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"Grape Arms: Dragon, Cannon, Bang-bang-bang!(Chinese cymbals) (ブドウアームス:龍、砲、ハーハーハー! Budou Āmuzu: Ryu, Hou, Ha-Ha-Ha!)"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Budou Arms (ブドウアームズ Budou Āmuzu, lit. "Grape Arms") is an alternate grape-based armored Chinese Soldier form of Armored Riders. Accessed through the Budou Lockseed, this form's Arms Weapon is the Budou Ryuhou, while the helmet the Rider wears is the Syoryumen (招龍面 Shōryūmen, lit. "Summoned Dragon Face") with the Ryugan (龍眼 Ryūgan, lit. "Dragon Eye". Doubles as a pun on "Japanese Longan") visor. While it is the default form of Armored Rider Ryugen, it can also be used by other Riders.


Arms Change



Finishing attacks

  • Ryugen Kyaku (龍玄脚 lit. "Dragon Mystery Kick"): Ryugen jumps into the air while purple energy surrounds his right foot that releases grape-shaped energy as he strikes the target with a powerful kick.

  • Dragon Shot (ドラゴンショット Doragon Shotto): Ryugen pulls the hammer once, making violet-hued energy shaped after grapes expel from the sides of the Ryuhou, with golden Asian lung energy coils circling the barrel. The energy balls then move to the muzzle of the gun, pooling into one big sphere. Once the charge is complete, seconds before the trigger is pulled, the ball takes the form of an Asian lung's head, and shots are fired at high speeds, with each shot taking the form of a flying Asian lung.

  • Dragon Shot (ドラゴンショット Doragon Shotto): Ryugen shoots a more powerful version of the original Dragon Shot, though changed somewhat, as the attack transforms into a purple Asian lung, complete with roaring, and races over to the target with its body whipping everywhere as it flies.
  • Unnamed Armor Part attack: Ryugen's Budou Armor Part back into its normal fruit form, leaving from user's body and spinning around. In movie, Ryugen used it to seperate Megahex's tentacle to save himself.




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