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Buddy's Trajectory, A Miracle of Fire And Ice (バディの軌跡、炎と氷の奇跡, Badi no Kiseki, Honō to Kōri no Kiseki) is the eighteenth episode of Kamen Rider Revice. It features the debut of the Wolf Deadman Riot and the first appearance of Akemi Mikoshiba.


A Gifftarian is the incarnation of a devil created through the consumption of a human life! Ikki rages against Olteca before the notion he is willing to create more devils that are inseparable from their human hosts via the Giff Stamp!

However, Ikki's resolve has now become clearer as he rushes to eliminate this Phase 3 danger through the powers of Volcano and Barid Rex! However, his newfound power becomes a double-edged sword as Ikki is consumed by the infernal fires of his transformation as he rages! Meanwhile, Olteca sets his target on Julio in a retaliatory attempt against him...!


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Guest Cast

  • Yosuke Okuda (奥田 陽介, Okuda Yōsuke): Ryo Tsukamoto (塚本 凌生, Tsukamoto Ryō)[1]
  • Student: Aroha Takamatsu (髙松 アロハ, Takamatsu Aroha)

Suit Actors

Forms and Collectibles Used


  • Stamp Used:
    • Revi
      • Barid Rex, Volcano
    • Live
      • Bat
    • Jeanne
      • Cobra
  • Form Used:
    • Revi
      • Volcano Rex Genome
    • Vice
      • Barid Rex Genome
    • Live
      • Bat Genome
    • Jeanne
      • Cobra Genome


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Revice EP 18 CS.png

  • Closing Screen
    • Kamen Riders: Revice
    • Vistamps: Volcano
  • Count at episode end
    • Vistamps in Revi's possession: Rex, Eagle, Mammoth, Megalodon, Ptera, Lion, Kong, Kamakiri, Brachio, Barid Rex, Volcano
    • Vistamps in Live's possession: Bat, Jackal
    • Vistamps in Jeanne's possession: Cobra, Kujaku, Turtle
    • Vistamps in Demons' possession: Spider, Batta, Mogura, Condor, Scorpion
    • Vistamps in Fenix's possession: White Leo, Quetzalcoatlus
    • Vistamps in Deadmans' possession: Giff Junior, Giff Stamp
    • Proto Vistamps in Fenix's possession: Kangaroo, Cheetah
    • Proto Vistamps in Deadmans' possession: Daiouika
    • Proto Vistamps in Julio's possession: Wolf
    • Proto Vistamps in Aguilera's possession: Queen Bee
    • Proto Vistamps in unknown possession: Planarian, Sabertiger, Chameleon


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