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"Break Your Body! (Wanna be a Human!)"
―DX toy activation announcement[src]

"(Heavy Metal-based standby music) Break Up! (End riff-based Heavy Metal music)"
―Transformation announcement[src]

"(Half Orchestral and Electric-based standby music) Super Break Up! (Orchestral-based Heavy Metal music)"
―Transformation announcement with Rhino Super Viral Core[src]

―Gun Mode announcement[src]

―Break Mode announcement[src]

"Tune: (Viral Core/Shift Car)!"
―Tune Up announcement[src]

"Tune: Drive/Next/Advance System!"
―Type Change Shift Car insertion announcement[src]

"(Super) Execution! Full Break: (Viral Core/Rhino/Shift Car)!"
―Finisher announcement[src]

The Transformation Fist-Gun Break Gunner (変身拳銃 ブレイクガンナー Henshin Kenjū Bureiku Gannā) is a device used by Chase that not only transforms him into Mashin Chaser, but also doubles as his main weapon in battle. It first appears in episode 3.

After Chase is reformed and becomes Kamen Rider Chaser, the Break Gunner is relegated to just a secondary sidearm, with the Shingou-Ax taking its place as his primary weapon. This especially comes in handy when Chaser is waiting for his Shingou-Ax's finisher to complete its charging process. Where is Chaser Going? However, despite its retirement, the former form is still available to Chase as a last resort as seen when he uses the Break Gunner to transform into Mashin Chaser once more to save Go from Kamen Rider Gold Drive after his Mach Driver Honoh is destroyed. What is a Roidmude's Last Dream?

By turning on the Advanced Ignition, Gold Drive can briefly steal this weapon from Chaser. This weapon becomes part of the finishing attack for Gold Drive's PerfecShot (パーフェクショット Pāfeku Shotto), where he first creates a golden energy ball with the Door-Ju, then uses the Break Gunner to pop the energy construct into a hailing barrage of bullets.

The Break Gunner was among the arsenal locked by Krim Steinbelt beneath the Drive Pit after Gold Drive and Sigma Circular's defeat to ensure that no Core Driviars would be used for malicious purposes again. Who Will You Entrust the Future to, My Friend?


The Break Gunner is composed of the following parts:

  • Guard Wingle (ガードウィングル Gādo Uinguru) - The purple guard piece mounted on top of the Break Gunner. It protects any inserted Viral Cores/Shift Cars during battle.
  • Demolition Trigger (デモリッショントリガー Demorisshon Torigā) - The trigger. It has a recognition function installed that only allows a recognised user to wield the Break Gunner.
  • Hard Gear Grip (ハード ギア グリップ Hādo Gia Gurippu) - The grip. It is made up of a super-hard metal alloy that can withstand high stress, and is strong enough to withstand Mashin Chaser's maximum grip strength. A bullet generating device is installed within, and can generate an enormous amount of bullets within a short time by utilising energy drawn from the user's palms and converting it into a bullet.
  • Destruction Muzzle (ディストラクション マズル Disutorakushon Mazuru) - The muzzle. Aside from acting as a standard muzzle, it acts as a button that can be pressed to release the Mashin Chaser armor parts compressed within the Break Gunner. Additionally, the Destruction Muzzle is capable of high-output pinpoint shooting.
  • Revenger Pikes (リベンジャーパイク Ribenjā Paiku) - Three purple metal studs located below the Destruction Muzzle. By amplifying energy generated by the user's arm strength and concentrating it on each pike, the destructive punching power of the Revenger Pikes is drastically raised.
  • Viral Landing Panel (バイラルランディングパネル Bairaru Randingu Paneru) - A recognition panel located on top of the Break Gunner. It reads the information of an inserted Viral Core and equips Mashin Chaser with appropriate equipment corresponding to the Viral Core. If a Shift Car is inserted, an appropriate ability, acquired by reading the Shift Car's information, is used instead.


To transform, the user firmly holds the Hard Gear Grip (ハード ギア グリップ Hādo Gia Gurippu) and slams their hand on the Destruction Muzzle (ディストラクション マズル Disutorakushon Mazuru) spring-like button, holds it for a few seconds, then lets go and aims the Break Gunner above their head, causing the device to announce "Break Up" (ブレイクアップ Bureiku Appu) while a series of shadow tires and electricity projects out of it to surround the user and combine with the user's body, thus ending the transformation sequence into Mashin Chaser.

By pressing and releasing the Destruction Muzzle, Mashin Chaser can also activate the Break Gunner's Gun Mode. Pressing the Destruction Muzzle once again activates its Break Mode as well. It also allows him to use the Break Gunner as a knuckle duster with the small spikes below the Destruction Muzzle called Revenger Pikes (リベンジャーパイク Ribenjā Paiku) empowering the blow.

Since the Break Gunner was based on Protodrive's equipment (presumably his own Shift Brace), the user can "Tune" (チューン Chūn) up using either a Viral Core or Shift Car's powers by inserting them into a slot called the Viral Landing Panel (バイラルランディングパネル Bairaru Randingu Paneru) behind the Guard Wingle (ガードウィングル Gādo Uinguru), a purple spoiler. Using a Shift Car will simply add its power to the Break Gunner, which is activated by pulling the Demolition Trigger (デモリッショントリガー Demorisshon Torigā), while using a Chaser Viral Core will allow the user to transform into the appropriate Tune Chaser form.

To initiate a finishing attack, Mashin Chaser must have either a Viral Core or Shift Car placed in the Viral Landing Panel before pressing the Destruction Muzzle, which makes the Break Gunner announce "Execution" (エグゼキューション Eguzekyūshon). Pulling the Demolition Trigger afterwards would then give Mashin Chaser an exceeding amount of power, as well as cause the Break Gunner to announce "Full Break" (フルブレイク Furu Bureiku) and then the corresponding Viral Core or Shift Car used. Mashin Chaser may now release the power gained in any way he wishes.

In episode 21, after getting upgraded by Medic, Mashin Chaser can now create an improved version of the Heavy Acceleration called Super Heavy Acceleration simply by absorbing energies in his Break Gunner and punching it into the ground to produce a purple wave that can affect a small area in a certain radius. The effect is so much more powerful than the original Heaviness that it manages to slow down Drive Type Wild despite him having the necessities used to counter Heavy Accelerations. However, the effect can be countered through the use of Shift Deadheat, but it still restricts the Shift Car/Signal Bike hybrid's enhanced combat capabilities. Only through the use of Shift Formula can the Super Heavy Acceleration effect be fully countered.

Other versions

  • Kamen Rider Lupin uses a gold-colored version of the Break Gunner called the Lupin Gunner (ルパンガンナー Rupan Gannā) as his transformation device, after stealing the Break Gunner's blueprints to build it, which has an additional Blade Mode (ブレードモード Bureido Mōdo) that is accessed via the Lupin Blade Viral Core.
  • Kamen Rider Dark Drive, a Rider that hailed from the year 2035 wielded a black-colored version of the Break Gunner, called the Blade Gunner (ブレードガンナー Burēdo Gannā) as his side weapon. Unlike its predecessors, this weapon is already in its Blade Mode, which was first demonstrated by the Lupin Gunner. The blade part also resembles that of Kamen Rider Drive's Handle-Ken.


Tune Chaser Spider's Full Break finisher is the Execution Spider (エグゼキューションスパイダー Eguzekyūshon Supaidā), where the E-Circular imparts energy into the Fang Spidey before Mashin Chaser slashes a hologram version of his weapon at the enemy.

Tune Chaser Cobra's Full Break finisher is the Execution Cobra (エグゼキューションコブラ Eguzekyūshon Kobura), where the Tail Whipper physically detaches from Mashin Chaser's arm so that it can attack the enemy.

Tune Chaser Bat's Full Break finisher is the Execution Bat (エグゼキューションバット Eguzekyūshon Batto), where Mashin Chaser jumps up into the air and performs a double leg kick with purple energy bat wings surrounded on his feet.

Super Mashin Chaser's Full Break finisher is the Super Blade (スーパーブレイド Supā Bureido) where Mashin Chaser fires several golden energy blast from the Break Gunner, then stabs his opponent with the blade part of the Rhino Super Viral Core.


  • The Break Gunner resembles a parking brake. Additionally, it slightly resembles a tekko, a Japanese punching weapon.
  • Chase does not say "Transform ("Henshin") when using the Break Gunner to transform, similar to the Oni Riders from Kamen Rider Hibiki.
    • This, of course, primarily serves to highlight the fact that Mashin Chaser is not a Rider.
  • In the DX Break Gunner, if a Type Change Shift Car is used (Shift Speed, Wild, and Technic, Fruits, and Special side of Shift Next Special), it will announce "Drive System" (ドライブシステム Doraibu Shisutemu) (Dropping the "Tune" used in the show itself). However, if Shift Formula, Shift Tridoron, or any of the Formula Pit Crew Shift Cars are used, it will instead announce "Advanced System" (アドバンスドシステム Adobansudo Shisutemu).
    • Using either a Signal Bike, Shift Deadheat, the Next side of Shift Next Special, or the Tridoron Key causes the DX Break Gunner to announce "Next System" (ネクストシステム Nekusuto Shisutemu).
      • Using the Tridoron Key in the Drive Saga Re-release of the Break Gunner instead activates the same Sounds and Functions present from Inserting the Rhino Super Viral Core.
    • Using a Legend Rider Shift Car or Signal Bike causes the DX Break Gunner to make an error sound.
  • In contrast to the normal "Full Throttle" finishers of the other Riders, the Break Gunner uses the opposite "Full Break" finishers. The former concerns speeding up while the latter concerns completely stopping.

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