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"Progrise! Giant waking! Breaking Mammoth! Larger than life to crush like a machine."
―Transformation announcement[src]

Breaking Mammoth (ブレイキングマンモス Bureikingu Manmosu) is a mech created by Hiden Intelligence incorporated into Zea with the ability to detach and travel to Earth while the satellite's core remains in orbit. It was originally designed by the previous president, Korenosuke Hiden, for use in large-scale rescue operations, but was later re-purposed for use by Kamen Rider Zero-One in battle. It is summoned by the Breaking Mammoth Progrisekey. Both Zea and Breaking Mammoth were transferred to HIDEN Manufacturing and were set by Izu to make them follow its real law to follow only Aruto Hiden after the event of the Workplace Competition.


Breaking Mammoth normally appears as Zea's propulsion system and solar panels. Once Zero-One scans the Breaking Mammoth Progrisekey on the Zero-One Driver, it detached from Zea's core and transforms into its jet form before being teleported to Zero-One's location. Once the key is inserted into the Driver, it teleports Zero-One into its cockpit and transforms into its armor form, completing the transformation.

Breaking Mammoth can also be activated without its Progrisekey by Astronaut-type Humagears like Ikazuchi, which was used to destroy Zea's Satellite Bus when it was acquired by Ark.



Breaking Mammoth is composed of the following parts:

  • Pithead (ピットヘッド Pittoheddo) - The head module.
    • Zero-One Mammoth Antennae (ゼロワンマンモスアンテナ Zerowan Manmosu Antena) - The antennae. It allows Zero-One to communicate with Zea. It operates independently from Breaking Mammoth itself to allow emergency braking operations.
    • Zero-One Mammoth Signal (ゼロワンマンモスシグナル Zerowan Manmosu Shigunaru) - The red unit located between the eyes. It has a role of controlling the signalling system for adapting to various Progrisekeys, matching and information transmission loss with the wearer, adjustment to close the ability extension to the theoretical value by checking such as defects is performed.
    • Mammoth Eyes (マンモスアイ Manmosu Ai) - The red compound eyes. It is a visual system that is also installed in 24 parts around Breaking Mammoth's body, allowing Zero-One to grasp the entire circumference of Breaking Mammoth via a 360° image information integration system that sends all information to Zero-One within the mecha.
  • Mammoth Breast (マンモスブレスト Manmosu Buresuto) - The core body. Hybrid Rise (ハイブリットライズ Haiburitto Raizu) is completed when Zero-One is stored inside. All piloting operations are formed via high-neuron connections that allow Zero-One's thoughts to move Breaking Mammoth. As a result, Breaking Mammoth can efficiently carry out multiple processes in a large-scale rescue operation, such as fieldwork, lifesaving, transport, etc.
    • Graingots (グレインゴット Gureingotto) - The 'tusks'/scythe units stored on the Mammoth Breast. Thanks to special inbuilt chains, it can be used as a towing anchor or as tools for aircraft repair operations. By separating them from their electromagnetic joint connections, the Graingots can be used as handheld weapons or tools that can dismantle large structures with ease.
  • Ampoule Shoulders (アンプルショルダー Anpuru Shorudā) - The shoulder units. It is composed of Space Hiden Alloy (スペースヒデンアロイ Supēsu Hiden Aroi). A complex sensory device is installed within, and can detect light, ultrasonic waves, infrared rays, geomagnetism, etc. and essentially makes full use of os Zea's satellite equipment, radars and hearing equipment. Due to the necessity of having a wide area to better perceive objects on the ground, the sensory equipment are located on the shoulders (which are high above the ground).
  • Crawler Manipulators (クローラーマニピュレータ Kurōrā Manipyurēta) - The arms. It is composed of Space Hiden Alloy. It's pressure dispersion exterior has a built-in vertical multi-joint and linear actuator drive that mimics the structure of a human arm, and can generate overwhelming power. Thanks to a high-neuron connection system that connects to Zero-One's Base Architecture bodysuit, Zero-One can move the arms just by imagining the feeling of arm movement. All these functions increase the user's combat prowess by replicating mammoth's ability.
    • Direct Tractors (ディレクトラクター Direkutorakutā) - Tractor field generators located on the forearms. When the Mammoth Pressers are released, it controls them via a tractor field. Small debris and meteorites can be caught under the Direct Tractors' irradiation.
    • Mammoth Pressers (マンモスプレッサー Manmosu Puressā) - The shields on the arms that take the form of gigantic replicas of the Breaking Mammoth Progrisekey. They are made of Space Hiden Alloy. They can be used to block/diverge landslides. By attaching the Mammoth Pressers to the legs, Breaking Mammoth can perform a special manoeuvre that maximises the weight and size of the Mammoth Pressers (seen during the Breaking Impact finishing move).
  • Press Knuckles (プレスナックル Puresu Nakkuru) - The hand units. It can demonstrate a maximum punching force of 25.2 tons. The Press Knuckles can be used in operations that require large machinery such as shovel machines; as it only requires Zero-One's thoughts to move, the Press Knuckles can do such operations with ease, increasing the success rate of rescue operations.
  • Crawler Walkers (クローラーウォーカー Kurōrā U~ōkā) - The legs. Thanks to a high-neuron connection system that connects to Zero-One's Base Architecture bodysuit, Zero-One can move the arms just by imagining the feeling of leg movement. It's posture control system adapts an operating system dubbed "Postec Ver. 2.2" (ポステックVer.2.2 Posutekku Ver. 2.2) that controls Breaking Mammoth's linear actuator drives to adjust and stabilise the heavy machine's balance. The left and right shins house power units dubbed Rise Engine HD-6080 (ライズエンジンHD-6080 Raizu Enjin HD-6080) that supply all off Breaking Mammoth's power. They have jet engines (which work within and out of the atmosphere) that allow Breaking Mammoth to reach up to Mach 7 within the atmosphere when in jet form.
  • Mammoth Nails (マンモスネイル Manmosu Neiru) - The feet. The claws on the tips are made of Space Hiden Alloy, which has the processing capabilities of six bulldozers, allowing Breaking Mammoth to perform walking operations on any road surface regardless of the road's condition. In jet form, the Mammoth Nails also function as a jet engine injection port.
  • Break Top (ブレイクトップ Bureiku Toppu) - Jet Form's 'nosecone'. It is composed of Space Hiden Alloy. A special field generator dubbed Break Air (ブレイクエア Bureiku Ea) is installed inside, improving the structural integrity Breaking Mammtoh requires when it is transformed into quantum particles by Zea. The Break Top suppresses sonic booms during high-speed flight, increasing speed and minimising the potential impacts caused by resulting shockwaves. In Mecha Form, the Break Top is located on the back.


Using the data gathered by Yua Yaiba, ZAIA Enterprise and A.I.M.S. developed the Giger to neutralize Magia by connecting them with the Gigers' own private network. MetsubouJinrai.net attacked the A.I.M.S. headquarters where the Gigers were being built and Jin secretly used a Zetsumeriser on at least one before MetsubouJinrai.net withdrew after procuring an Attache Shotgun and the Attache Arrow and defeating Valkyrie. MetsubouJinrai.net would later use the Giger to hack the hospital's private network and the Humagears. Yua would later ask the help of Aruto and Izu to counter the out-of-control Giger by giving the cracked Mammoth Zetsumerisekey with the Giger blueprints. Izu, through Zea, noticed a similarity with Giger's design matching that of a blueprint that was installed in Zea by the previous president, Korenosuke Hiden, intended for Zero-One's use in mass-scale rescue operations. Combining the two sets of data, they made the Breaking Mammoth Progrisekey and Zea reactivated their own version of Giger: Breaking Mammoth.





  • Breaking Impact (ブレーキングインパクト Burēkingu Impakuto): Zero-One launches one of the Mammoth Pressers into the air, followed by it projecting a larger energy construct of itself. He then leaps into the air and lands on the Mammoth Presser before using it to crush the enemy beneath him.


  • Breaking Mammoth is the second mammoth-based mech after the HardMammother but is the first to appear in a TV series.
  • The design of Breaking Mammoth is similar to Dancouga, the main mech of Dancouga – Super Beast Machine God, which also has a mammoth robot to form its body. Masami Obari, the mechanic designer of said series also acknowledged this.
  • Breaking Mammoth having two eyes and the Giger having a singular eye is a similar to the relationship between Gundams and the Zaku Mobile Suits in the Gundam franchise.

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