[src]

"Hai! Yomotsuheguri Squash!"
―Finisher announcement for Ryugen Yomi's Yomotsuheguri Arms via Sengoku Driver[src]

The Budou Ryuhou (ブドウ龍砲 Budō Ryūhō, lit. "Grape Dragon Cannon") is the Armored Rider Arms Weapon granted either by accessing Budou Arms, Yomotsuheguri Arms, or via the summoning ability of Kiwami Arms. It resembles a magnum or a revolver, with the barrel taking an aesthetic element from a Gatling gun. The pull hammer is in the shape of grape leaves to go with the grape-like additions to the side of the gun, with multiple purple-tinted muzzles bundled to take the form of a bunch of grapes. This weapon's firepower can be increased temporarily by pulling the hammer once.


The Budou Ryuhou is made of the following parts:

  • Kahō Mutsure (火砲六連 Kahō Mutsure, lit. 'Six Guns of Fire') is the gatling gun-like muzzle of the Budou Ryuhou It is composed of superior fireproof material, and can shoot up to 100 bullets per second.
  • Kuro Fūdõ (黒風洞 Kuro Fūdõ, lit. 'Black Wind Tunnel') is the cooling port of the Arms Weapon. It is the silver-rimmed yellow segment located on top of the Budou Ryuhou. It prevents the gun from overheating by drawing in outside air.
  • Kidõ Shõjun (軌道照準 Kidõ Shõjun, lit. 'Trajectory Aiming') is the silver section on top of the Budou Ryuhou. It is an inbuilt targeting unit that helps the Rider to aim accurately. A laser oscillator and reception unit is built in, calculating the trajectory, angle and position of target(s) and informing the Rider.
  • Ryūgoku Dansõ (龍玉弾倉 Ryūgoku Dansõ, lit. Dragon Magazine) is the grape-like decoration on the main body of the Budou Ryuhou. It generates and stores bullets. It is possible to create up to 6000 bullets per minute, and the rate of creating bullets can be adjusted based on firing speed.
  • Ryokuhō Gekitetsu (緑宝撃鉄 Ryokuhō Gekitetsu, lit. Green Treasure Hammer) is the green vine-like pull hammer at the end of the Budou Ryuhou. By pulling on it, bullets are fed into the Kahõ Mutsure.
  • Tatsuo Tetsu (龍尾鉄 Tatsuo Tetsu, lit. Dragon Tail Iron) is the trigger of the Budou Ryuhou.
  • Hakuraku Jūha (白楽銃把 Hakuraku Jūha, lit. White Gun Grasp) is the silver segment of the gun grip. It is integrated with gun magazines. The Hakuraku Jūha absorbs recoil at the time of shooting, minimizing the 'blur' of the aim.

Known Users

Finishing attacks

  • Dragon Shot (ドラゴンショット Doragon Shotto)

Has two variations depending on which function Ryugen activates from his Sengoku Driver.

Ryugen pulls the hammer once, making violet-hued energy shaped after grapes expel from the sides of the Ryuhou, with golden Asian lung energy coils circling the barrel. The energy balls then move to the muzzle of the gun, pooling into one big sphere. Once the charge is complete, seconds before the trigger is pulled, the ball takes the form of an Asian lung's head, and shots are fired at high speeds, with each shot taking the form of a flying Asian lung.

Ryugen shoots a more powerful version of the original Dragon Shot, though changed somewhat, as the attack transforms into a purple Asian lung, complete with roaring, and races over to the target with its body whipping everywhere as it flies.

Similar to the Budou Arms Squash version, except the grape-energy shaped bullet and Asian lung dosen't appear, only seen shooting several violet blasts.


  • This is the first Arms Weapon to be in the form of a gun, followed by the DJ Gun.
    • This may be due to being a visual pun of grapeshot, a type of small, ball ammunition used for cannons.
  • The Budou Ryuhou would evidently also be the Arms Weapon of the hypothetical Ryugen Arms granted by the Ryugen Lockseed, which is exclusive to the DX toyline. Indeed, by performing the Au Lait function on the DX Sengoku Driver, the inserted Ryugen Rider Lockseed makes the announcement, Budou Ryuhou!.



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